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Want Proof of Reincarnation?

Updated on September 16, 2014

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a philosophical concept and belief that when we die we eventually come back to life through rebirth, for this reason it is believed our spirit or soul lives on after death and we replace our body with a brand new one. Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism strongly believe in Reincarnation but there is also evidence that a large of the Worlds population is open to the belief of reincarnation. So is Reincarnation proven to be real? Well yes but it can not be proven 100%, only you can decide that yourself. However I strongly believe Reincarnation is a strong compelling idea that is very real, In this article i will look at 3 cases which point to strong evidence of Reincarnation, I will then add my own conclusive thoughts.

7 Surprising Examples of Reincarnation

Below are 7 great examples of possible reincarnated people. Having looked at many reincarnation cases the top 3 reincarnation are great examples I will discuss in this article:

  1. Gillian & Jennifer Pollock
  2. Gus Ortega
  3. James Leininger
  4. Cameron Macauley
  5. Barbro Karlen
  6. Shanti Devi
  7. Imad Elawar

Ways of determining Reincarnation

The most common way of determining Reincarnation is through the recalling of Past Life memories of children. There are many cases where children at the young ages of 2-5 begin speaking of being someone else and may even talk of having different parents, some even say that their home is elsewhere. Whilst this may seem scary these children have shown definite proof and knowledge of real people and places that exist or have existed. This means that spiritual memory does exist to some degree, it is also proof that not all memory comes solely from the brain.

Children have also had strong psychological reactions when returning to the very places where they once lived or when seeing things linked to their previous death especially if the memories were traumatic. Emotions such as strong sadness and fear were present in the body language of children which indicated they were feeling something and that their feeling was not self engineered. These past life experiences also appear in dreams.

There are also other proofs such as birthmarks linked to their previous death, it is thought that some of the children who talk of past lifes also talk of the way they died and when this is proven to be true the marks or injuries of their past life appear in some form on their new body almost like a 'reminder'.

There is also the case of children behaving like adults almost like they are still the personality of the person who lived before. There are also hypnotic regressions where people speak in different foreign languages while in a hypnotized state which only proves that these people once lived elsewhere in a past life, a strong example of Past Life regression is that of 'Jenny Green'.

Gillian Pollock and Jennifer Pollock Case

In Hexham England the Pollock family had a very strong case of reincarnation on the 5th May 1957 when their daughters Jacqueline 6 and Joanna 11 died when a car had knocked them down along with family friend Anthony Layden. This all happened when they were on the way to Church. John and Florence (parents) were horrified, John could only pray and hope his daughters would and could come back.

John Pollock actually believed his wife would conceive twins and against all odds on the 4thOctober 1958 Florence gave birth to two twins (Gillian and Jennifer). The younger of the twins Jennifer had a scar on her forehead down to the bridge of her nose which was very similar to the scar that the deceased Jacqueline had due to her falling off a tricycle when she was two years old. To make things double freaky Jacqueline also had a birthmark on her left hip which Jennifer also has in the same place. Coincidence? No way. Considering Jacqueline and Jennifer were the young ones of both pairs it seemed Jennifer could very well be the reincarnation of Jacqueline.

A gift from above? Very possible. When the twin girls were given two dolls that used to belong to Jacqueline and Joanna they both said "That's Mary and that's Susan", Florence Pollock found it peculiar that they knew the names of the dolls with no knowledge of their names. The family eventually moved away from Hexham but upon returning at a later date to visit one of the twins said "The school is around here that we used to go to and the playground is around the back", this was impossible to know since the twins had never been to this school. It was only Jacqueline or Joanna that would have known about the school or the playground.

Gus Ortega Case

Ron Ortega once witnessed his one and half year old son Gus say something very strange while chaging his diaper, Gus said to his father "When i was your age I used to change your diapers". This was very strange to Ron because his son was only 1 and for him to say that he had at one point changed his dad's diaper could only mean one thing, it meant that Gus had been his age before changing his diapers!

Ron showed Gus some family photos, one of which was a picture of Gus's younger looking grandpa named August. In this picture there were a group of people and when Ron asked Gus to point out which one was grandpa Gus did it with ease. Gus had not seen any pictures of his grandpa prior to this. Gus even identified the place he used to work for in a photo and Gus was also able to point out his Grandpas car as his own, he said "this was my first car", indeed it was his Grandpa August's first car.

Gus also mentioned his sister died but Gus never had a sister, in fact it was his Grandpa who had a sister. Gus mentioned that she was murdered by her husband and again Gus was correct. Gus also slipped something very bizarre when he told his father Ron that he had been given another chance to come back to life. After all the proof the Ortega family is convinced Gus is the reincarnation Grandpa August Ortega.

James Leininger

One of the most popular cases of reincarnation was that of a little boy called James who had a fascination with planes from a very young age who would look at planes like he was doing a pre-flight check. When his mother Andrea said "oh look there's a bomb on the bottom of it" James at his very young age replied "that's not a bomb mum, that's a drop tank", how did this child know about planes so well?

Sometimes James would have nightmares and his mother Andrea would ask what he was dreaming about and James on one occasion replied "airplane crash on fire, little man can't get out" and Andrea replied "who is the little man?" and James replied "me". Having further researched the boys apparent recalled memories James had described a man who had his plane shot down during World War II, when they asked James who shot the plane down he replied "the Japanese!".

James also mentioned taking off from a boat named 'Natoma', this was all looked up, when asked what his name was he said "James". It was later found that there was someone called 'James Huston' who was shot down by the Japanese and he did take off from a boat named Natoma! James also mentioned his flight buddy Jack Larson. Both the Natoma and Jack Larson were proven real. James also talked of James Huston having a Sister named Anne, again Anne was found to be real too and is the sister of James Huston! Anne both shocked and surprised to meet the reincarnation of her brother said herself "the child was convincing and coming up with all these things there is no way in the world he could know".

Apparently when James was younger he also recalled picking his parents, he picked Bruce and Andrea as his parents and even mentioned the place where his parents were honeymooning long before he was born, it was said he picked his parents while they were honeymooning in Hawaii.

Awesome Books on Reincarnation

My thoughts on Reincarnation?

Having looked at many cases of Reincarnation to me there seems to be at least some truth in it, it is difficult to know whether these memories are due to reincarnated people who remember past lives or that the people having these memories are somewhat connected to the souls of other people who have lived before.

But lets be honest reincarnation is very hard to dismiss when you have lots of proof, these people can recall where they lived and who their past life family members were as well as many other things. A big question is why not of all of us rememeber our past life? Perhaps there is a reason for this? Perhaps we really weren't meant to remember our past life but some of us slip through the net?

Another question may be the consideration that there is something between life and death and some of us wait for a new body, perhaps some of us are choosing a body to be born into even before physical birth. There have been children who spoke of being in another place before being born, some were even attatched to their last life to the point they complained about their current life.

I believe that reincarnation is real but that only certain people get reincarnated, where the other people go, that's up for debate :) I believe there is a stronger possibility of God behind reincarnation, one thing i noticed was the reincarnation of those who died in unjust ways, it is almost like God gave these people another shot at life. If recinarnation is simply a natural process is there something between life and death? Very possible but the truth is you can only find out at the end of your time here. We would be ignorant to think reincarnation can't exist because we have been born already and that means we could have been somewhere else before.

Reincarnation is open to debate because we all love debates, but please do not spam ignorant comments such as reincarnation is that of the devil. Always have an open mind, please respect each and everyone elses comments/opinions. Thanks! :)


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    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      3 years ago from England

      @meetthegods. I think some of us just happen to be lucky and remember our past lives perhaps.. whereas most of us have wiped minds so we cannot remember it.. i have always felt the possibility that with every new life we cannot remember the last life for specific reasons, i think that possibly remembering past lives is either some kind of way for THEM to try contact us and let us know that they exist.. or its simply a glitch in the system if that makes sense.

      I think we are somehow all joined in some kind of collective consciousness.. it could be that you or me could be fresh out of the box souls/people, hard to know.. some of us might not be but simply have our hardrives wiped so we could not remember. The nirvana or heaven concept is definitely one theory that could be very true, i think it would be truly upsetting if people born blind were sinners. I do like your idea that someone is born a certain way because it is something the soul needed, that is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      3 years ago from England

      @Ikechukwu . Sounds like you can tell the future before its even happened haha.. i don't doubt there is some mystical stuff going on at times.. im not sure if that's the right word.. but its not just reincarnation.. there are many things that sometimes happen in real life and while you want to call them just coincidence sometimes you really do wonder IF the mind as well as the universe has secrets beyond what we know of.. Thanks for sharing

    • meetthegods profile image


      3 years ago from Netherlands

      I don't recall anything about a past life but I have dozens of memories of the places I was before I was born. Maybe I don't remember a past life because I could be a 'new-born soul', 'fresh-out-the-box' so to say. Which means I didn't have a past life like the other souls. But having all these memories and knowing so much about the 'birth-process' does convince me reincarnation exists. Personally I think a soul will reincarnate until it reaches 'Nirvana' or 'Heaven'. This possibly happens after a nummer of reincarnations. Therefore I don't think someone born blind was a sinner in a previous life. He or she is born that way because it is something the soul needed - it's part of it's 'path'. I hope 'D' has a beautifull child(ren) but I'm afraid it won't be a reincarnation of her father since she had 'dream' of him while he was standing in a circle with 2 young girls with long black hair. That's probably a sign that her 'wish(es)' won't come true. Women with long black hair don't 'grant' wishes. They are there to say a wish won't come true. Which in itself is not a bad thing is simply means the Universal God had 'other plans'.

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      3 years ago from England

      @Martin. As i say to many here being open minded is a good thing and it allows you not just for a person to think just with their eyes but also to think of the possibilities that cannot be seen or measured.. there are many that do not even consider the idea of re-incarnation, god, after life etc but in my opinion the ideas should never be written off completely if people wish to remain realistic.. I think its interesting that people called you Micheal even though you are called Martin and that your mother gave birth prematurely to a boy named Micheal. I have seen a few things in my life you might consider crazy, coincidence or even karmic in nature.. sometimes 'these' things do make you wonder; this is why today i am so open minded.

      Being a sinner born into a life of suffering is an idea.. however it is such a controversial thing to discuss that people often go ahead to discourage it as an idea, those who see themselves as those sufferers usually take offense to it.. if i had a past life i would never had been able to tell who i was or what i was like if i existed before.. some people even refuse to think a grand creator would do this to his 'children', i can understand that argument and it is totally logical to think that.. Going by some things in the bible (i have not read it all but some) there are some things in there that could and do suggest re-incarnation. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Reincarnation just like a lot of other paranormal activities are very real. Why they happen? We may never really know. In my case, I see things in my dream before they happen. The most surprising was when I had a dream that my math teacher in school broke his legs and walked into school with cluthches. The next day I told my friends and when he showed up just as I said it will happen, everyone was shocked. Even me!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am a Christian, but I am very open minded because I believe that with God, nothing is impossible. I read the bible with this mindset and I find in it lots of evidence for reincarnation. Philosophically it is quite poor to believe that we only get one shot at life. The apostles taught to test EVERYTHING and hold on to what is good. It is not good to believe we only get one shot and if we don't make it we are cast into a fiery hell for all eternity, and the bibles that read this way are shocking mistranslations of the Greek manuscripts, which I believe serve no other purpose than to control people. All Christians agree that God will make a new heaven and a new earth, and there is a bible verse that states clearly that God is making ALL THINGS new. Why should all things exclude people who don't get to believe in Jesus the first time? Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah. When Jesus asked his disciples who people said He was, there were some people who believed He was a reincarnated prophet. Jesus did not make any attempt to state categorically that belief in reincarnation was wrong. After being cast into the lake of fire in Revelation, there are still people (sinners who didn't "make it") alive on earth "outside the city" (heaven). Christians all believe we are alive now, and they all believe we will have a next life, is it so difficult to believe that we could have had a life before this life? Philosophically this answers many questions, such as why so many people are born into suffering. It could be because of something they did in a previous life. Jesus disciples even asked if a man who was BORN blind had sinned to have been born this way. Clearly at the time of Jesus the idea of past lives was commonly accepted, and it was firmly entrenched in Greek philosophy into which Jesus was injected. Jesus did not come to turn Greek philosophy on its head, He came to confirm it, why would God make the civilized world Greek hundreds of years before Jesus came, only for Jesus to come and undo all of that? Nothing is an accident, everything is planned for a purpose by a God who loves us more than we can imagine. Even God said of one of His prophets in the bible, "before I formed you in the womb, I knew you". The belief in past lives was forbidden by Emperor Justinian in his anathemas against Origen, a 2nd century Christian. Neoplatonism has its origin in teachings of early Christians who were based in Alexandria, where the "head office" of the Church fled after Rome destroyed Jerusalem. Rome is not the head office and never has been, Rome has done everything in its power to corrupt Christianity to try to cling to power in its insatiable quest for world domination. Power and control. The last thing they want is free thinkers, so they tell everyone what they must believe or face excommunication. I have personally experienced in life when introducing myself to strangers as "Martin", many after this introduction say to me "Hello Michael". Martin and Michael sound very different, and when I speak I am not quiet, I speak loudly and clearly, I do not mumble. My mother gave birth prematurely to a boy before I was born, he lived only 2 weeks and then he died. His name was Michael.

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      4 years ago from England

      @D. Thanks for the comment D. I am wondering what culture you are from? I have never heard of a culture doing that before with the marker but it sounds very interesting. I have read and seen many stories on re-incarnation and whilst some could say its just a coincidence i have seen to many to think it is simply that. There is definitely something more to it than meets the eye. I totally agree as well that having an open mind is definitely a good and positive thing. I hope to hear more from you, please do share and feel free to post any personal evidence you have.. and especially when the big day finally arrives. Cheers, Jay

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      I love your site! I have been trying to research more about reincarnations.. And my story and real picture will amaze you. Right now I'm pregnant, this is all I can say. I will be back to give more details. Reincarnations true. In my culture we do mark our love ones meaning we use a permanent marker and marked a location on my father before he past. .. I know I have a picture of reincarnation on hand before my stomach started cramping and stretching before me eyes! First pregnancy. I was shocked, amazed, and feel really blessed. It is a long story and I will have to put up a site to report this amazing phenomenon from God. In a few weeks, I will find out if it's multiples and one of them is my father. We will see. I also had dreams of my father many many times, and the last one was of him standing in a circle with 2 young girls with long black hair. I woke up quick thinking it was a nightmare, that's why I remembered it! Anyhow, I will be back to let you guys know what happens. That picture I must say is a million dollar picture. It will prove that reincarnation is real if my prediction, dream, the picture of multiples is real. All real guys, and thank you for believing. An open mind, a good heart will enlightend you.

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      5 years ago from England

      @Maddy. At some point in the future i might just consider that.. i have not got around to writing more articles for a while, especially ones on this subject but when i get some time i will consider it. Thanks for your comment though :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      love reading on these topics..any more reincarnation stories?

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      5 years ago from England

      Hi Kerry, thanks for the comment. The one about Gus and the Twins were definitely my 2 favorites, i also felt they were probably the most believable out of most of the cases i have read about so far. Sometimes i just get an underlying feeling that we have been here many times before, sometimes i even wonder if the whole 'body recycle theory' thing is true, why not :)

      Happy new year :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wonderful hub on one of my favorite topics. Thank you for sharing. I loved the Gus story, and the one about the twins. I have actually seen young James on TV before, and I was in tears as he placed the wreath into the sea and said goodbye to James Huston.

      Have a happy day :)


    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      6 years ago from England

      Hey Cryptid. That's a good question, perhaps the scar may be a karma thing in that it is there as a warning to the newborn that they should avoid death or pain the same way (i know sounds weird). IT could be a warning thing. I do believe too that many cases of reincarnation may also be fakes or coincidences, some people even pretend to be famous people in their past last life. Thanks for the comment :)

    • cryptid profile image


      6 years ago from Earth

      Very interesting. I believe reincarnation is possible, but I also think people tend to see truth where really there are really only coincidences. For instance, why would someone be reincarnated with the same scar another person had in another life where other people are supposedly reincarnated across the globe in another country in a different culture? Anyway, interesting Hub nonetheless.

    • Jay Rando profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Rando 

      6 years ago from England

      Hey Zsobig :) You should share your stories, no way is it stupid. Some things just seem too real to be written off.

      I feel those who had died in 'unjust' ways and were reborn with the birthmarks almost seem like a way for the afterlife to communicate indirectly that 'they' and 'it' do exist.

      I admit it does make me wonder recently that there actually could be some kind of creator or 'watcher' who does give us another shot at life.

      Thanks for your comment and vote btw, means a lot :)

    • zsobig profile image


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Incredible and shocking stories, thans for sharing them!

      Personally, I think reincarnation is a real thing - maybe some people will think that I am stupid, - but during my life I have already experienced some weird things with my family that cannot be explained.

      Voted up and interesting!


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