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Developing Your Psychic Abilities - Tips and Techniques

Updated on April 3, 2014

Introduction to my psychic experiences

I have always had a passion for exploring my phchic abilities, and to learn how to use them more effectively. I believe that everyone has these abilities, although we as we no longer use them in daily life, it takes a while to master them. I have been taught by a couple of tutors in group sessions, by myself and also experimented in sessions with one other person.There are various techniques we can use to do this, and here are some of the basics to get you started.

An overview

In order to do this properly, you will first need to exclude the practicalities and stresses of daily life. Therefore we must start with meditation. Afterwards, I will explain some of the exercises you can use, along with some of the results I have observed.

Materials you'll need

It is always a good idea, particularly when starting out, to try these exercises with at least one other person. This is so that you can discuss your findings, and use these techniques to psychically "read" one another. For the most part though, there is not much equipment required. A calm and peacful environment is essential though, with no outside distractions.

Psychic Terms Defined


This can be described as developing a totally relaxed state of mind, and can be similar to self hypnosis, as it creates an altered state of consciousness. This frees your mind from the day to day worries and stresses, and allows you to focus on using and developing psychic skills. It can even be used to regress yourself back to a past life, in much the same way as hypnosis.


The ability to "see" things about people and places without the use of your eyes. For example, the past or future.


The ability to "hear" sounds without the use of your ears (much like the above).


Similar again, but this time sensing feelings.

Spirit Guides

Much like a gardian angel, these guides literally guide you through everything you do in your life. They can be particularly useful during meditation and psychic training an reading.


To guide yourself backwards in time. This can mean either in your own lifetime, or back even further to a past life, and can usually be achieved through meditation or hypnosis, although other methods are possible.


This can be described as your search for answers and the responses you get from your visions, pendulum etc.


A small object (such as a crystal) attached to a cord or chain which can hang freely. This can be used for communicating with your spirit guides to divine yes or no answers to your questions.

Tarot Cards (and other cards used for psychic reading)

A Tarot pack consists of 78 picture cards. As with playing cards, Tarot cards are arranged in suits, and given numbers respectively. These suits are called Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles, and are known as the Minor Arcana. In addition to these are the Major Arana, picture cards urelated to the suits. Examples of these are, The Moon, The Lovers, The Hanged Man and Death.

It is also possible to buy packs of other picture cards, such as Godess, Angel and Medicine cards. There are many different ways to read these, although in addition to looking at the card meanings in the instructions, your individual gut feeling and intuition is very important. This can lead to the same card having different meanings depending on the person the reading is for, their circumstances at the time and the combinations with other cards used.

Third Eye/ Pineal Gland

This is a virtually unused gland in your forehead, which is stimulated by meditation and psychic training. This is also the place where, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and

Clairsentience originate. With practice, it is possible to learn to open your Third Eye, and you will be able to feel it being used (a bit like someone lightly pressing a finger in the middle of your forehead, right between the eyes).


The ability to read someone's thoughts.


The ability to move objects without touching them.


To predict the future. For example, to think of an old friend, and suddenly they call. However, this can also relate to telepathy. If you read their thoughts, you would know that they were going to call, but to know it's them would be a premonition!


The first step should always be meditation. Although no equipment is actually required, it can be helpful to use some calming music. It is even possible to buy a "guided meditation" on CD or download. This can include music, but the guided part will be a calming voice literally guiding your mind through the exersise. In the groups I have tried this with, the group leader will act as the guide.

Before you begin, make sure you are sitting comfortably, with your hands on your knees, and both feet on the ground. close your eyes and relax.

The following example can be very useful in a group session:

The guide of the session will tell the group:

Become aware of your breathing, beathe in...and out. Visualise a small ball of silver light around your heart area, and watch it pulsate as you breathe. See it grow larger. Next, visualise a strand of silver light come out of the ball and connect to the ball of light attached to the heart area of every other person in the circle. Watch as the strands come from every other person and connect to your heart area. Now visualise a huge column of silver light in the centre of the circle. Watch it grow as high as the ceiling and then pour down around the outside of the circle. You are all now connected and protected by the silver light.

The meditation can proceed in what ever direction you need to go, and this is by no means the only way, just a starting point for a large group.

If you decide not to use the guided method, then you can simply use music or silence to totally relax your body and mind. This does help!

In another group, we used the unguided method. In this case, we were asked to sit, eyes closed, and focus our minds on the other group members. Then we discussed what we saw.

The results:

When meditating I saw that I was walking along a beach with a dog (a golden retriever perhaps?) & then through woods. The trees were closing in as I walked along the path, making it darker & darker. My feelings were relaxed & calm.

In the discussion it turned out that two members of the group (a couple) were walking their dogs through woods that morning, very close to water. They also recognised & described the path through the woods, exactly as I had seen.

Here's what the other group members saw relating to me:

A pewter hand holding a crystal ball. (I have a crystal ball, although at that time had no idea how to use it!)

A big, old fashioned key attached to a bunch of smaller keys. The big key unlocked an old wooden door (Z shape in the wood). Behind that door was an old box with a key in it. His feeling was that I had been longing to open it, but suddenly hesitant. Everything would change if I looked inside.

The big key attached to the bunch sounded like my own keys (big old key was particularly familliar as I have one like this for the front door where I work). Maybe this was relating to the decision about the new job I had been considering. I was longing to find a new job, but what if I wasn't happy? I would not be able to go back!

Some more tips for medidation

Divining with a Pendulum

This is a fairly sraightforward exercise to master. What you'll need for this is a pendulum, which can be anything (for example a crystal, or even piece of jewellery) which can be attached to a chain, or even a piece of string. As long as it is free to hang freely and straight, it should work.

The idea is that you can ask a question, and the pendulum will respond with a positive or negative answer (so you can only ask "yes" or "no" questions).

This will work differently for everyone, so first you will need to test the responses. Hold the end of the chain/ string so that the pendulum hangs down straight. Next, ask a question that you already know the answer to. The pendulum will move. This can be in any direction, for example left to right, backwards and forwards, right to left or in a clockwise/ anticlockwise circle. Watch how it moves. Now test it with a question anticipating the opposite response, and watch again. Once you have tested this a few times, you will get an idea of how it responds, so you are free to experiment with questions you don't know the answers to.

This can be very accurate, and a lot of fun to try. See below for pendulums available online.

Single Card Reading

I first tried this whilst I was at an evening with a psychic group. Each person was invited to take one card after deciding who in the room the reading will be for. Each card had a single image. We looked at the card for a few minutes, then closed our eyes to meditate on the card for a few more.

My card was a pink rose. I saw:

Initially peace & tranquillity. Then when meditating, I saw a beautiful garden. Everything was perfect. I saw the woman I was reading for working in the garden, & was proud of what she had achieved.

It turned out that she is moving house (which I had no idea about). That very day she had bought some pansies to put in the hanging baskets outside. She wanted her house to look perfect to attract buyers.

Blank Card Reading Illustrated on a YouTube video

Here is another example of a psychic exersise. The basis is that you need to "feel" and not "think" about the answer to your query. This applies to everything you do, including the more complicated exersises like using tarot cards. If you apply just the basic meanings in the instruction manuals, you will potentially be missing out on vital information that can be obtained. Each card can mean different things to you at different times!

Tarot Question & Answer Reading

Use an ordinary pack of tarot cards. Make sure beforehand that some are facing up, and some

down.Shuffle the cards whilst thinking of a question. Deal out into three piles, one pile at a time. Stop dealing on each pile only when the top card is an ace or the thirteenth card.

If the first card is an upright ace, the answer will be "yes". If reversed, it will be "no". The other cards should help to explain why this is the answer.

However, this should work with whatever rules you choose. It is possible to decide what these should be beforehand, & even combine divination tools (such as cards with a pendulum) to make this work. Use whatever tools you prefer, in whatever combination feels best for you.


Psycometry is defined as to feel the energies contained in objects. For example, a piece of jewellery that someone has worn for a long time will attract energy from that person, so that someone using their psychic ability can "feel" and see their experiences. The best way to try this is to ask someone to let you hold an object belonging to that person (the more significant to them the better). Close your eyes, focus on the object and verbalise anything that comes into your mind. It is also best to have that person with you at the time, so that they are able to verify your information. You will be amazed at how much you get right!

I have personnally tried this several times, with quite accurate results. The strongest energy I found from an object however, was the one time there was no one able to verify it, and took me completely by surprise! I had been shopping and found some rather nice old candlesticks in a charity shop. I had to buy them. However, as i continued shopping, just holding the candlesticks in the bag they came in, I started to experience some very strong feelings. I was suddenly very sad, almost to the point of bursting into tears, for no reason. The only thing I can put this down to was the candlesticks! I also had a feeling of a very old lady, who had special feelings for the candlesticks. Perhaps given to her by someone she loved very much, and she was so sad to lose this person. Such a shame I have never found out who they belonged to!

Crystal Ball

As with pretty much everything else related to psychic reading, the most important factors are "feeling" and to remember that you are only "seeing" with your "third eye", not literally seeing what's directly in front of you.

Your third eye can be described as your mind's eye. When in a guided meditation you are asked to visualise something, this is where the visualisation originates. My belief is that this comes from a part of the brain, right in the middle of your forehead called the pineal gland, which in today's world is rarely used to it's full potential. I know from experience that when you begin to use it regularly, you are able to feel this physically for a time afterwards. This is very much like when you begin to exersise your body, and afterwards you feel a physical ache in your muscles.

Reading with a crystal ball takes a lot of practice, and can be quite difficult to master. Firstly, you will need to take your crysal ball (there must be no imperfections, or your vision can be distorted) and place it on a dark and plain coloured cloth on your lap. Close your eyes, clear your mind and meditate for a few moments. When you are ready, openyour eyes and stare deeply into the ball, until your vision starts to cloud and become blurry. Verbalise any mental images that you "see", even if they don't make sense at the time. If there are others present, this may well make sense to them.

It may help to make a note afterwards of everything you saw in the exersise, as these images may be meaningful later.

If you see nothing at all, don't worry. As I said earlier, this can be a very difficult one to try. Have a break, and try again later.

Crystal Balls from Amazon

Past Life Regression

There have always been great debates about "have we lived before?" and "what happens when we die?" and past life regression allows those interested in the subject the potential to find out.

There have been many documented cases of regression being used to provide therapy for phobias, behavioural problems etc, where the subject remembers something from a past life and this can help overcome the problems of the present one.

Although more commonly described as being acieved by hypnosis, this can also be attempted using meditation. Probably the best way to get started with this is through guided meditation, as it will enable you to get straight to where your mind needs to go to find the answers. However, once your mind is more accustomed to meditation in general, and regression in particular you may not need to use this tool.

The current thinking is that if there is a particular period of history you have always had an interest in for no specific reason, especially if you know things about that period but can't explain how you knew them, that you are actually remembering a past life. This would be a good place to start if using unguided meditation.

Make a note afterwards of everything you saw in the meditation, even if it doesn't immediately make sense to you. If you have enough to go on, try doing some research into what you saw. You may be surprised at what you find out!


Don't worry if you don't get the desired results straight away, all of these exercises take a lot of patience and practice! Keep trying!

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    • LearnTelekinesis profile image


      4 years ago

      Cool this was really interesting

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      NC Shepherd 

      9 years ago

      I find this all very fascinating. I didn't know the pendulum responded differently for different people.


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