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Psalms 23

Updated on December 27, 2014

God’s word is His power and His love-life to us in a physical, tangible form. He could have chosen to communicate His heart to us in any manner, but He has chosen for us to have words in a book for us to hold and to read and to meditate over and over in our minds.

The other day, I did this very thing with Psalm 23. I laid on my bed, read each word of the psalm and closed my eyes imagining each element that my Father spoke to me and what it looked like to me personally. I cried; I laughed; I understood to a greater degree that he never leaves me nor forsakes me. He is the rock of my heart for all eternity. Jesus’ blood dripped from his wounded body to heal every bit of sickness, sadness, and hurt that I will ever encounter in this physical life on earth. He is my completeness in every way.

Please allow this humble sharing to minister our Father’s love and grace to your heart. I pray for the shackles of darkness and pain to be broken and for your mind and body to be set free because of the blessed Redeemer’s completed work at Calvary.

Psalm 23

* The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

I am a dumb sheep. I am incapable of directing and providing for myself in any way. There is no consideration of any self provision or direction. I am on my knees in utter humiliation to these facts. So I am in need of a shepherd.

As my Shepherd, God’s job is to take complete care of me, in every way. He is responsible to shepherd me which includes provisions, directions, and protection. Because He does such a fantastic job, I have no wants.

* He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:

I need to eat to sustain my physical life. I have many other needs in my life as well. Whatever it is that I need, my God makes me to lie down in the provisions that I need. I am humbled to follow Him and to allow Him to lead me and to provide everything I need in the way He decides to give it to me. As a dumb sheep, I am not capable of finding a green pasture. I am designed to follow my God, my Shepherd. All other paths fail.

His green pastures are beautifully abundant with the softest, most tender and nutritious provisions. How wonderful! How perfectly suited to feed His sheep!

* He leadeth me beside the still waters.

I need to drink to sustain my life. As a dumb sheep I get frightened by the moving currents of this life and the tribulations and tumults that moving water naturally has. So my God, my Shepherd, either finds still water or He creates an alternative pool for the water so that I am able to handle the situation at hand and get the water that I require. I follow Him and accept His provisions. This water gives life; it is the living waters.

* He restoreth my soul:

Because I have followed my God, my Shepherd, leading me to the green pasture and the still water, I am refreshed. I have lounged in His provisions and all my needs are met. I am revived by His supply. My soul is at peace.

* He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness.

Oh, my God, my Shepherd, has even led me to the pathway of communing with His heart of hearts. He knows that I deeply desire intimate fellowship with Him. It is the deepest longing of every man. The closeness of a shepherd with His sheep is of great value and necessity to the sheep. It is by being righteous that I am close to my God, my Shepherd. There is no other way. So my Shepherd has led me to being righteous through the gift of His son’s life. Jesus’ blood was shed for this very purpose. The blood from his suffering body gushes down over me so that I am ankle-deep or knee-deep in it as I am on his path of righteousness. The blood continually flows over me, every second of every day. I am never without it.

* For His name’s sake.

My God. my Shepherd, remains the glorified one. He alone is God. He has lifted His messiah to a place of glory at His right hand and we bow our knee to our Lord of Lords and this Kings of Kings. It is with the deepest humility and awe that we sheep receive this gift of righteousness being made one with our messiah, the Christ whose name is Jesus.

* Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

In spite of all of my God’s love and provision, I still choose to veer from His pathway. My flesh is weak.

* I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me;

Even though I have chosen to veer, I have no fear because my God, my Shepherd, is looking out for me. As a sheep I can wander away from the green pasture and the still waters. Yet my God, my Shepherd, has His eye on me at all times. He never leaves me nor forsakes me.

* Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.

He fights away the evil ones with his rod and redirects me to His provisions with His staff. I am comforted because even if I make my bed in hell, He is still with me taking care of me and providing for me and redirecting me with His staff back to His green meadow of provisions and the pathway of righteousness filled with the blood of my savior. I am at peace regardless of the circumstances. My God fights for me. He directs my paths.

* Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

The grace and love of my God over-abounds with forgiveness. Even though I veered to the valley of the shadow of death, He has so subdued the enemy that I am at complete peace to the point of being able to enjoy a meal. Sheep will not eat when they are disrupted or afraid or even a bit concerned. My God, my Shepherd, holds nothing against me, no, not ever. His love is abundantly abundant and His power is great. No enemy dare try to hurt His sheep. He beats the enemy with His club. The enemy is at bay, defeated by the cross of the Savior. I am at peace. I can eat and be nourished again by the proisions of my God, my Shepherd.

I am so blessed. He rubs me with the oil of His blessed healing and His abundant supplies. I am that prodigal son returning to the arms of his waiting father. I am dressed in the best robes and given the family signet ring. A festival is held in honor of my return.

* my cup runneth over.

Oh, how can I receive such an abundance of love from my God, my Shepherd? His provision overflows. There is not room enough to receive it. Yet I keep my arms wide open to receive all that He has for me. I am not worthy but Jesus was worthy. His life paid for my lack. I now stand on the path of righteousness for his namesake. I honor my Father God and my Lord Jesus Christ by accepting the goodness, the blessings, the healing, the abundance that the blood earned for me. I am receiving his healing and mercy. By his stripes I am healed.

12. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

I am reconciled to my Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. There is no separation between us- not even a teeny one. I have been eternally bonded to my God, my Shepherd. We are at peace. I am forever in His presence, intimately communing with Him. The light of God burns forever.


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