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Brothers & Sisters...BEYONCE' needs our Support...Not our Criticism! (Uncut Video FORMATION Included)

Updated on February 23, 2016

Reactions to Beyonce's New Song and Video FORMATION

Ego Trickery...

In the so-called 'awakened' black community, there will always be those among us who are so concerned with appearing spiritually and intellectually superior to their own SiStars and Brethren...that they have lost sight of their own purpose, and have also become counter-productive to anyone else making progress in the movement, not toward "equality" with this Devil, but toward FREEDOM from it's SoulLess influence. This is what happens when we allow the Ego to claim the first spiritual knowledge of self that we acquire.

Malcom X instructed us to make progress "By any means necessary"...and it is obvious that the youth of today are not interested in the marches and lectures of the 1960's. They are, however, interested in Beyonce'. Beyonce' has their full attention, so why not slip in a positive subliminal message or two while they watch her twerk??? I have always felt that the only way to re-awaken the sleepwalkers is to use the very same mediums used to brainwash jolt them back to life... the establishment has been subliminally poisoning our youth using these mediums for years. It's our turn to use these same mediums to reverse the damage...regardless and in spite of those who do not yet, or might not ever understand. This revolution is not about those people.

Those who believe themselves to be more awakened than others in this community, however, always seem to find flaw in the means of those, such as Beyonce', who, (by the way, has the Devils' blood boiling as we speak, and)..., actually managed to get a rise out of everyone who should be involved in this revolution... while making ZERO progress in the movement themselves.

Who says that the movement in 2016 is supposed to look identical to the movement in the 60's???... When entertaining is what you do for a living, what better way to express your concerns than through your art??? You who have problems with Bey's song, let me ask you this..."what exactly does 'your' song say???..."

The Facebook page of the National Alumni Association of the Black Panther Party has posted several items about the performance. William Johnson, who joined the Black Panthers when he was 19, posted the following message on the group’s page:

"As an original member of the Black Panther Party I thank Beyonce for her courage to make a statement on National TV. I am sure she understood the backlash that would follow her performance @ the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, so on behalf of The National Alumni Association of the Black Panther Party we thank you & salute you."

Therefore,if the Panthers have no problem with it, why should anyone else?

Even if the popular conspiracy theories, most of which I myself fully believe to be true, are true in this case...what if Beyonce' was part of the Illuminati 3 weeks ago, and what if she woke up 1 week ago? What if she really has opened her eyes and is making a sincere effort to help the movement? What if she didn't wear an Afro during the Superbowl because her stylist messed up or they simply didn't have time to get it on? What if you're wrong about her having alterior motives? What if she truly is trying to defy the establishment and what if she needs your support? What if you fail to do your part while standing on the sideline acting superior but being of NO help? What are you personally doing to help the movement yourself ???...

I'm all for being discerning and thinking critically, but we must also be care-full not to allow our newly "awakened" mindsets to cause us to be so pessimistic and suspicious of our own people that we are blinded to the process, as well as the progress that is being made.

How can we ignore the immutable fact that regardless of the means, American society was jolted awake during the Superbowl by a seemingly simple performance which reflected the social climate that we are immersed in, yet tend to be distracted from by arbitrary activities such as "watching the game"?...

Yes, while people are being lynched, poisoned, and shot down in the streets for no good reason...American Society watches the Superbowl...

I applaud and appreciate Beyonce' for interrupting the unacceptable status quo "by any means necessary", and if you care about this should too.

This career-changing decision took a lot of bravery, and we need to step up and support Beyonce now that she has made it. First, because she will undoubtedly be targeted by the media and all the racists who will call her a racist for resisting their racism, and secondly, because regardless of what you think her motives may be, she is still our Sister, she is our Daughter...she is under attack by those who hate the truth, and we need to stand with her, period!

The song is Beyonce's own personal celebration of who she is. Beyonce happens to be a black woman from the south who loves black people (as she should). She also loves everything about being black herself (as she should). It also makes a strong statement against the social injustice witnessed and experienced daily in the black community, injustice that so many find it easy to turn a blind eye to...unless, of course, it's the half-time or pre-game show for the Superbowl... *Ting!*

It instantly raised social awareness, and also drew hatred from those who hate their own truth. They are those whose blood is boiling as we speak...

Black youth have taken it upon themselves to seek the truth about what the Black Panther party was and is all about instead of hearing it from those who don't know themselves. The Panther party was founded as a necessary line of DEFENSE against police brutality in the 1960's which was being met with the same indifference of by the U.S. government as it is today. The Panthers were formed in the black community, by the black community, for the black community...and for this reason, despite the fact that the Black Panthers were never caught committing any crimes, they were targeted by the FBI as a "terrorist group", and were allegedly dismantled. The Klu Klux Klan, however, notorious for castration, de-capitation, lynching, burning, vandalism to homes and businesses, & cold-blooded murder among other horrific, in-humane acts, is still intact and existence today... Something to think about... *

Beyonce's attention to their personal issues has led many of our youth to do more thinking and more research on these and other relevant issues in the community in an effort to help make things better. For this renewed inspiration, the black community supports and applauds Beyonce for using her celebrity platform so responsibly. She makes us proud!

For those of you who were "insulted" by the song or video, I pose the following questions...

1) Why are you offended that Beyonce, a black woman, would be concerned about affairs in the black community??? or that she would celebrate her blackness and love of black people???...

What exactly did she say or do that you found offensive, and why???...

2) What did you see or hear in the song or video that was NOT based in TRUTH???...

I'll Wait...

As for those who do nothing but criticize, we must be mindful of which parts of us that we allow to claim ownership of the knowledge that we acquire, lest it be used to destroy, and not to save us; for it is often those who believe themselves to be most awakened...who are still sleepwalking...

What these PsuedoGods & Goddesses need to do is have several seats...while those of us who acknowledge that progress IS being made, regardless of the means, GET IN FORMATION and prepare to #Slay...


~The Lady~

Copyright © 2016 [ T. McWay ]. All Rights Reserved.


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