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Psychic E-mail Readings

Updated on September 20, 2010

When it comes to psychic readings, one of the most debatable form or reading is psychic email readings. There are people who believe that clairvoyants use their extra sensory power when reading their email hence there is no need for a personal consultation. Skeptics of psychic email readings on the other hand, believe that there should be a personal touch when it comes to readings, anything short of that is a scam.

Psychic email readings, according to those who favor it, are effective because it gives the psychic to answer enough time to contemplate on a question. They can answer after reflecting and meditating on the question; therefore, it is a well thought-of answer. Once the atmosphere tends to have a relaxing and meditative feel, the psychic email reader can give precise readings. They can use a variety of ways for their readings, from tarot cards, numerology, astrology, anything that can help their client’s predicament.

psychic email readings
psychic email readings

There are people who believe that psychic email readings are ineffective against the normal readings because the lack of personal touch between the reader and the client. Electronic mail correspondence lacks the personal touch and aura that is required in so called psychic readings. It lacks sensitivity and emotion, and besides there are a lot of phone or actual psychics available for readings. There are also quite a number of scammers who are into identity theft and other forms of cheating.

To look for true psychics, check out the internet and make sure they are legitimate by writing to them in their email addresses. One can do a quick background check by communicating with them and inquiring about their history and experience. Legitimate psychics are always happy to respond and by their responses, you can have a general impression if they can be trusted.

Ask for a short sample, before paying for an actual reading. A few psychics will be glad to give a free sample to show that they are legitimate. If you find their sample worth a good reading, then by all means explore the realm of psychic email readings.


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