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Psychic Development 101 - the Basics

Updated on September 24, 2012

Oh, psychic development - it’s so trendy topic among certain circles of people. But rarely those who are interested in becoming psychic truly understand how this can be achieved. There’s a lot of websites, books and courses out there trying to persuade people that learning psychic abilities is so simple, that all you have to do is to read few general articles, and attain a weekend psychic development workshop.

Such websites, books and workshops are the reasons why most people fail to become psychic, why most people turn from believers into skeptics. The truth is difficult to accept for many - becoming psychic takes months, if not years. Let’s say you’re 16 years old - now imagine, that for 16 years the whole world tried to persuade you psychic abilities doesn’t exist. And the world succeeded. What do you think, if you’ve spent 16 years learning that psychic development is worthless, how many years will it take to learn that you’ve been living in a lie for 16 years?

Good news is that with proper methods, it won’t take another 16 years to learn psychic abilities. But I would give you 2 years, give or take. Your own psychic development might require more or less time. But you can’t become psychic over a weekend. In order to become psychic, you need to learn skills and techniques of working with your mind, body and etheric energies.

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Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified

Learn how to develop psychic abilities step by step.


3 Steps - Meditation, Affirmations And Energy Work

Psychic development requires these three steps - they are the basics of basics. Without practicing them, you can forget about becoming psychic from scratches. And what exactly these steps do?

Expanding Consciousness Through Meditation

There are at least two reasons for meditation to be important in psychic development.

  • Expanding your consciousness - psychic “wannabe” must expand his or hers consciousness. This means that you must be more aware of the laws of the universe; aware of how things co-exists; how your action affects actions of others and so on. Being aware of the fact that everything is connected, that we are part of something greater is first step in becoming more intuitive.
  • Putting your mind to peace - an ability to focus your awareness, and put your mind to peace are important skills for nearly each and every psychic ability you will want to learn. Psychic cannot be controlled by his or hers chaotic thoughts.

True meditation can help you relax, and expand your consciousness - focus on everything, yet on nothing at the same time. And you must also understand that true meditation is not trance. True meditation allows you to be aware of everything around you, while trance shuts down your physical sensations to allow you to focus on one thing and one thing only.

Working With Your Mind

Your entire lifetime is a period of time when you have been programmed with patterns and beliefs. People, say family, friends and teachers, have taught you that “this is impossible”, or that you should think logical, be rational. You’ve experienced fear and sadness, maybe someone broke your heart, maybe someone did something bad to you when you was a child, and things like that. Know that every single negative experience or thing people are teaching you creates blockages on your subconscious and energy body. These blockages are blocking your energies, your Chi, and your intuitive thoughts.

That’s why people with negative approach to life, who have suffered many negative experiences, have problems with intuitive thinking. And intuition is the primary psychic ability every person have. The more you use intuition, the more psychic information you can pick up. That’s why learning how to access your intuitive thoughts is another important step in becoming psychic. To do so, you must remove the blockages - negative emotions and negative patterns and beliefs.

This can be achieved by writing down affirmations, or practicing Core Images work, or attaining rebirthing or regressing classes. After removing enough blockages, you will feel better on physical level, and you will begun to hear your intuitive thoughts. The more you listen to your intuition, the more useful it becomes.

Working With Your Energy Body

Finally, every psychic ability - from psychic readings and psychometry to flashy telekinesis, burns your psychic fuel - your Chi, your life energies. For this reason, you have to improve your energy body - you need to make it stronger.

This can be accomplished by choosing energy work system - let’s say Qi Gong, or Tai Chi Chuan, or New Energy Ways. From this, you can learn how to open and harmonize your chakras, your energy centers. After few months of energy work practice, you will have more energy to work with, and your psychic abilities will keep developing further.

Everything Else Is Just The Technique

And these are the basics of basics. Everything else is just the technique. How to perform psychic readings, how to perform telekinesis, how to do psychometry and things like that, all of this is very simple - you’re using your intuition, and the more you’re using it, the more useful and more advanced your skills become.

Meditation, energy work and working with your mind takes up to two hours per day - but that’s enough. After few months of daily practice, you will be surprised with your results.

So, would you like to become psychic? Share your thoughts through comments!


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    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      I've always "known things" since childhood -- some call it "psychic." I've never invited any of this kind of knowledge and have learned to mentally avoid it as I don't believe there's even one among us who knows who or what he/she hears from -- my own experience and personal opinion only. I've known many people who desperately desire a "psychic" experience and work toward that end. Must admit, I don't understand that at all if one wants to have a peaceful, well adjusted life. Thanks for a good read and more insight into the "psychic" question. Best/Sis