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Prophesies on New Jerusalem and Golden Age!

Updated on November 16, 2016

Super Moon

The Super Moon and Planet X

What message the super moon has brought to the world? Many rational people may brush away this appearance as natural phenomena. They don’t see anything peculiar in the appearance except that the moon is seen nearer to earth than the natural positions. But long ago, certain native Indians have pronounced some mysterious happenings around the earth which may trigger wide spread destructions! I do not mean to scare anyone, but the writings are clear on the wall. It is not coincidence that three more people prophesized gory events for the inhabitants of the earth like more earthquakes than before! Sudden flooding in several countries, making life terrible for the inhabitants is one more indication. What about the 7.4 earthquake recently in New Zealand triggering tsunami? Look at the events post-earthquake in Nepal around two years back! Of course, the world has witnessed many devastating calamities. Here I remember the great tsunami on 26 December 2004 which wiped more than million lives around the globe!

Nowadays not a day passes without media reporting on suicide bombings somewhere in the globe by terrorists. The list grows long like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and other places where we do not foresee any terrorist threat. In addition, sporadic violence and shootings in schools pain us more! What those young children have done to invite the bullet on them? People attribute mental disorder to the culprits in question! In addition to the above, the siting of Planet X or Planet 9 is making rounds in social media sites. On the Face book, I have read about the recent prophesies by two people which trigger interest since many of the happenings predicted by them had already happened! Like the invasion of Syria by terrorists and the Iraq embroilgo. I don’t want to go into the reasons behind such happenings. But it is there very clear.

Planet X sightings

Natural calamities and political upheavals

Even while I type and post this hub, there is tough fight to liberate Mosul from the IS. We cannot simply brush those incidents as normal. In fact, in many pockets of the world abnormal situation prevails. Added to the woes of America, the election results are standing as a specter! While Indian currencies face demonetization and people everywhere are roaming on the road to collect their own money from bank, this political decision had upset everyone! The hoarders and black marketers are inventing ingenious ways to change their stashed currencies which will become a mere paper soon; the common man is the most affected. It is seen in the media that even for petty purchases, people are running from pillar to post. They have high value currency which is not acceptable anywhere except the banks. The ATMs are unable to bear the heavy loads and frequent filling up.

Many European countries are facing the refugee problem consequent to wars in their countries. The leaders are cursing their fate! No more hoodwinking of common citizen who cast his ballot in favor of X or Y. Disenchantment is the main cause, which the media failed to predict which has led to the victory of Trump. His name itself spells victory! We have to wait and watch how the world scenario is going to change! Already Britain is facing the “Brexit” conundrum. Leaders of European countries are already mulling how to steer back the economy? Stock markets world over react to each and every situation around the globe! It will take time to stabilize! Politicians in India are scratching their bald heads how to grease the palm of common man during election. People no longer rely on the false promises of politicians. A major election is about to unfold in India where the popularity of ruling front will be tested against the background of demonetization! Opposition parties who are in disarray seized the god given opportunity to tease the Modi government in Parliament which is in session today.

Golden age

Dawn of Golden Age after subduing Satan!

The above upheavals are either due to the approaching Planet X or super moon which appeared after 69 years or due to change of axis in earth’s rotation. But this period is clearly pointed out in Nostradamus and in many Islamic literatures. The Bible too contains many indications in “Revelations”, the impending disasters on earth during this period. But all that prophesies point out to one good future. After cleaning up the earth of evil forces by godly forces, there is going to be dawn of “Golden Age” which will last for one thousand years. All those who are good at heart and pure in their feelings need not fear for anything. They all will be accommodated in “New Jerusalem” as mentioned in the scriptures. The beauty of the place and God’s residence is beyond anybody’s guess. There will be perfect Justice! Truth and Love will reign in the globe. All the people who were separated hitherto due to different races, culture, countries and language will unite as “One Human race! There won’t be any further war or pestilence! Everyone will be in joyful mood forever and sorrow and grief will be driven out from humanity. There will be peace, prosperity and plenty everywhere. People will not be in any more need. They won’t hanker after wealth and properties since everyone possess sumptuous wealth.

November 14

New Jerusalem indications.

Human virtues and values will be prevalent throughout the entire period. People will witness three godly powers in flesh and blood. They will be moving to several areas around the globe, discoursing on morality, truth and love. There will be simultaneous appearance of God in several places. The world we are going to witness soon will be entirely new, fresh and it is immensely different from the past world affected by evil and terrorism everywhere! All people will enjoy the paradise on earth. Sufficient warnings have been given to one and all to retrace their steps towards godly path through many calamities and problems. Those who have not transformed have to remain in distress and their time will come only after millions of years. Those who follow the righteous path and virtues now can assure themselves a place in the Kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem!

Dawn of Golden Age prophesies!

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