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Nostradamus - Serious Study

Updated on May 16, 2011

Nostradamus loved the Celestial

A night sky collection of celestial objects.
A night sky collection of celestial objects. | Source

Understanding Nostradamus Quatrains

In this here I present an opening chapter to my writings about Nostradamus, This is my personal understanding and it most likely will not be the same as so many other people say. It is up to the reader to accept, test, observe, investigate - or reject. Off course, condidering the difficulty of Nostradamus - I might be right or I might be wrong.

First two issues about myself. English is not my native language, so please forgive my incorrect English. Neither is French, maybe that is why for some of other reason I 'see' rather than read Nostradamus quatrains! After studying Nostradamus for past 25 years, I recently came to realise a hereto unrecognized structure in the Quatrains. Once I started to apply this to the translations, so many more quatrains became understandable.

This I came to see when I had a review of my own notes in Remote Viewing. Suddenly there were clear patterns; ever since I am re-writing most of my earlier studies of Nostradamus. This is not applicable to all, but most of the Quatrains. Here it goes:

LINE #1 = TIME KEEPER / TRIGER: A time or period indicator. Mostly linked to a noticeable event. It could also be the event that sets the actual Quatrain in motion.

LINE #2 = CONFIRMATION; of the time keeper. This might or might not have any relation to the first line.

LINE #3 = PURPOSE/ACTION: The actual event which all of this quatrain is about. Again this might or might not have anything to do with the first two lines, but this is the MAIN issue.

LINE #4 = FREEDOM: Here is additional information. This could be additional confirmation to whether one is linking the right Quatrain to the right event or it could be more info about the event itself. This line was used to expand with additional data on either of the previous three lines.

In review of the methods Nostradamus used. Contrary to what most people think - he did not go into a trance, he did not channel. Only on very few occasions did he had a 'visitor' from another dimension. The typical method was to isolate him in his study and then prepare by relaxing and concentrating his thoughts. Mostly he was using a tripod and place an item on the tripod, with a wand placed between the legs of the tripod he links to that setup. However there is not very much know about this methods. Reading between the lines it seems in one of his letter to London he might have taught this method to someone else too,

If I compare this to the modern day technique of Remote Viewing (RV) I find a lot of related results. Not that I myself are a very experienced or high level remote viewer; but I have done and know probably more than most people that reads this. In RV one will have a target (object, description, etc) of what you want to know more about. Such would be your initial focus point. In physical min one will make notes or drawings which you would analyse later. In my personal case, I have a sort of link to use both RV and Auto-Writing. I would say Nostradamus had the same; all the signs are there.

Now, here is another interesting issue. In RV one of the most difficult things to give a date on what one see. Here I think Nostradamus had the solution and I am trying to see how far this could be possible. One can't really determine abstract concepts like words or time. Somehow he might have been able to observe the sky, therefore he could see what the positions of the Celestial objects were. That is why I think he is using the Celestial objects so intensively.

A last few notes:

Success in RV is usually linked to one's own knowledge and understanding. Thus if you see something that you can't describe or understand - then how are you going to decipher your notes afterwards? Therefore I dare say the daydreaming of modern people to think Nostradamus was talking of places and things in our terms - well, that is not likely.

Nostradamus was a very well self educated man in Medicine, herbs, Astronomy, Astrology, Hebrew (he was Jewish) and Roman Catholic religion. Top the best of what we know, he only travelled around France and Italy; had many contacts with other people from around the Mediterranean, England, Scotland, Greece and off course the know colonies of France, mostly Northern Africa. Therefore the first possible answers we should look for, should have these links.

Lastly but surely not the least. Most of Nostradamus quatrains are about small incidents, personal, individual persons. Actually very few are about major events. So when we read of an Earthquake, it is not to say it was a 8.9 Japan size; it could just as well be a small 2.6 in France. We MUST follow the rules of Confirmation and Incident.

This said, I will now embark on a series of Quatrains I have reviewed and often re-investigated. The internet in this modern day is a wonderful research tool! Some will be historical - to show examples, some will be present and some(I hope) will be the correct future incidents!

IF you are interested, keep your link to Nostradamus - Serious Study; and please do contribute. My road thus far has been a very lonely one!

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    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      Thank you Jo, just wish I could speed type! So much to say, so little time. I do enjoy new light and insight, really very interesting.

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello! and welcome to hubs! I am new here as well, I like reading about the Nostradamus Quatrains. I think you did a pretty darn good job explaining your ideas. way to go! I wish you much success! :-)


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