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Principles of Hope and Faith - Secular Wisdom of Mindful Optimism

Updated on August 13, 2015

Hope brings excitement in the mind, thus allowing us to do even better today, at the same time turning our power point into reality. A hopeful mind is filled with positive expectations, a source of inner happiness bringing about a boost in creativity and excellent relationship with self and people. A big step for achieving hope in life is by creating it. Chances and opportunities are so rare, almost unrecognizable sometimes, but a hope created is a hope built. When you can only build the self-motivation by physically doing things that will support that motivation, you are indirectly building a Babylon of hopeful living.

Hope also manifest in people's life when others believe and encourage their plans. But that's not enough. In order to have hope and build a worth where there's none, you must first learn to be single-minded. Visualize yourself in a world that demands singleness from her inhabitants. Visioning yourself in a place where self-dependence and self-belief stands the motto is a big stepping stone in having hope in life. It’s a measure that takes you to a realm of higher imaginations and deep thinking, letting you explore the possibilities of happiness in living independently. The deeper you go, the higher your standards of choices. Hope is always with people that have gone through proper self-actualization, and that’s exactly where the journey is going to take us.

A greater strategy to have hope is the physical orientation and development. It’s a demand from the inner mind. It’s a dream to be fulfilled. It’s a life to make better. And all this comes to action when the body acts. Life is made to be explored to the fullest. Create a goal. It doesn't matter whether it’s a short-term goal or a short-term goal. All that matters around your mind is to make yourself feel your 'person' as a finisher. An achiever is a finisher. People put hope on that person, and the feeling of importance boosts self-esteem, then hope accumulates the mind.

Set an achievable goal. Start with short-term goals, even a thirty minute task. The important part of this self-development in hope creation is to finish whatever you plan to do without letting something to distract you. From there, you grow up from pursuing and achieving short-term goals to chasing long-term and valuable goals. All that's vital is the FINISH and you are pushing yourself to having a hope that never fades.

Remind yourself, the past. In order to be hopeful where there is none, motivation still holds the green flag. Reminding yourself your past attainment and how strong you were helps to increase your hope in the presence. Proper career or skills development allows your mind to be hopeful positively. Strive to make yourself feel positive about yourself. Always remind yourself that hope and hopelessness are just feelings and you need to take action to bring positivity into your life.

Note that challenges must cross your path and are very important. They make you even stronger and equipped when overcome, to lead bigger goals and dreams. So instead of yawning in despair or reminiscing about a problem while perusing a goal, make those challenges your motivation by picturing yourself stronger after you've made every effort to overcome and succeed.

Live like an achiever, if you want to have hope for long. Obstacles don't break men, they make men; Men of honour. Your will-power is the best weapon against all causes of hopelessness. Nobody needs to have hope on you, once your hope on you is big and increasing. Lastly on this section is the social network. Mingle with positive friends. Meet those people that look like hope. If you need to learn, be humble to ask questions and be glad when corrected. Knowledge is power, and its strength is never determined by how it was accumulated but how it is used. Knowledge gives you a sense of control over your environment and that's what you exactly need in order to have hope in the journey of life.

What to do When You Have No Hope

There are many ways one can have hope in life. But before we go further you should know that hope deals with optimistic life. Hope theories were analyzed well to give us behaviours expected from a hope full person or characteristics of people that have hope. I’m going to make them clear before we go deep into the ultimate hope attainment strategies. They are 6 in number.

Grit. The behavioural meaning of grit is courage. Grit as an attitude of hope and vehicle of long-term persistence even in the worst situation shows a clear picture of who you're expected to be in a very short time to come. Hope is required to have a courageous personality, but our heroes are who they are today because they've learnt how to be courageous even when all the answers to hope proves no. That's exactly what you're going to learn in our hope creation series.

Conscientiousness. To be conscientious means to be careful and hard-working. The two personality trait are been stressed to make hopeful individuals because of the vitality of being careful while working hard and working hard while being careful. Being careful of vain ways and being careful of void promises, on jobs or entrepreneurship that require you to work hard. And most important of all, being careful of deceiving thoughts to follow a short-cut or cheat scheme in order to stop working 'hard' to succeed.

Conscientious people make the right choices at an assumed right time. They have hope and increase what they have through hard-work. Without hope and self-motivation you cannot work hard. Considerable conscientiousness is built on a trance of experience. The presence of the mind is needed. That’s why we need more traits to build a concrete wall around us, a wall of character. Dealing with conscientiousness as a feeling, it is a wish. A wish to do what is right. That wish makes a person to be loyal, mindfully that you have to work hard to success. They always have hope, knowing the fact that hopelessness is just a feeling and the physical is circumvented.

Self-efficacy. It’s a belief that your choices are correct and abilities, intact to tackle a problem. In other words, psychologists define it as to believe in the ability to manage or work things out by self. Self-efficacy place a big role in having hope when there is none. It correctly predicts the outcome of an effort. There are two different types of people having self-efficacy; those with strong self-efficacy and those with a weak self-efficacy. While a stronger says a challenge is a good signal telling you to go and improve the weak runs back and tries to avoid that challenge. The strong man recovers quickly from failure and difficulties, while the weak self-efficacy becomes fearful and sick of that situation. The strong shows braveness and focuses on things he is best in, develop his skills and grow but the weak views self-development and learning as a challenge. The latter prepares for worse hopelessness. The strong is characterized to have hope and acts gainfully to strengthen his beliefs.

When you lose confidence in your personal abilities easily, it’s a sign of low self-efficacy and you need to outsource it from the roots to have hope that never dies. It gives us insight about the positive outcome of mastery experiences, social modelling, social persuasion and important psychological responses. To improve self-efficacy you need to employ cognitive and coping abilities, reduce stress, stop being a workaholic, block every source of anxiety and fear, exposure to new things every day and mastery of positive thinking, among others. Hope is defined well in the lives of people with strong self-efficacy and this article will help you out.

Optimism. You have hope so you never give up. When people are talk failure you talk success. An optimist always has unique faith and hopes that makes him believe that something shall be done. He has wider thinking capacity, dreams big and able to see the wider picture of everything. An optimist keeps holding on to a dream with hope and courage for years even with a small evidence of possible success. He is a type of individual that has hope and can be able to learn anything and try every approach in order to see the reality of a dream. An optimist doesn't share anything in common with a pessimist. The two are not compatible in character, so they don't share opinion, have different choices and don't want to meet. This is why in order to be among accomplishers you must learn how to accomplish little tasks, becoming a little hero and a little optimist. Thus you can associate with mentors and role models easily, as you have something in common, optimism.

Passion. A hopeful person exhibits a passionate love for a particular activity. Being passionate starts with either self- discovery or exposure but whatever it is, having hope through that thing you're passionate about is dead easy. Passion breeds passion. It grows or dies in the heart. Whenever it has come to stay it grows, when it was blown into the heart by infatuation, it dies and fades so quick. Passion is a wonderful thing to discover in life because even if you don't care to feed and water it, passion shall live with you. And if you cherish and nourish it, your passion shall be your pride.

The worst thing you might discover about yourself is to figure out that you don't have passion. It’s tragic to an extent of you pronouncing yourself as baseless. And you know what that means? It means you lack taste and the ability to make a choice of which one is better than which. And you know, it also means you're dumb, chronically. Sorry, but it’s a vast analysis. Although we tend to have vast passions because we can pursue them all, here's how to know your best passion. Things that you like not things that make people like you or things that other people like. Amongst those things that you like that one thing that gets you more attention and complement. When you feel creative and all honoured by God to give you the ability to do that same thing, it’s your best passion.

Taking a step to develop your knowledge and skills in order to handle your passion even better is the best step for having hope. The secret is, you've just boost your potential to becoming not only successful but famous, doing what you love. What hope are you looking for after that? Relationship hope? Check my having hope in relationship series for broad strategies for making your home a better place.

Inspiration. Those that have hope are enthusiastically confident of life attainments. They are curious about the why and how of a problem. And that response inspires them by pushing the inquisitiveness even further. Inspiration to have hope also deals with courage. Problem inspires. Almost anything can inspire anyone to do anything. When you lack inspiration, it isn't the inspiration you lack itself but the ability to get motivated on the stance of your physical environment. The hopeless environment around you provides many reasons to start something to stop the hopeless. I call that feeling inspiration. Inspiration boosts creativity. You are inspired to create a better tool to facilitate daily task, which can also be interpreted as solving problem. To have hope through inspiration you need to keep that inspiration burning by exposing yourself to what tends to always inspire you.


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      I love this piece of writing.


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