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Protecting Yourself and Your Wallet from Faith Healers

Updated on August 10, 2011

Faith Healing is a scam

Don't be fooled by HOPE!  Faith healers "prey" on the weak.
Don't be fooled by HOPE! Faith healers "prey" on the weak.

Books Exposing the Faith Healing Scam

The Faith Healers
The Faith Healers

Are there people chosen by God to heal bodily ailments through the power of prayer alone?


James Randi Debunks Peter Popoff Faith Healer

Techniques of the Faith Healer Exposed

Benny Hinn Exposed as Fake

Faith healers are con-men

Faith healers are the worst scum of the earth. They pray on other people's misery. People who are sick, dying or in pain are at their weakest moment in life and these are the very people that faith healers pray or rather prey upon.

Faith healing is nothing new of course. Faith healers have appeared since the beginning of mankind. As soon as there was something of value to be traded for, no doubt their were people who promised relief from pain and suffering for a few shells or a new ax or whatever the currency of the cave dwellers was - faith healing was and will always be the realm of the believer and the deceiver.

What's wrong with Faith Healing? Isn't harmless

Think that believing in faith healing is a harmless way to give a bit of hope to someone in misery? Think again. Faith healing poses a danger to the long term health of the individual if they turn away from real medicine. Most or all of the attempts to document any faith "healing" on a long-term basis have failed to find a single cure. The belief in faith healing can dangerous -- a person who might abandon medical treatment in order to attain a spiritual healing; some do this and needlessly die. Even attending a faith healer meeting can be dangerous if during the emotional state achieved by these faith healing services, a person might overextend themselves and cause injury.

If God can perform miracles, why does he need people like Benny Hinn?

If you believe in God and believe in miracles why not just ask him for relief yourself? Ask him for something good. Like growing a severed limb back. You don't need one of these false faith healers to ask for you and you certainly don't need to send anyone your money. Our invention of money certainly is of no interest to an all powerful God.

Faith Healing Fails from the Bible

The bible has many references to faith healing in the old and new Testament but they were not always successful. Take these for example:

  • Matthew 19:19-20
  • John 11:2-4
  • 2 Timothy 4:20
  • Galatians 4:13-14

So if faith healing didn't always work out for these Bible all stars what would make anyone think that a modern day faith healer could do any better?

How About Some Really Impressive Miracles?

How come these faith healers only seem to be able to heal the "unseen" tumors and heart problems or things like pains that might be temporarily overcome in the excitement of the moment? When I see one of these faith healers get some army vet's land mine blown off leg grow back, then I'll believe in faith healing.


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