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Avoid The Preachers Grave Yard

Updated on July 7, 2013

It Is time for A Resurrection

Quit Looking Back and Start Stretching Out

Sometime back, when I was struggling in my christian pilgrimage, the Lord showed me a vision that consisted of a preachers grave yard and asked me if I wanted to be included as a preacher in one of the graves?

He informed me that these ministers were still alive in the flesh but had aborted the call on their life and had damaged themselves beyond repair.

There can be some singers in this grave yard maybe even some former Sunday school teachers buried here but I came with some good news; there is hope for you because there is A God who knew you were going to mess up and he called you anyway.

I came to tell you that God showed me these miserable people and he revealed to me that he wants to bring some restoration in their life.

He informed me that he wanted to clean them up and reinstate their ministry but they have got to the place where they just gave up because of an unforgiving church world.

I asked and pleaded with him to not let me go that far.

I even asked him to take me out of this world before he would allow me to bring a mark against his kingdom.

It was then that he showed me a vision of Jesus walking down a street toward me.

There were buildings on both sides of the street with people beckoning me to come in for a good time.

There were all types of allurements to entice me to go in and spend some time but I knew I had to keep my eyes on the Lord and keep walking toward him.

He later showed me that many of his people had fallen to these schemes and some had stayed to long until they had been over powered by the enemy. He informed me their graves were out back of these establishments and he called this place the preachers grave yard.

Even now while at an International dealer with the rear broke in my big truck, I have had some bad news that would shake some people into a nervous wreck.

I am determined to finish my race and goals that I want to accomplish with or without family members.

If we have an attitude to pursue our dreams when it is convenient, what about when all hell comes against us and our whole world is threatening to cave in on us.

I my friend am experiencing just that while attempting to write this hub but God has given me an unshakable faith that will keep me running and leaping through the flames of hell in the face of the devil because my faith and relationship with my heavenly Father is not based on material wealth, positions and relationships.

Once we learn our purpose and vision for being on this Earth, we need to pursue it with all our heart and strength.

I have found that we need to keep telling our self that this dream from God is possible until we get it in our spirit.

I need to remind myself often that I am a worth while person and deserve to achieve the dreams and goals God placed within me.

I am not going to let someone tear down my sense of self worth because their opinion of me does not have to become a reality in my life.

The word says clearly for us to not give place to the devil and I refuse to let someone manipulate and control me especially when it comes to my walk with the Lord.

We all have the power to listen to the negative crowd around us or plug into the higher power of the Living Christ and get motivated to increase his kingdom no matter what the opposition is that may rise up against us.

We can operate on a battery which is what we may have done yesterday or we can plug into and run off the real source of power which is available from the throne of God and is an everlasting supply. I choose the latter.

I have witnessed great miracles and have had God use me mightily in services but it is not what I was yesterday beloved, it is what I am today that is going to refresh someone’s life.

It is time we recognize our gifts and share them with others that we might add something to the Kingdom of God. Are you motivated now or do you need to have the Living God give you a wake up call?

Do you live what you preach or are the people around you hearing “Do as I say but not as I do”?

We representing Christ, need to be men and women of integrity and do our best to bring out the best in others.

We can die in the bleachers or we can die on the field as a warrior of Christ. It is time to quit being a spectator and get into the parade.

Many people allow the difficulties of life to give them a reason to stop living and I myself have been guilty of this some years back. It happened when I was weak and did not know what I know now.

We need to do what the ship-men of old would do when a strong storm would appear out of no where with out warning.

They would get some rope and tie them selves to the mast of the ship that they would be held secure and not get washed over board.

We need to get some faith and tie our self to the master who promised that he would never leave us nor forsake us but go with us all the way even to the end of the world or age.

He did not promise us that we would not meet opposition and trouble but he did promise us that we would not have to face them alone.

This is a good place to shout for he is worthy of our praise.

We need to condition ourselves to be like a shadow.

Sometimes we cast a shadow that is larger than we are but have you ever noticed that if a car or truck runs over our shadow that it does not affect us.

This flesh and its unholy desires must die and there is only one way that can happen and that is by daily consecrating our selves before our Father God, spending quality time in his word and asking him to make our life count.

A dancing foot in the world and a praying knee does not fare well together especially when we are in a battle that is getting hotter every day.

Some of you were made to walk on what others are having to swim through.

It is now time to realize that no matter what you have done in your past God loves you and he knows you better than you know your-self.

I am standing in this preachers grave yard and proclaiming that it is time for you to get up and shake yourself off.

I am talking about a Resurrection and it is time you quit being concerned about what people think about you and start realizing that God knows your character and has a wonderful plan for your life.

Look at the life of King David he schemed to take a man's wife and had him killed but he refused to give up.

He did not have John 1 vs 9 to run to but he talked in Psalms 61 about a rock that was higher than him and he knew how to repent, shake himself off and get up.

God wants you to repent, get up and do your first works over and the people who would dare come to this grave yard and cast some stones of slander had better be warned that there is a fallen angel observing their proud boasting and he may just ask God to pull back his spirit and protection from their life and let them see what they are capable of without the wonderful ministry of the Holy spirit.

Let us now with fear and admonition stand up and be what God has called us to be and live in his kingdom as sons and daughters of the most high.

When you are Discouraged. (Full Service)


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    • Jerry Hulse profile image

      Jerry W Hulse 5 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      God help us to keep our eyes upon thee and not fall for the allurements of the world and especially not get buried in a preachers grave yard because of falling prey to the devils schemes such as women and strong drink. A-men