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Christianity's Impact on Human Development

Updated on December 20, 2021
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Sometimes writers distance themselves from religious subjects. Religion is still taboo to speak about. Read about it instead.

One religion is not supposed to have more value than another in American liturgy legally but in reality, one religious movement prevails above all others, Christianity.

Other religious movements have not benefited humankind more than the Christian movement in modern times since the beginning of record-making.

There are contributions to humankind from all religions; however, no other group arguably has benefited the entire human family as Christianity. No other!

Free Societies

Point - The cultures of all free nations have developed in Christian nations first, then either spread (or was forced on) to other nations. The benefits of Christian cultures were not always welcomed.

Much of European history is frowned upon because of all the carnage used by Europeans to promulgate their cultural ideas across the world, which includes the Christian philosophy. (Though, technically that philosophy originated with the Jews!) The horrible things that Europeans did in the name of God and country destroyed cultures and ethinicities.

Good came of those things regardless of many who would argue to the contrary. Some would argue that all cultures are equal. Under the law, yes. Western culture is the only type that allows the philosophies of other cultures to exist within its super-culture. It used Christianity to spread itself around the world.

Mexico, Brazil, The United States of America, Israel, Canada, Australia and many other nations exist because the Europeans decided to spread their influence and religious philosophies. Even the great nation of Japan is the product of Western industrialization and reform due to the horrors of WW2. Few nations exist that participate in the world market that aren't influenced by Western culture.


The modern world exists because of the freedoms that Christian nations provide. Now, those very children of Christian philosophy turn to other ways of thinking. Yet there is proof that Christianity is not just a primitive faith spawned from Judaism. Christianity is a fulfillment and a natural outgrowth of Jewish faith and fellowship.

World Commerce

Point - Commerce exists the way it does internationally today because of European culture, which was cradled in the safety of Christian philosophy for centuries as it grew in influence.

European descendants used religion to enslave other groups of people to maintain industries. They built ships and erected ports of trade throughout the known world. They made contact with insular cultures like the Chinese to feed the growing needs of their Christian populations around the world. They created industry in new lands and used the new markets to grow their mother nations. They used the banner of Christianity to open missions in differing cultures where soon followed colonists and opportunists.

American Slave Trade


Christianity Created and Destroyed Ethnicities

Point - Under the banner of Christianity, Europeans also intermarried or brutalized the woman of many ethnic groups to create mixed racial nations very evident in the Central and South Americas. Not all the points are flattering.

Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, and many other American nations are the result of this racial mixing.

The indigenous people of Mexico and other American nations make up less than a few percent of each nation. The Europeans diluted or destroyed the local populations through disease, relocation, and war.

The Spanish and the Portuguese successfully spread their culture and religious philosophies creating many Portuguese and Spanish-speaking nations. Christianity became the predominant religion of the New World--the Americas and Australia.

The frontier nations of Australia, Mexico and The United States of America used Christianity and industry to decimate the population of the aboriginal inhabitants. Australia used prison labor to help colonize the continent and push back the natives.

Mexico absorbed racial groups--White (Spaniard and Creole), Indigenous and Black--to make a national identity of Christians. The United States used slave labor by abducting people of other nations or purchasing prisoners of war from other nations to produce a class of servants whose children were bred for perpetual service.

As unflattering as this information may appear, it was all done under the banner of Christianity, which for all intents and purposes is a Jewish sect become world religion.

Aztec Culture


Australian Aborigines



Point - Europeans created colonies of Christian culture all around the world so that no matter what place their descendants live there is always evidence of its predominance.

  • All European founded nations have a majority Christian population.
  • All European founded cities have Western cultural influence.
  • Though most of these colonies now function independently, culturally they are European.

Even the former slaves of North America practice a version of European culture and speak European languages after their emancipation. Most non-European subjects of former colonies practice Western philosophy and espouse Christianity.

Hong Kong is a great example of colonial Europe's influence. Communism is another Western idea that has flourished in China supplanting much of Chinese heritage due to restrictions by the government. Remember, Communism is an ideology formed in a free society of Christians.

Hong Kong


Technological Advance

Point - Computers exist because of the Christian coddled cultures of England and the United States. In modern terms, computers were developed extensively in the USA and continued out to the rest of humanity as a blessing of immense proportions. Computers control just about every aspect of Western life from traffic lights to pace-makers for the heart!

Point - Airplanes exist because of the Christian Coddled culture of Americans. The Wright Brother successfully flew and patented the first flying machine, which now pace the commerce and cultural trends of the planet: the airplane.

Every conceivable benefit to modern technology is because of the cultures nurtured by the Christian-maintained nations of the world. Even Hitler came to power in a Christian nurtured nation whose brutality cause hundreds of scientists to flee to other Western nations to bolster technological advantage in Western Europe and the United States.

The Wright Brothers


Christianity Cultivates Philosophies

Point - No student of history can deny the truth of the Christian influence on the world--including the fact that Christians represent the majority of the planet's practicing faith (32%).

Even the "infamous" communism is a product of the minds of people who came from under the canopy of Christian philosophy. Communism includes a tenet to ban religion!

Karl Marx came from a Christian background and Jewish heritage. His family was of the Lutheran sect. From his circumstance, indigence, and life experience he formulated the concept of communism in opposition to capitalism. He also excluded God from the equation of life. The point of this matter is that communism is born of Christian Western Culture.

Karl Marx


The modern world exists because of the freedoms that Christian nations provide. Now, those very children of Christian philosophy turn to other ways of thinking. Yet there is proof that Christianity is not just a primitive faith spawned from Judaism. Christianity is a fulfillment and a natural outgrowth of Jewish faith and fellowship.

The Christian Message

There are several ways that the Christian message can be considered and promulgated to the world.

At first, it was sent out by invitation to all who would believe in Jesus Christ and accept its precepts by the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the seventy who were called to preach.

After the death of the apostles and seventy--and several meetings of influential bishops--Christianity became the means of uniting the Roman Empire. Later it became a tool of war and slavery--the infamous Crusades.

Even later, it was the means to civilize the savages of other faiths.

Much later it became a way to save the sinners again as it was first taught by the Apostles. Regardless of how it is seen, Christianity appears to be a judgment by God that all other faiths were dead or lacked the ability to bring salvation to humanity.

Since it is now considered politically incorrect to be so forward, Christians who value relationships with people above being right invite non-Christians to faith-events to showcase the faith. "Come and see how Christ can change your life" is the new missionary cry from many.

The message of Christianity is Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of the world and was resurrected so that all may be resurrected and those who accept Him will not suffer for their sins, but have glory with Him in the life to come.

Apostles Viewing Jesus After Resurrection


Where is the proof of Christianity?

Proof means nothing if the masses of people around the world, including Christians, reject it. The proof is there.

Christians contend that Jesus died on the cross and was within a burial tomb for three days. He miraculously rose from the dead and took upon Him a glorified body that could never die.

Not all the Christians agree about the body being physical or spiritual, but most all agree that He rose from the dead.

  • So first, He was born of a Virgin, Mary.
  • Second, He was raised from the dead.

The first person for it to occur in both cases,and the only person for it to occur in the first case makes those things hard enough to believe.

Now, there is a contention that

  • He, nine months after His resurrection, appeared to a small tribe of people in the year 34 a.d.
  • These people saw the wounds in His body and matched Him with the prophecies in their records, which are similar to the Old Testament most Christians use today, and also called Him Jesus Christ
  • It did not occur in the Holy Land, but in ancient America!

Christianity is more than a local Jewish off-shoot of a religion.

Proof How?

The proof of the truth of Christianity is hard to believe. There is no concrete evidence of the people who claim to have seen Him or the location of the place where they saw him. There is just a record detailing His visit to those people in a city they called Bountiful at their temple.

The entire premise of Christianity is based on a man, born of a virgin and raised from the dead. Now He is reported to have visited multiple continents as the God of the earth and Savior of mankind.


Point - Proof exists if you first accept that Jesus was actually born of a virgin woman, which at the time was genetically impossible. With In vitro fertilization (IVF) it is very possible today to have a virgin birth. The technology exists and was employed in some fashion during that time because Mary is said to have not "known" man until after the birth of Christ.

Point - We must also accept that a person can live again after three days of death, which is easy if the death was a misdiagnosis and the person was actually in a trance, which is a death-like state. There is no way of knowing that, though. You cannot do an autopsy on a resurrected being and He probably won't come be interviewed.

Point - There is no such thing as proof of Christianity to non-Christians. It must all be based on faith--faith that what is recorded in the Scriptures was accurately reported and translated from all records involved.

Point - A person must have faith that there exists a way to find out the truth of whether the tenants of Christianity have divine support, which assumes answers come to prayer.

Otherwise, Christianity and all religions akin to it are psychological and narcissistic views of humanity in the universe as the offspring of some divine being who plans to give us rewards for keeping arbitrary commandments after we die.

  • It seems convenient that death is the precursor for the reward since there is no concrete proof that at death the energy from our bodies does not just disperse throughout the atmosphere.
  • No wonder the Romans used Christianity as a tool to strengthen the empire. It gave the poor uneducated people hope that in the next life they would be rewarded so that they would not gripe so much in this life about their awful lot.

Proof for the Christian!

So, the proof of Christianity is based on the assumption that you, the reader, are already Christian and accept certain unbelievable things first--like a virgin birth and rising from death.

  • If you accept that, why not accept that same being born of a virgin and raised from the dead appeared to a group of people in ancient America and told them about His teachings and preached them His Gospel?
  • If you accept His divinity, is it reasonable that He would visit other people rather than limit His contact with one tribe in Israel?
  • If you accept His life, death and resurrection, is it unreasonable that He, the God of the whole earth in your estimation, could not cause other people to write His words as a witness that He is the Savior of all mankind?
  • Is it reasonable that there could be a lost record of His teachings to the Aborigines in Australia or the Chinese that has not yet been revealed because the first records have not been fully accepted by Christianity as a whole?

Vote Here

If God revealed more about Jesus Christ's divinity would you be willing to accept it?

See results

For everyone else, this news that Christ visited ancient America is not proof at all, but a confirmation of the delusion that that "virgin birth man" was walking around nine months after He was dead.

He happened to walk, or fly (depending on how much of the delusion you're willing to accept) to another part of the earth and teach the same Christianity to some native aboriginals of the Americas!

Not only that, but He also visited other groups and taught them too, but did not disclose their locations yet!

God makes no sense to those who refuse to acknowledge that He exists. Why believe in a god of another faith in the first place when so many have gods of their own making?

The claim of Christianity is that through Jesus Christ, we can receive peace in this life and eternal happiness in the next existence. The promise is that the peace will be of such a quality that no matter what occurs around us, we will have hope that all things are working for our good.

We are promised that we will understand God's plan and why bad things are allowed to happen. We will know our purpose in life, where we came from and why we are here.

I am obviously a Christian and believe in all the claims. Why would I write as I do? Truly, Christianity in its pure form makes me happy. If I keep the tenets to love God and love others as myself, I am happy.

I love God by serving my fellow beings, whom if I serve, I am only serving God.


If you're already a Christian, here's proof Jesus really did rise from the dead because He visited people all around the Earth! There are many records of His visit, which makes the teachings He taught even more valid to live because they must be true!

If you are not a follower of Christ, you have some investigation to do. If Christianity is what it claims to be, even with its sordid history, you need to know.

© 2014 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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