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Prophet no poofyet, prophetic or pathetic

Updated on April 18, 2014

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if a prediction does not happen what is it?

I asked the question: If one is unwelcome in their hometown, could it mean they are, or may be potentially a prophret? I used the term I as a focal point.

dabeaner says

No, it means you are a leper.

days leaper: A social leper, in my hometown, but what about if I am welcomed outside this?

thooghun says

I don't see how the two things are related. It may mean, if you are a prophet, and give our times it wouldn't surprise me, that you share a common trait.

A pedophile is usually not welcomed in most towns either, but I daresay he/she isn't a prophet. But then again being a prophet, or believing you are, may lead you to be outcast.

The possibilities are endless!

days leaper says: Another possibility: What if the paedophiles past remains undealt with, then when whatever burdens continue, it is too much and s/he can't deal with it. The world of the psychic, I am told is a difficult one. It may make or break a person, broken they become the sex criminal.

MickS says

go and ask your doctor, and when he tells you to wait while he goes and checks something, just wait, they won't be long in coming, and then you'll fell much better.

days leaper: Not much better, if "I" see the life that was dreampt being taken away by powerful men in white suits, whose interest I might add may be purely for their own attempts to find out ...that they may steal or control said gift.

thoogun, don't know what to make of that. I presently have no links or sick material etc. to link me to disgusting modes, nor any intention or need for such.

Thank You for your answer, it has given food for thought.

Dave Mathews says

No not necessarily. Noah was a prophet ordered by God to warn the people where he lived, yet they mocked and ignored him until it was top late. Jesus was both *(from) God and prophet, yet the people of his town saw him only as the son of the carpenter Joseph. For you to be seen as a prophet, first you would have to receive from God and deliver some prophetic information, that would not be welcomed.

days leaper: My guess is you are an Evangelist or teacher of the way and The Light. Thank You for your words. I'm not sure I want to be seen as anything but a man trying to get by/make his way in this world. I did have a long discussion with some-on in her blog "immortality within 30 years", if you check out let me know what you think. Thanks.
NB: *(my word added)

Always Greener says

Of course it does.

Thanks. I knew You were going to say that! (..Ahh! therefore I must be! -Hee-hee!!)

The Power Glider says

Wow, it's a little interesting that someone even feels the need to ask that question. My guess is that if one needs to ask it of one's self then the answer is no. Jesus wasn't waivering on the topic, he knew who he was.

As for a more metaphorical response, all sharks are fish, but not all fish are sharks. I'll let you do the math (or the logic) from there.

days leaper: OK. So all prophets are people, but not all people are prophets. But what makes you think I am asking this of myself? The goal was to teach, as there is so much ignorance about that some poor unsuspecting person on recieving word, might be fooled into thinking that people are as loving, nice, etc. Well hopefully they will see this and find people are a mixed lot -with leper gags etc. And NO, I haven't recieved word, though you would be right in thinking I am wondering what my purpose, if any is in this world -or what it will be if I ever get the miracle I hope for. -Health.

brotheryochanan says

Jesus said it and you are trying to make a funny.

"And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor." (NIV)

Prophets are used of god today as before. The work of a prophet is to edify the body of christ

Suffering in the NT is in context of suffering for God. If you have no criminal record because god made you good and your friends all discard you because you are christian, then yes.

But it may not mean you could potentially be a prophet.

The holiness factor in your life depends on your being a prophet.

days leaper: Thank You for clarifying things abit. Yes, I was making a funny. But does not this make things easier to remember. Reading the joblot front to back makes it hard to remember. Therefore much is missed, what if some-one were about to commit suicide or worse because they were upset and angry having felt hated by people all there life. Now may be they'll see this bite size guide and hopefully read the bible which may open up a new world to them! So whether I am a prophet or not becomes less the issue, and the hope is God may see me as having some potential as a little ray of light whatever he decides to give/offer for me to take up and learn -if anything. Or perhaps that's my limit. At least then I've been some use before I go back and ask to be let back in. And what of those "christians" whio make/lead others to suffering because they think they no it all, and are holier than though. I saw many of these when I was putting up with church. Friends, though, discarded me when I was seen to fall short of their expectation. Perhaps God was involved??? Thank You all for your comments, and welcome more. It is a pity their are those who mark us down just because we are christian -how else would we recieve the cup of suffering in this venue? I rated you all up as I appreciate your thoughts. But no prophanity, please.


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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Thought provoking. Our perception is our reality... Thanks for sharing.


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