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Prophecy 2011

Updated on December 30, 2010

Prophetic Word

Christians take heed!
Thomas H Czech

Christmas 2010 is over and we are moving into the year 2011 as I write this. What will the year bring? Only God knows, but we also have been given an insight to this through prophecy. As we have seen in the past year, we know that a trend is occurring in the weather, a trend of more severe storms, also more earthquakes, more volcanic activity and an increase in severity in other areas of nature and man-made.
What does all this mean? Without trying to cause panic, I will be straight with you and tell you that we are in the end times. The increase in severe weather and other activities of nature are an undeniable sign, but there is more. Look at the wars, the two wars started by the United States, now they have moved into attacking areas in Pakistan, also the sinking of the South Korean ship by the US in order to increase tensions between the Koreas (My opinion), also the agitating of Iran by the US. Then we also have the United States falling from power and falling into financial ruin. These are more undeniable signs of the times. Is that it though? No, there is more, there is an increase of lawlessness, and people are living without care for the law of the world and definitely an increase in the lack of concern for the laws given to us by God. Some people who call themselves Christians are living according to the word of God when it suits them and then going out to bars, house parties, watching porn, spouses flirting with others on the web and so on, whenever they feel like it and with no concern for their salvation, sometimes because their friends are doing it and they do not want to feel left out or as being called legalistic. The term legalism is nothing more than a word used by the so called Christians (not true followers of Christ) as a way of getting away with doing what they want. An example is this, “There is nothing wrong with me going to a party or clubs and hanging out with my friends, don’t be so legalistic”. This is a mere attempt at justifying their un-Godly attitude, behaviour and/or activity. Well this is a wrong attitude. God gave us His laws to follow and we ought to do everything we can to follow them; however, Jesus came because God knew we could not follow it whole heartedly, so through Jesus Christ we get that second chance and sometimes a third or fourth chance at eternal salvation. However, that does not mean we abuse this gift, for every time we sin and then ask for forgiveness we are crucifying Christ once again.
So we see that this world and humanity is falling apart at the seam, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually, so many things are going bad. We are living in the end times as prophecy has told us. What can we do about it? We cannot fight it, but we can get our lives right with God and live according to His word, anything less is wrong. We cannot sit on the fence with one foot in the world and one in God’s word, if we do then God will not accept us into His Kingdom, He wants us to be totally committed to Him, He wants all of us, not just a part of us. God wants a sincere follower of Christ, a true Christian.
It is time for each and every person proclaiming to be a Christian to live as such, to put their salvation ahead of anything else and anyone else, for no one and nothing is worth losing YOUR salvation over.
But instead live according to the word of God so that you can then minister to the lost and evangelize to the world.
This New Year, 2011, will test your salvation, it will test your faith, we must bind ourselves together in Christ so that we can overcome and survive. These things are all supposed to happen, it is written--we are warned-- but we do not worry or lose hope for our hope is in Christ. Jesus has gone ahead of us and made a way for us, so in essence, we have already overcome, now it is time to Live It.
The choice is yours, what will you chose?

©Thomas H Czech, 2010


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    • thomasczech profile image

      thomasczech 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for your comment. You have given people something to think and pray about. God Bless you.

    • REV Dan Abaldo profile image

      REV Dan Abaldo 6 years ago from Yermo,Ca

      Love the page, I agree with 99% of it and that says a lot if you know me, I have long since learned the only person we agree with 100% is the face we see in the morning while shaving LOL.

      I am half done with an interesting e-book that I will post fro free its title is

      The Pre-trib-tribulation coming to America.

      It is my warning to Americans that no matter what you have been taught pre-trib, mod-trib-post-trib,this deals with A TRIBULATION coming to America and not THE GREAT 7 year TRIBULATION in Rev.

      People need to wake up and get right with God, because God has been whispering to me He will start Judging this nation this year and we all will see it, it will not be a secret thing.I have been in ministry over 30 years now and have taught the Pre-trib rapture 27 of those years as gospel truth, I took 3 years off to write and study only God's word, no commentaries, books, Christian media, just the word and the Greek and Hebrew, I only read the anti-niacin fathers read Iraneus book 5 and see what the early church fathers were taught verbally by the Apostles and read only the word, and get ready to have your mind blown as mine was.The Tribulation on America as Judgment begins in the house of God, the individual, the Church and the nation, this comes first, than the other nations.All the hype about end time prophecy and I was guilty many years I now see as a tribulation and fall of The Republic. IN the O.T. God always used as his rod of correction, pagan nations.It will be the same now, only mostly from with in, but still pagan, Christian persecution is coming, a collapse of the economy and false flag attacks per haps a nuke in NY to start ww3, but there may be a ww4 or ww5 no where in the word will you find ww3 is the battle of Armageddon, for when you hear of wars and RUMORS of war (LIKE N.KORA)do not be in fear for these things must come to past, Paul told the Thessalonian church in 2 Thess that things would not happen until the lawless one is first reveled and sets himself up to be God, Thesselonica was a mostly Gentile church and so the distinction between Jew and Gentile are both and the same, the elect are those called out ones, both Gentile and Jew, this is the biggest mistake pre tribers make, thanks to left behind, Hal Lindsey and others, hay I thought it was all true, until I put everything down, got on my knees and in the word and the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth started to lead me and teach me all truth it was amazing, any way sorry for my rant, love the post and people we are headed for hard times in America and by the Way America is not N.T. Babylon sorry Hal, it is Rome, were saints and PROPHETS were killed, Calvinist believe there are no more prophets so this in mind how can a Calvinist (Baptist) like Hal say we are Babylon when there have been no prophets killed in America (YET) but hay after the apostles died so did the gifts and offices, sorry Calvinists think on that.

      2011 will just e the start of OUR national Tribulation and not THEE TRIBULATION, so please listen make the distinction, turn off the t.v. and get on your knees and repent , weep before God and read His word, he will whisper to you about what you are to do, prepare, go or stay. God bless all and I cant say happy new year, but I can say Fear not year 2011.