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Prophesies, fate and free will...

Updated on November 18, 2016

Free to choose but...

Prophesies, true or false?

Whether prophesies of Nostradamus has turned true? Many researchers on Nostradamus affirm that many of his prophesies mentioned in the couplets of “Centuries” have come true! This affirmation presupposes the role of destiny in human life! Otherwise, how Nostradamus could predict the future events? Once, some devotees asked Saibaba of Shirdi, ‘how he is able to tell things prior hand? To this query, Saibaba has replied, ‘your astrologers are able to predict near future events, but I look a little forward and tell them my forecast! Here also, what I understand is that the future events are etched in some manner and many experts in sooth saying had a glimpse of future events by judging the position of planets etc. Nostradamus was not a traditional soothsayer. He was a physician who served in many remote areas under trying conditions to cure people of some deadly diseases. It is natural that he underwent many hardships due to hard work and lack of proper rest. His life was never smooth. At some point of time, he developed the ability to foresee the future events of history! But he cleverly concealed them in intriguing couplets which hid the correct periods, places and names of the people involved. Only a shrewd mind could understand the meaning of his couplets.

The beheading of a king, the Arab upraise and the Twin tower destruction are some of prophesies. He used the analogy of birds to indicate the destruction of twin towers! In one of the couplet, he was mentioning about a great leader who will be from East where three oceans confluence. He also has remarked that “Thursdays” will be important for the leader. Combining these clues in all probabilities, the mention is about Sathya Saibaba who is considered a spiritual leader by many people around the world! Especially Thursdays are important for the worship of Saibaba! Hence destiny is real but at the same time, human efforts could mollify the harsh effects of destiny to an extent! In the Mahabarath war, Arjuna was about to be killed by the furious arrow of Karna! Lord Krishna who is aware of the fate of Arjuna pressed the chariot a little and the chariot was down by around six inches. I By that strategy, Arjuna’s headgear was hit and shattered and he escaped his life due to the intervention of Krishna!

Free will vs destiny

The Mahabarath story!

There is a fine episode which culminated in some promise! Karna’s mother Kunti exhorted one promise from Karna that he should not use Nagasthra, the snake arrow more than one time! Karna promised his mother that he will use it only once! Also, he promised that he will not kill any other brother of Arjuna! The charioteer of Karna advised Karna to aim the arrow at the chest of Arjuna but Karna told him, “My aim will hit the target accurately and I will aim it at his neck! Due to Krishna’s intervention Arjuna was saved! Destiny is not a steel jacket. With appropriate prayers to god, we can escape the harsh destiny! Here we come to the important topic of free will which is opposed to destiny. The arguments whether ‘free will’ is there or not’ is age old. None could resolve the issue satisfactorily. But what I presume is our past karma has created a base like structure. You can only construct the walls where the basement exists and not otherwise! Hence people who are very affluent do not lead a peaceful life. Happiness and wealth never go hand in hand! Some will be experts in studies but they may not possess sufficient money to pursue their studies. We have many such examples like Dr.Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincoln and many other prominent personalities who rose from very obscure conditions and became world famous. Here destiny plays a vital role. They were not born with silver spoons but with hard work and perseverance, they were able to rise to become the Presidents of great countries! Hence destiny acts to an extent and by one pointed focus, people can come out of the shell created by destiny! The world will be in chaos if people act as per their whims and fancies. A kind of break is applied through destiny to control such negative impulses. Though free will is being used by man to choose different ways and means to achieve his aim, the result may not succeed at the end. Hence man has the free will to perform the actions but the results may not tally with his expectations! Also, one’s birth or death do not come under free will category. It is predestined based on the karma theory. According to past deeds, one get a good birth or born in a poor family! Those who practice charity in previous lives are always affluent in the next birth! Hence we should not envy the rich since they are reaping the past results!

Cause and Effects

None can escape their past..

The epic Mahabarath is a good example for everyone! Pious people suffered untold miseries while wicked people enjoyed the throne and kingdom! In many forums, this lacuna is discussed. Obviously the Pandava brothers have sinned in the previous births and they were suffering for their past karma. The evil and wicked Kauravas enjoyed palace life and kingdom due to their past merits. Hence every one need to undergo the past effects without fail. There is no balancing of accounts as per bank accounting systems. The sufferings had to be undergone separately and joys separately. Hence none in this world continuously suffer grief or pain nor does anyone enjoy continuously. It is like night and day. Pleasure and pain are alternative experiences. Hence Saibaba had said, “Pleasure is the interval between two pains” Hence none can have single experience forever. Life is ups and downs. Without undergoing suffering, we cannot enjoy good times. Those who go out during summer times always seeks shady trees for some rest. If you are permanently stationed in a hilly station, where the weather is cold, you will seek warm climate! Hence the tourists from plain areas make a trip to hilly resort for few days to escape the extreme heat!

One cannot relish sweet forever! He will seek to taste savories after sweet! This is life and destiny of man. Call it free will or fate, everyone reaps what he has done earlier!

Krishna guides Arjuna

Destiny and Free Will

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