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Properties are NOT proper ties!

Updated on January 9, 2016

Buddha warns!

Nothing lasts forever!

Nothing will accompany us on death except the effects of past deeds!

One beautiful teaching of Sathya Saibaba rings in my mind always. He said once, “Properties are not proper ties”. When the world is mad in acquiring real estate somewhere, why Saibaba cautions his devotees like that? First of all, we are mortals and we do not know how long we will survive? To develop attachment to wealth and properties is not a correct one. Many of us may argue that in the present economic situation, paying huge rent for dwelling is not a wise decision. For the lone reason, we cannot aspire for such huge investments. Even if you go for a bank loan, you will have to pay interest for around twenty years. We are not sure whether we repay the entire loan amount and take possession of the property? Our entire attention will hover around, ‘how to finish the loan and take possession of the property?

The scriptures assert few salient points. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even great emperors have perished over time. Their empires are mere artifacts now. Few pillars here and there, with some inscriptions or busts of famous rulers and other dilapidated monuments are strewn everywhere near those sites. The famous Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations left some brick structures, drainages and public bath places. Once, a wealthy man has constructed a beautiful palace for residence. He invested lot of money and decorated both the exterior and interior with enchanting color paints. He had many facades and porticos and domes which resembled like a king’s palace. He invited many VIPs and wealthy citizens of his town. He has also invited a great saint for the inauguration ceremony. He was too proud of his achievement. Many people visited the palace like structure and they were astonished at the fine exterior and interior of the palace. At last, the saint came for the function. The wealthy merchant invited him in, requested him to go around the palace and to inform him of any defects he found!

The saint saw the building and understood that it was made perfectly with the latest materials in the market with good workman ship. But he told the merchant, “There is one defect in the building”. The merchant was curious to note the defect so that he could rectify it before the house warming ceremony. He requested the saint to spell out the defect. The saint said, “Oh my dear! Time will snatch both your life and the beautiful building. You or for that sake, anyone can not rectify this defect, however beautiful and meticulous the construction may be! The wealthy merchant agreed to the remark made by the saint. He understood, whatever may be the efforts in acquiring such possessions, our life on this earth is of short spell. The building also will collapse over a course of time, due to the forces of nature. Hence we witness only some portion of the buildings constructed by empires.

If we go through the ancient scriptures, even the entire creation will be annihilated, once the aeon ends. Finally flood will devour the entire earth and God alone will remain in cosmic sleep until the next aeon starts and a new cycle of creation will start.

Hence, it is waste of energy, time and money to invest in properties. Simple living and high thinking are the best way to lead our life on earth. None will accompany us to the journey after death. Only the effects of merits and demerits will haunt us in any number of future incarnations. Hence adhere to Truth and non-violence. Loving everyone is the best way to end violence on earth. Let harmony and peace prevail in humanity! May all the world remain happy forever!


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