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Prophecy For Israel 2018

Updated on December 28, 2017

Temple Mount


It is my great pleasure to be used by God to give His voice to the people of Israel. I asked Him what He wants to use me for and He told me that from now on I must speak His messages to His people Israel.

This is why I have decided to present this message here hoping that the people that matter and have the fear of God JEHOVAH will read and act on the messages.

Year 2018 In Summary

A Leader's Error

One of the prime leaders in Israel must offer serious prayers for himself in order to escape an imminent death coming to take him this year. This man, as I saw him stands in the shoes of Aaron the assistant of Moss in the Holy Bible.

His sin or error is related to the breach in God's law and it's interpretation to the people. God wants to correct his misleading antics and cause the people to err.

This wrong doing is linked to marital issues and international relations. And also, intermarital laws between a Jew and Non Jew which has been compromised.

Concerning Jerusalem

The Lord God says that He will win the current war and gain victory for Himself and divide the land among His people.

This will be achieved this year after much crisis, dialogues and painful experiences.

I have seen that there will be announcement for people all over the world to send gifts and money for the use of the building of the temple on the Temple Mount site. This is the beginning of the end of the old man and the new man is about to be born.

Then we shall see the Son of Man coming into His temple to sit as King of Kings. Nevertheless, this will not happen until the antichrist is revealed and destroyed.

January February and March 2018

The Lord has revealed to me the plans of the enemies of Israel to seduce those who hold sensitive information concerning Israel in order to kill the sons and daughters of Israel. Those who survive this will be made to flee and serve as servants in foreign countries.

The Lord God told me that if His people shall announce a time of fasting and prayers, this imminent calamity will be trashed and it will not happen. He will rise up to their rescue.

April May and June 2018

The Lord spoke to me and asked me to warn the people of Israel, as He warned the people of Nineveh of old. They must repent of their sins and call Him for help.

But if they refuse to heed warnings and forsake Him, He says He will start the punishment with the Government officials. Many of them will disappear and abducted by the enemies and die outside their land.

I see serious genocide being committed against the Israelis and many of them will flee to different parts of the world.

July August and September 2018

Satan will incite the Lord against Israel and allow him to continue to trouble the Jewish people.

Israel economy will go down and we will have a situation in which the rich will now begin to serve the poor.

But God will use the Queen of England and some other nations of the world to come to their rescue by facilitating her restoration. The Israel will begin to blossom as at the past.

October November and December 2018

By this time, those who flee Israel during her past crisis will come back trembling with fear of the enemies still on the land. But the Lord will protect them and be with them.

Despite rumours of more crisis, Israel will be protected by the Army of the Lord. I see a compromise reached and life continues.

But it is noteworthy that by this time, some top government officials and common people will still be missing and some confirmed killed.


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