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Priceless treasures in Jars of Clay: Reminding Us that our Power comes from God

Updated on February 27, 2012

Priceless treasures in Earthen Vessels

Treasures in Earthen Vessels


we have this treasure

in Earthen vessels,

that the Excellency of the Power

may be of God,

and not of Us.

Taken from the 1611 A.D. edition of the authorized or King James' version of the Bible (2 Corinthians 4:7).

What treasures do we have in earthen vessels? Or maybe, first, we should ask, "What earthen vessels are the Apostle Paul speaking of?" The earthen vessels represent our bodies, or our physical bodies. The treasures that he speaks of may be thought of as being our spirits, souls, or the "Life," even, that is contained within our physical bodies. (Let's make it clear, from the start, that these interpretations of Paul's writing are mine, and mine alone, and they did not come from any biblical commentaries, that are normally available to pastors or scholars of the Bible. My writings come from my mind, my heart, my spirit and are affected by what one sees or notes in Nature only, a place where I have found that God's mind resides the Thickest. I do not ask that readers agree with me. We all have our own relationships with God). Now let us proceed.

"that the excellency of the power may be of God" What does this mean?

Excellency has to do with something being of the highest or finest quality. If something is exceptionally good of its kind it is considered excellent. If something has superior quality, it is considered excellent. What about the Power? What power? Actually, Power is a really Powerful word. Power is a profound word. Power has to do with our abilities or capacity to perform or to act effectively. If we have a specific capacity, faculty, or aptitude or strength to exert force, we have Power. Power can also be seen as the ability or official capacity to exercise control; or authority. Power has to do with Forcefulness and effectiveness. One could go on and on like this, talking about Power, but I want. My hubs (that is, discourses) are usually limited to 500 to 600 words, so that I don't "wear down" or "tire out" my readers who faithfully read whatever I write. I will give you one example of how " the Excellency of the Power" works in my on life after a few more explanations.

"Of God." Where is God? Who is God? What is God? And does it Matter? I am not going to tell you. Ask somebody else, or seek it out for yourself. There isn't enough time and space in this short discourse for me to "spoon feed" theology out to anyone in this kind of format.

"and not of us." Hopefully, we know who we are, but maybe we don't. This question also goes beyond the scope of this discourse.

Bear with me please, as I attempt to pull this discourse together. Accept for a moment, if you will, that it is true, "that from the earth we came and to earth we will return again after we die." We are earthen vessels that contain wonderful treasures.

During the course of my life I have practiced medicine under many titles, but perhaps my most proudest moment was when I practiced medicine in the U.S. Navy and was called, just "Doc." Sailors and Marines did not care about anything else, whenever they came to me, except, that I was able to heal them of their sicknesses and their injuries. They did not care where I had gone to study medicine or what the color of my skin was, or my rank in the military, or my age. "The only thing that mattered was, when one needed help, or was sick or hurt, one went to "Doc." Now this is the remarkable part of my life in the Navy as a healer, "I never lost a patient." "No, not one." And during the course of a 22 year career, I saw thousands of sick and injured people, some of them very sick, and seriously injured (one of them, came to me, after being bitten by a poisonous snake while we were in Japan, even). Do you think that, under these circumstances, "one could get a "big-head,"" and think that he was "God's gift to the World," because he had healed everybody that came to him, every one of them, without any exceptions?" Why of course, the answer is Yes! It is normal for a human-being to get a big head and to think, "Look at how great I am. Why I am Powerful! Look, I can hear everybody, I don't lose people. Look at me, I am Great, everybody!

But you know something, because my body was an earthen vessel also, I got sick sometimes myself, but nobody knew it. For example, sometimes aboard the USS Defender (MCM 2), we would be at sea and the sea would be rough, really rough. I was so sick that I had to sleep on my exam table in "Sick-Bay," and tend to my own illness. Nobody ever knew it. Once I had to even run IV-fluids, into my own vein, after starting my own IV, to re-hydrate myself. Nobody ever knew it. Getting really sick, myself, of "motion," this called "motion sickness or sea-sickness," helped me to keep my humility. It helped me to know "that I was not God." No matter how many Marines and Sailors that I saved, I was not God. "I HAD TREASURES IN EARTHEN VESSELS," that allowed me to become an effective healer, and that was all.

Thank God for keeping me humble, a Proud Healer is a Dangerous Healer. The way I saw it, and I still do think this way, "The excellency of the power is of God, and not of us."

As you go, my friends, Peace. Regards, Dr. Haddox

Ol doinyo Lengai Mtn., lime stones at Mamushi Nature Farm, and Mt. Fuji (from top to bottom)

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