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President Jimmy Carter & Women in Ministry

Updated on January 9, 2015
"Ministry Beyond the Walls"
"Ministry Beyond the Walls"

Worshipping in "Spirit and in TRUTH"

President Jimmy Carter & Women in Ministry

I am once again happy to see that President Jimmy Carter is in the news. But not for his political views. At least not concerning the U.S. Government. But his views as far as the Church are concerned. He has been a member of the Southern Baptist for many decades. After (60) sixty years he has taken an adamant , publicly visible stand and decided to part company. He does not subscribe to many of their doctrinal beliefs.

There is a belief among the leadership of the Southern Baptist clergy that women are to be restricted and forbidden to be ordained. They in fact believe that our position as women is to basically appease our husbands, be subservient and attend to the non leadership issues that arise as a subordinate. I have always found this interesting. I have in the past regularly attended their services. But have always been concerned with this very issue. As women you can participate in the “Women’s Ministry” teach Sunday School, work with the youth, usher, talk about the Lord, but you cannot become an ordained minister.

I find this so very interesting because this does not only exist in the Southern Baptist it existed among the traditional Baptist as well where we attended for many years. It has changed among Baptist somewhat in some places. But there is a definite discrimination that takes place I know this firsthand. To keep women in their place or else. You can be a Minister at home?

Is it not God that calls us or anyone for that matter to ministry? Is He not “a respecter of persons?” The Word says “He will pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh.” Male or female! Did not the Lord use a donkey to speak to Balaam his prophet who was overcome d by his love for the world and money? Balaam according to the Word taught Balak “to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and commit sexual immorality…” ( See Revelations 2) Balaam allowed himself to be used by baal and caused 24,000 to be killed. The point is; The Lord can use whomever He pleases. Certainly if the Lord used a donkey to warn his prophet of his sudden death if he continued to proceed; He can use women? I could go on but my point is God never intended for the Church to just be housed in a building of brick and mortar. The building is a dedicated place to come to gather or assemble! God’s Church is the Universal Church of believers who are people throughout the world from every tongue and nation.

I can testify first hand to the underhanded discrimination and outright mistreatment of women within the Church that President Jimmy Carter is standing “UP” for! If you choose to participate then you must subject yourself to the whims of the “man in charge!” Who makes it clear that it is his call and vision you serve? I have personally found it to be true what President Carter stated in his essay

The AGE”

“At its most repugnant, the belief that women must be subjugated to the wishes of men excuses slavery, violence, forced prostitution, genital mutilation and national laws that omit rape as a crime. But it also costs many millions of girls and women control over their own bodies and lives, and continues to deny them fair access to education, health, employment and influence within their own communities.”

And, later said

“The truth is that male religious leaders have had -- and still have -- an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. “

When I finished Seminary there was no women being ordained in ministry within our congregation . You could teach Sunday School, be a clerk, become a Trustee, or sing in the choir, or a Deaconess? There was only one ordained female minister in the whole entire city that I knew of. She had at one time been the choir director but was not allowed to sit in the pulpit were we worshipped whenever she returned to visit. It has changed to some degree. But many of the same chauvinistic issues are still there. It was not out in view most of the time for all to see. I was just blacklisted and overlooked and labeled. Hmm like jealous, accused of just wanting to be... as well as unyielding, unteachable, self serving and …. which is so far from the Truth! I have been in the Lord's Church for over (50) years this is why I can relate to the "STAND" President Jimmy Carter's has taken.

To some degree a few of my supposed “sisters” in the Lord were used to oppress me and make sure I was limited since I did not bow to the authority to the “man in charge.” They went so far to observe my not responding to their many set ups. They were used as examples to show me what was possible if I went along with the head? But they could do as they pleased because they would do whatever it took even if it included … Of course I could participate in the “Women’s Ministry.” And yes many would seek me for counseling still. But there was a definite unspoken "no" to limit me in ministry. So I calmly protested silently. Instead I opted to support my own husband within the ministry and just made a point to Worship and Praise the Lord in “Spirit and in Truth.” They were viligante in their efforts to discredit me! My husband was no doubt also penalized because of my position. However, I have enjoyed partaking in the Fruit of His Spirit. I can boldly say I have acquired much Patience and have great Peace knowing that the Lord knows my sincere intentions as well as the TRUTH! I am thankful to have been raised by a strong committed woman of God!

After I graduated seminary I was ordained by the University’s Chancellor who confirmed my call. Who too wanted me to support him and just become his assistant. Therefore my husband and I continued to attend were we worshipped for a while faithfully and eventually founded and embraced the concept of “Ministry Beyond The Walls.” It is so true “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY.” I say this because I know first hand. I have lived it! But through it all my fervor, steadfastness, personal and public love for the Lord and devotion has grown tremendously! I can truly say I love the Lord more each day. Their oppressiveness just showed me where I did not want to be. I even tried to support those who wanted to participate in the “Center Stage ” of it all. (That is another story in itself) I also realize that once we ALL have completed this course of life we will have to give an account to the Lord for our actions. Praise God!

Therefore I applaud President Jimmy Carter for taking such a noble a stand. As a woman I hold ALL of the Lord’s Word to heart. Inside and outside the walls. I can say that I love being “His child” and a minister of His GOSPEL! No need to sit in a high chair. I Peter says; “… For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls. Wives , likewise, be submissive to your own hubands, that even if some do not obey the WORD, they without a word,may ne won over by the conduct of the wives, when they Observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear…”

I love this scripture because I know who my Shepherd is. “The Lord is My SHEPHERD!” I have no problem with authority! I have no problem with submitting when it does not go against the Lord ‘s Word as well as obeying the laws of the land! If you read the passage of scripture in I PETER slowly again it says to be subject to your own husband not everyone else’s! Think about that for a moment. When Peter refers to us as the “weaker” vessel this is not at all to infer that we are weaker Spiritually. Ephesians assures us “We can be Strong in the Lord and the Power of HIS…..”

The Bible speaks of the women as the “weaker” vessel because we are built differently and naturally tend to be more emotional. If you listen closely you will see that this is a position of STRENGTH as we embrace self control we are able to do this through His Holy Spirit! When a husband does not obey the Lord you can win him over… Without even speaking if need be. The husband prayers are hindered when he mistreats his wife… Read this passage slowly and too if necessary. This is Powerful! By the way this does not mean using manipulation! God truly is awesome.

We live in a nation and a world that is constantly shifting away from God’s principles and many within God’s Church have enlisted and embraced worldly ways, concepts and methods to control and dominate God’s people! Lord Help US!

Therefore I applaud President Jimmy Carter because he has brought an issue to the Light that many skirt or avoid. The question for Carter -- and for others who find themselves at odds with leadership -- is, when a group you're deeply involved in starts to move away from your own core beliefs, do you stay and try to change from within or, at some point, do you have to look for the exit?

This is the question that each individual must deal with it may be considered spiritual suicide to go against the ideology of organized religion. But when you really think about it this is how and why we have so many denominations! Some things will just not be understood on this side of HEAVEN! Protesting by sitting down or moving away from oppression can help you move closer to a growing rewarding inner satisfying relationship with the Lord. It frees you to live each and every day for the Lord! Especially when you know that Christ is not coming back for a church made by hands. But He is coming back for HIS CHURCH! Because according to the Lord’s Word there is still “One Lord, One Faith … and One Church which by the way belongs to Him! To GOD Be The GLORY!


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    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago


      I agree! God is not a respector of person. It is through the Spirit of God within us that allows us to be used to minister, teach and preach to His people as well as to the lost. When doing so sincerely we edify the Body of Christ and bring honor and GLORY to HIS name! It is only by the name of JESUS one can be saved!

      We never become the power. We gain access as we submit to Him and walk in obedience. This way we are then armed with the necessary tools to minister to those the Lord allows across our path. The Lord puts the members in the Body as it pleases Him!

      We would be so much farther along winning souls for Christ if we truly followed after the example of Christ where the women and men ministered together and prayed together.

      I realize and am thankful that the Lord has a place for me and He is the One who called me because "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. The world and them that dwell therein." It is far better to obey God rather than man! I am so grateful to have the right to share the GOODNESS of God and HIS wonderful plan of SALVATION we have through His Son Jesus Christ!

      Preach on! I am touched that you are motivated to do so by reading this hub! Praise God!

      Thank you for visiting


    • oscarwms profile image

      Dr. Oscar A. Williams, Jr. 

      8 years ago from PA

      Male pastors are not the only ones gifted to work in the local church. Ordination is not required as a prerequesite for ministry as if it is something to be grasp after. God has ordained every Christian to the ministry. No such thing as laymen and clergy. Every Christian is a priest and minister before God. You feeling me here? Every Christian male and female, God has no respector of persons. We are given the responsibility and privilege first to worship him and to serve him according to the gift he has given us. So go ahead ladies, preach, teach counsel, exhort, what ever your gift find to do because they will accomplish what God gave them to you for. No Jimmy Carter, male oriented pastors etc. Shall stand in your way. Oh I feel like turning a text. LOL

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago


      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and your kind words

      Blessings to you as well

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      God bless all woemn who seek to be ordained of God power my ladies of God be with you

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago

      Thank you bayareagreatthing.

      Congratulations on all your hard work. Your hub is welcomed.

      It is my intentions to encourage others to continue to persevere in the face of opposition. Knowing that the Lord knows the sincere intentions of our hearts. Our purpose is to encourage others to build an ongoing relationship with HIM through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

      Continue to let your light shine as well..


    • bayareagreatthing profile image


      8 years ago from Bay Area California

      I appreciate your hub on this matter. I am just coming out of Bible College and have found similar situations. may I share with all your readers a hub I wrote that contains some historical facts- Thank you and keep your light shining for HIS glory!!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta, The TRUTH really does set you free. Good answer! You can rise to the occasion when you know the Lord has truly invited you! lol PREACH ON! Continue to STAND on HIS WORD! PRAISE GOD! Love & Blessings

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 

      8 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      WOW!!!! Sistha In Christ!!!! It's a shame that people think that way about women being Ordained! I am always having someone challenge me because I am a woman Pastor. I just tell them I was invited to the wedding and I attended! lol I was called unto ministry and I accepted! Praise God!!!! GREAT HUB!!! Pastor Dr. Carlotta, Love ya!


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