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Psychic Dream of a Loved One Near Death

Updated on March 22, 2018

The Tunnel Effect

Corridor in Saint-Paul Hospital 1889 ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Corridor in Saint-Paul Hospital 1889 ~ Vincent Van Gogh | Source

Staying in Tune with Your Senses

I've had many psychic experiences from my past, but there is one that stands out in my mind more vivid than any other experience. Strange how we recall things ...

On the eve of the 1990 Kuwait invasion, I had been living in a small German town called Enkenbach-Alsenborn. My husband had already deployed to Kuwait, and so I was alone as usual, the plight of a young military wife.

Just to brief you before I continue - Even now when I'm alone, and there is no one to absorb my energy, I am very in tune with my senses. I guess one must be at peace with one's self to focus on the intelligence that lingers around us. We all have the ability, yet some are more susceptible than others are. Strangely, my ability comes to me in the form of dreams.

Uncanny Resemblance

Death of a Man
Death of a Man | Source

Surreal Dream

In my dream, I found myself wandering a hospital. Everything seemed so bright and sparkling even the clinical smell was overwhelming. It was as if all my God given senses were a hundred times stronger. I remember passing an empty nursing unit. Nearby, there was an open door. There was a bright light that beckoned to me, and curiously, I found myself moving to the door. There was a strange mix of emotions as I neared. One of excitement, anticipation, and then the most agonizing fear. Somehow, I knew that I would find something that I didn't want to see through that door. When I reached the door, I peered into an empty room save for a lone gurney that stood in the center of an operating room. Blue sheets covered the form of a body. Instantly, I knew. Even though I knew, I had to see for myself. I stood before the gurney and slowly lifted the sheets. As I had expected. I found him lying there. My brother, cold and blue, no life at all. I stared down at him accepting the inevitable. Without warning, his hand reached out and grabbed at my wrist. Instantly, he came to life. Gone was the cloak of death. Tan and warm, he lifted his face to mine. "Help me.” The raspy words told me he was in severe pain. As soon as he'd touched my hand, he then let go. Once again, cold as ice...

The Dream State

'Floating Spirit', oil on canvas by John Busuttil Leaver
'Floating Spirit', oil on canvas by John Busuttil Leaver | Source


I woke up from my dream. My heart was racing because the telephone was ringing. I grabbed the phone, and it was my mother on the line. She told me that my brother had a severe appendix attack and that he almost died if not for the emergency surgery. I'm happy to report that my brother is alive and well, and to this day still very much single.

Clear Explanation of Psychic Dreaming by an Acclaimed Psychic

One of the Greatest Psychic Mediums Ever


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