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Princess letters: The woman is Beauty

Updated on November 18, 2014
The Princess walked through the Land
The Princess walked through the Land

As the Princess walked through the delicately winding paths of the land her tender eyes fell upon many sights of sheer beauty. Sights that reassured her of the King's majesty. The birds of the air so gracefully sailed through the clouds, and the deep expanses of infinite sky enveloped them. The sea glistened and sparkled proudly demanding attention and making no apologies for it. The sun shone vivaciously in the sky. Perched contritely atop the land, it needed no assurance it was a beacon of sheer beauty. The Princess's eyes could scarcely take in all the wonder they feasted upon, like a banquet too rich for a soul to bear.But then lo, her eyes fell upon the greatest beauty she had ever seen, and indeed, the delight of all creation. She saw the Woman.

The woman was unlike any of creation's masterpieces. She helplessly exuded grace and beauty. Around her an air of mystery fell. Her poised stature embodied dignity and her gentle movements signaled elegance. Her smile outshone the sun and it could only envy the warmth that beckoned "come near", in her eyes. She was mesmorising. The world surely stood still to gaze upon her and somewhere in the depth of the rich pools of her eyes, time and breath surrendered their existence.

The Princess rushed to tell the Princesses of their beauty. She danced joyfully through the land singing praises of this unbelievable beauty she had seen. But to her distress the Princesses would not hear these praises- they did not believe their own beauty. A dark spell had besieged them and they could not see beyond the fog of their own self- contempt. The Princess wept bitterly. She mourned for the realisation of beauty lost. In her grief she took once more to petitioning the maidens of the land. The sunrise was scarcely upon the land before the Princesse's carrier pigeons could be seen taking flight across it's hopeful backdrop.

Women did not see her beauty
Women did not see her beauty

Her letter read this:

Dear Princesses, most favoured maidens,

I have seen with mine own eyes the beauty of the Land. The King's work is lain out before us and we celebrate beauty in every sunrise, in every flower and every rainbow. But is there any delicate rose as finely sculpted as the woman? Is there any sunrise which provides the hope of a fair maiden's smile? Can even the rainbow claim more magnificent adornment that She? No!! The sun exists to warm her face and set her magnificent hair ablaze with the finest of colour. The flower lives to decorate her hair and ornament her with it's sweet fragrance. The rainbow is a beauty for her soulful eyes to enjoy. A promise of faithfulness it may be- but is it a greater promise than the faithful woman? No!!

Fair beauty, don't you realise you are a wonder? The King has said so Himself! "Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear...The King is enthralled by your beauty"

Princesses, you keep running to the finest boutiques to acquire all manner of potions to distort your natural allure. Heed the King for He praises your beauty, "You have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes". Fair maidens, the noble Knights are grieved when you cover your loveliness with unnatural design. I have heard many Knights wail over the 'lip goo' that seems so favoured through- out the land! Behold blessed women "Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon, your mouth is lovely". Surely you do a gross injustice to cover yourself in such ailments then?

A deeper cry I have heard come up from the Knight's round table in the name of 'orange maidens'. Princesses, at first I feared this was a terrible disease contracted trough prolonged contact with tangerines- but alas I was wrong! Fair maidens across the land are electing to forsake fair for satsuma. Gracious daughter of the King, I beseech thee, turn from your orange ways and be once more of fair complexion, Then once more sons of the King can say "Who is this...fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession?"

The King, our Father has appointed you to be His daughters and He has crowned you with something far more beautiful than jewels: "Your head crowns you...Your hair is like royal tapestry: The King is held captive by it's tresses." The King did not leave a stone unturned when He made you Princess. You are fit for The Kingdom. Your design is divine.

Maidens, forsake not your natural beauty. The King and His sons cry out against the spell which holds His daughters captive. You are precious in His sight and He longs to see you in all your glory. Turn then from hiding away your God- given beauty. Celebrate your perfect design. Look around you at the celebration the King and all His sons make of feminine beauty- how it fascinates them. Smile so your loveliness can be seen and praise the King for it. Let your graceful movements speak of the royal design that you are- delicate and precious.

Grace and peace faithful Princesses. Till I write to you again may you meditate on the Kings enthrallment with you.

Princess Grace

*All quotes are taken from the Bible*


Woman is more bautiful than the flower and her scent is sweeter
Woman is more bautiful than the flower and her scent is sweeter


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    • profile image

      waxi 7 years ago

      I enjoyed it deeply A classic piece of writing


    • gracefaith profile image

      gracefaith 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Chaotic Chica :)

      Bless you,

      Fiona :)

    • Chaotic Chica profile image

      Chaotic Chica 7 years ago

      Beautiful! Very enchanting and poignant. I love the message this conveys!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      god blessed hub great thanks