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Product of Evolution or God

Updated on May 10, 2018

Day 1

From the beginning of the knowledge of our own existence we have tried to figure out how we and the things around us came to be.

We all know that we spent nine months in our mothers tummy and that we are the product of both our mother and our father. Just as both our mother and father are products of their parents.

Human existence and all living creatures are the result of reproduction. How then was the first ever human created?

Were we created by something that has a mind? Perhaps we were created by a thing that has no mind. Which side of the way we were created should we lean toward?

Different Sides

It seems as if us humans are split between believing that we were created by God a spiritual being, or that we were created by a molecule that branched out and evolved into what the world is today. Some also say that God created the atoms, and the atoms then created us and everything around. Are these logical beliefs as to how we came to be?

My Logic

Let's just say that we were created by the bang. The molecules had to have been there from the beginning of time. Animals begin to evolve in to humans and the process of evolution continues. Why are we not still evolving from apes?

Is it possible that the evolution "gene" has disappeared, and the way we begin to evolve is by the process of reproduction? Would we not still have that evolution gene inside of us, thus creating the reproduction process?

Morality should not be, if we were created by nothing but an explosion. We then could do as we pleased. Murder, rape, theft, and all other crime would be reasonable due to the fact that our creator the bang, could not possibly have morals and right doing should not exist.

Every good moral would just be a mere idea that one of us beings created for our own personal benefits. Our feelings and actions would be valid based on the way we evolved.There would be no point to adhere to or follow any rules whatsoever, and our lives would be pointless. We die at some point, and nothing that we do would be beneficial to the growth of the world or ourselves.

Now, if we were created by a being that has a mind, life would begin to make much more sense.

Let's say that a cellular device could speak or was created to speak. It told other cellular devices that all cellular devices we created by the battery. We would assume that the cellular device was insane and unreasonable.

The cellular devices begin to lean to their own understanding due to the advice given to them by the believer that believed the cellular "race" was created by the battery. The non-waterproof devices ignore the creators instruction and jump into a pool full of water, only to realize that they cannot swim. By then it is too late, and they drown. If only they had not strayed away from their creator and purpose.

Would it not be abundantly more logical to believe in God, a mindful and all knowing being rather than a mindless molecule? It would explain the becoming of morality and explains why we still do not evolve from apes. It also explains why we have hair above our eyes to protect sweat and dangerous elements from entering into our bodies. It explains why we have fingers, toes, a heart, and our natural instinct to love.

My Experience

I have been on both sides of the spectrum. As a child, I grew up in a Christian household. My parents taught my siblings and I that we were created by God, that Jesus is our savior, and that the Holy Ghost dwells within those who believe in the Lord.

When I was young I automatically believed in God, because my parents believed. As I grew older I begin to question my beliefs, and the way creation was created. I begin to veer toward the belief that we were created by the bang, and that evolution was the product of everything living and non living. When I begin to veer towards that idea my life begin to change, and not in a good light.

I decided that it was okay to do the things that I pleased and as a teenager believed that Christianity was wrong. As I grew further and further to the belief that Gods existence was only a mere fable, I begin to feel empty inside. I begin to realize that if I was not created by something with a mind then the life that I was living was sad.

One day I begin to dwell on the idea of creation, and I begin to look at the sky from my bedroom window. It was late at night and the stars were out twinkling. I asked myself how could an explosion create such a beautiful sky as the one that I was seeing. After sitting for some time, I went to watch television with my family. They were watching a special titled, "I Went to Hell." or some title of that sort. As we watched this documentary, it told of a man who did not believe in God. He was an atheist, and had no interest in Christianity.

The man was an avid motorcycle rider. One day, as he was riding his motorcycle, he crashed into a vehicle. He was rushed to the hospital and was barely hanging onto life. Doctors worked on him, but eventually called a time of death.

The man explains that he was outside of his body, and begin to fall into a dark pit. He saw demons and felt the darkness around him. He realized that he was on his way to hell, and screamed for Jesus. When he had called on the name of Jesus, he felt as if he were back into his present body. I cannot remember the exact details, but nevertheless, the mans heart began to beat again and doctors were astonished at the fact.

When he came to, he knew that his life was changed forever. He would become a Christian and follow God. This came as a surprise to his family members, seeing as if the man they knew before the crash hated the idea of God.

Anyhow, when the program was over, I knew that God was real. Not because of this mans testimony, but because God knowing my questioning would have me in the right place at the right time. Only God knew my questions, and only God could have orchestrated the events that took place.

Afterwards I believed that we were created by God, and that our purpose was to serve Him. I was not a perfect Christian, and at some points I would not consider myself a Christian because my actions were not Christ like.

It was not until I was 19 years of age that I fully gave my life to the Lord and since then, my life has never been the same in the best way possible.

Aside from my experience and my testimony about how I begin to believe, healing happened in my family that could not be explained. My parents were told that I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life due to an ultra sound showing that my spine had not fused correctly. My mother still pregnant with me, refused to believe that I would ever be in a wheelchair. She prayed, and God let her know that everything was going to be fine. Two weeks later, doctors performed another ultra sound and my spine was fused and in tact.

My brother had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck when he was born and had seizures as a result. Doctors told my mother that her son would have to be on medication and that if she did not do so he could die. She prayed and was told by God not to put him on the medicine. From that day on he never had a seizure again. Doctors were astonished.

There are so many signs and facts pointing to the conclusion that we, and all of creation had to have been created by God. Even Darwin died still not even sure of his own theories. Some say he begin to realize that his theories did not match up with the way of creation, that in the end he believed that only a creator with a mind could create such a system as us.

© 2018 Shema Eddings


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      Kathy Henderson 

      2 years ago from Pa

      Nice job explaining your journey, thank you for sharing your heart.


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