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Prophets and miracles

Updated on April 3, 2017

In old times, the great Creator of the universe sent prophets and messengers to nations to warn them of the dangerousness of worshiping idols and animal, and every prophet had some great miracles.

Below there is a list of ten great miracles with a referance to the name of the prophet of each miracle.

The miracles


Moses's stick was not like any other stick, it was a mysterious stick that was sent to him from God by the angle Gabriel.He used to change tjat stick into a real snake, yet that was quite usual for people whithin whom he lived because most of those people were great magicians, and they used to change ropes into real snakes, yet Moses's stick was so stronger than them that it always ate the snakes made by magicians.Besides, when Moses went out to herd sheep, he just had to go, stand under a tree, hit it lightly with his stick, and its leaves would fall down onto the ground as food for his sheep.Also, whenever a wolf or any other wild animal attacked Moses's sheep, the stick protected Moses and his sheep.Most importantly, Moses used to communicate with his stick and in the evenings its head lit as candle for him.

2/THE SECOND GREAT MIRACLE IS THE PROPHET SALAH'S.His miracle: a female camel which came out of a huge rock.

Salah's people were so stuborn.He used to go out everyday to invite people to believe in God alone, but no one listened to him.They always rejected his and his message.One day, a lot of poeple assembled and discussed wheter to brlieve in his message or reject it.After the assembly, they went to him.They knew where he was--inviting peope to worship God alone in public places.They found him.They refered to a huge rock and said:"if you want us to believe that you are a prophet, make a female camel come out of that rock with a small baby of hers."Then, they gave him minute description of how they want it to be.He and they agreed to meet the next day.He went home, spent all the night praying to God and asking him to make that happen.The next day, they met.People came in twos and threes to wotness the miracle of Salah.He refered to the rock with his hand, praying to God.After some time, people felt that something was moving beneath their feet.It was like an earthquake.Then, everyone was perfectly amazed and confused.The rock split into two parts and a female camel came out of it with a small baby of hers.

3/THE THIRD GREAT MIRACLE IS ABRAHAM'S.His miracle: he came out of fire that lasted forty days unhurt.

When Abraham had learned that his people insisted on rejecting him and kept on worshiping idols, Abraham got so iritated that he went to the place where those people worshiped idols and destroyed all their gods, except for the biggest one.When people learned that their gods were destroyed, they knew that it was Abraham who did that as he was the only one to be accused.So, they sent for him.When he arrived, they aked hin who did that to their gods.Abraham smlied and said:"it was your biggest god that destroyed the small gods, and if you do not belive me, you can ask them in case they are able to speak."This was regarded as an insult to their gods, so they all-and his father as well-agreed to kill Abraham.His punishment was that they all him on a fire that would last for about a month.They tied him to a rope, surrounded him with lots of wood and hay, and lit the fire.It lasted about forty days.When it started to go out, eveyone was so shocked to see Abraham come out of the fire unhurt.It was such a great miracle.

4/THE FOURTH GREAT MIRACLE IS SOLOMON'S.His miracle: he had the ability to control Jins.

God gave Solomon a power that no one would ever have, even the other prophets.As most of us know, Jins are creatures with supernatural powers.They can do whatever theh want in a blink of eye, yer they were controled by the prophet Solomon.They bulit for him so great buildings that human beings woud never be able to build.They dived for him thousands of miles deep in the sea and brought him treasures that we, human beings, can not even dream of.They bulit for him roads in the seas.All that they dis and more.Imagine! a human being has power over Jins, and he just had to order them to do anything for him, and they would do it, saying to hear is to obey.What a great miracle had the prophet Solomon!

5/THE FIFTH MIRACALE IS MUHAMMAD'S.His miracle: the Qu'ran.

This prophet was an uneducated person, and the people whithin whom he was brought up knew that so well.They spoke Arabic(Sdandard Arabic), and they were, as other nations in the past, worshiling idols.When this prophet came with the Qu'ran(verses by verses), those people were so shocked and so confuses trying to know who an illeterate person would come with such an amazing and wonderful speech.They confissed that they never head or read anything like the Qu'ran, yet they did not believe in his message.According to muslims, the Qu'ran is full of amazing speech because it is not the prophet, it is rather God's speech(Allah for muslims).The Qu'ran is miraculous because it talked about some recent scrintific proved studies thousands of years ago, and also because it explained the complexity of the human internal system ages ago, which is a topic that is always current in many scientific fields.And according to muslims, the Qu'ran is a miracle since it is God's speech.

6/THE SIXTH GREAT MIRACLE IS JESUS'S.His miracle: restoring dead people back to life.

Jesus was a great prophet, whose life was full of miracles: he was born without a father(according to muslims, but accroding to christians, he is the great God's son), he coud make the mute speak, he could make the deaf listen, he could make thw blind see.All these were miracles of his and there are many more miracles.But, the greatest of those miracles is his ability to restore dead people back to life by God's will( accordong to chriatians, the Father's will).He had just to pray to God(the Father), then dig up the grave of that dead person he wanted to restore back to life, and that person rise out of his/her grave alive.According to the jews and christians, it is proved that Jesus dug up the grave of one of Abraham's sons to ask him about something before the eyes of a group of people who were called "Sons of Israel".What a great miracle it is that Jesus had.He was a great prophet(in the christian trinity, Jesus is the Son).

7/THE SEVENTH MIRACLE IS NOAH'S.His miracle: his boat.

Noah spent about 950 years asking people to whom he was sent to worship God alone.Don't be shocked to see 950 years because at that time, people used to live more than 1000 years, and their puberty age was around 100 years old.Anyways, after all those years, people still rejected him and his message.Now that he was so tired of inviting people, God asked him to make a huge boat.Obeying God, he and those people who believed in his message at that time started making a very huge boat to which a simliar never was made after Noah.Seeing that the boat was made and ready for sailing, God ordered him to get into the boat two sexes of each type of animals.He didi what God ordered him, then got into the boat with those who believed in his message.People who did not believe in his message, began to mock him, asking him:"would you sail with this boat in desert?"After some days, he closed the huge door of the boat.People after that could feel that something was wrong.When the boat was ready for sailing, a huge flood came out from between mountains, destroying and devastating eveyone and everything, except for Noah's boat.It was really a great miracle.

8/THE EIGHTH GREAT MIRACLE IS JOSEPH'S.His miracle: he had the ability to interpret dreams.

We all so very often hear about professional people in the field of astronomy trying to iterpret dreams, but they rarely get those dreams' interpretations right.Joseph did not learn dream-interpreting because it was his miracle to interpret dreams.People whithing whom he was brought up dreamed of things, told him their dreams, he then interpreted them, and later happened just what he told those people would happen.When he was in prison falsely(when Joseph refused to lie down with the wife of the greatest advisor of the king of egypt, she sent him to prison), two prisoners had two different dreams: one dreamed himself picking gapes and making with them wine for the king, and the other dreamed himself carrying a tray over his head full of loaves of bread and birds(eagles) are eating from it.When they told Joseph their dreams, he told them that the firat prisoner would be free soo, and that he would be a wine-maker of the king himslef, and that thw second prisoner would be hunged as a punishment for him for trying to kill the king and eaglez would come and eat his head alive.Three days later, happened exactly what the prophet Joshep had said.Such a great miracl!

9/THE NINTH MIRACLE IS JONAH'S(or Jonas).His miracle: he spent three days in a whale's belly and came out of it unhurt.

After being rejected many times by the people he was sent to, Jonah got so angry that he decided to leave them.He took a boat and started sailing, trying to get as far from them as he could.But God did nit order him to do that, so he did it without God's permission.As a punishment to him, God ordered the sea to throw him from on the boat into as deeply down in the sea as possible.At that very moment, he remembered that he commited a sin.He then started to pray inside the sea, drinking letres of water.God answered him his prayers, and sent for him a huge whale which swalled him right after it found him.He spent three days in the whale's belly, praying and asking God to forgive him his sin.Finally, God ordred the whale to throw him out of its belly into a shore, and thus he came out of the whal's belly unhurt.

10/THE TENTH MIRACLE IS JOB'S.His miracle: patience

There never existed a human being who is so patient as Job, and there will never be someone as patient as the prophet Job.He was a very rich man:he had a village with lots of farms, corn fields, cereal fields, cows, horses, pigs, and so many other things.Yet, this prophet did not care about physical pleasures because he cared most about spiritual pleasure and to help himself do that, he abode by patience.Tht Satan tried many tines to lure him to do bad things(drinking wine, indulging in fornification, and sins like that), but his response to the Satan was always:"the more I am patient about those things, the more Gid gives me."When the Satan got tired, he told God that Job worship him just for what he had given him, but God told the Satan that he was wrong.To prove that, God gave permission to the Satan to destroy the whole village of Job.He did, and overnight, Job became a very poor man, yet thanked God and said:"As I lived 80 years enjoying life, I am so patient and can live 80 other years poor."The Satan now was truely angry.He went back to God and said:"he still worships you just for the attractive body you gave him."And again God told the Satan that he was wrong and gave hin permission to posses Job's body and do whatever he wanted with it.He possesed it.The Satan then hurt Job so deeply: Job's skin began to fall down off his body, his wounds were so deepy and their smell was so unpleasant and so unbearable that his poepl throw hin out of the village.Job found himself in a tent made of poles and hay in desert unable to mive his body.The only organ that Job could move was his tongue.He moved it to say:"I am so patient to bear whantever you want, God, for you know better than I do."One day when Job prayed to asked and asked him so shyly to heak him.Right after he finished his prayers, Gid asked him to hid the ground with his feet.He did hit it.He was shocked to see himself able to mive his body again.Then water came up out of the ground he hit.God ordered him to drink and wash his wounds with that water.He did, and withing minutes, he was again as strong as a horse, with a perfectly amazing body.From his miracle, we learn that life is all about being patient.


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