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Protection is the great need of the hour!

Updated on October 17, 2015

He protects even when you sleep!

Rely on God alone, He will save you from all calamities!

The world needs protection from evil forces. Evil has surrounded many parts of the globe. In every country, there is elaborate security system comprising of the military forces to safeguard the borders, Police forces to secure the internal challenges arising out of crime and destabilizing forces. But, unfortunately no country today is safe from external and internal threats. The leaders themselves are to be blamed for such debilitating conditions.

We need today ‘leaders in true sense”. Everywhere the leaders are opportunists who hoodwink the voters to cast their ballot in favor of them. Hence the entire electoral systems are full of corrupt practices. The candidates themselves use many subverting tactics to catch the attention of the voters. All the contestants in elections promise heaven to the gullible public. When they occupy the positions of power, they coolly forget their promises and the citizens bear the problems as before. Money plays the majority role in every election. The candidate who spends a fortune to get him elected has a fair chance to win over a true and honest contestant. In fact, in today’s politics honesty has no role.

Then, what is the solution for this pathetic situation prevailing everywhere. Morality has to be practiced in every aspect of life. Moral lessons should be imbibed from elementary education. The parents are the first teachers. They should first adopt morality in their life and guide their children towards morality. Children easily copy the habits of parents.

Prayers are the foundation in every home. Children must be taught to recite prayers before every meal or breakfast. They should be taught to recite the prayers before bedtime. There must be an altar in every home which should be kept clean with the statues and photos neatly adored by flowers. Candle light should be lit every morning in the altars. Everyone in the family must be trained to spend at least few minutes both in the morning and evening in the altar. There should be reverence and faith in the scriptures. Love and harmony results if all the members join together in the altar at least once a week to offer congregational prayers through songs. The vibrations created spread in the home in every corner and drive away the negative vibrations created due to anger and other bad qualities.

Regular and systematic prayers clean the home and heart of every individual there. As the body is cleaned every day by soap, our mind get cleansed by regular prayers and adopting moral path. Children should be taught to read the stories of noble souls instead of cheap cartoons or degrading picture books. They must imbibe the culture of the land from younger days. Every country who boasts god loving citizens definitely thrives and will promote peace and harmony.

The present situation itself goads many to adopt spirituality to save themselves from perils arising out of natural calamities, manmade disasters and terrorism. If everyone rely on the supreme power, he will surely protect the peace loving and good natured people!

The grace enables!


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