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Little Breakthroughs as an Author

Updated on November 13, 2015

How have I been promoting myself lately? It's coming to the end of February already. I have managed to become a Columnist for God has also blessed me with ongoing sales. I am open to the number of sales he gives me and trust they are going into the right hands. This year the Catholic Shop in Auckland has sold two copies of God:Fact or Fiction? as has my US contact. While this weekend I have been at the Legacy event, a post World Youth Day celebration. It's been fascinating having a stall. It's a great way of exposure in Auckland. John Pridmore spoke at the event and he inspired me to once again speak at schools and tell them of the wonderful love of God as well as how awesome our Catholic faith is. I felt God nudging me about this a week or two ago and this definitely inspired me. I also met a teacher who will speak to the head of their Religious Education Deparment about the possiblity of inviting me to speak. It was also fascinating that there were 25 youth from the Chaldean rite which is in union with the Catholic Church - as are 26 other rites from the East which have their own liturgy and bishops but are still in union with us. As a result I have been invited to speak to their youth. So it was a great day in which God really blessed me!

God bless

Brendan Roberts


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