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Discovering Psychic Gifts

Updated on April 17, 2016

Finding your true psychic self.

Psychics are becoming more and more accepted into society. I live in a big town in Tennessee and there is so much psychic energy here. Psychics are all around me. I have become more in tuned with my psychic abilities since moving to here. I was afraid to listen to the voices in my head because I was afraid that I was going crazy. I was afraid of the visions I saw in mirrors, windows, and crystal balls because I thought that I was hallucinating. I am not crazy or hallucinating. I am blessed with the gift of sight.

Now finding your true psychic self:

1. Know who you are.

2. Meditate.

3. Protect Yourself from evil and negative energies.

4. Listen.

5. Heal from within yourself before trying to heal others.

I will talk to you about all of this. As you read you will gain knowledge of how to more in tuned with yourself and the surroundings. Hopefully you will become a stronger person because you have been given the knowledge to start your journey into the path of enlightenment.

Amethyst: protection shield.
Amethyst: protection shield. | Source

Know Who You Are

It take a lifetime to figure out who you are. Why you are the way you are. Some of us have experienced more pain that others and that is what has made us who we are today. A you willing to go soul searching to get rid of all the pain and demons buried deep down in your life and soul. Whether you are shy, angry with the world, strong and/or independent. Are you an introvert or extravert. There are so many questions you can begin with...write them all down and answer them truthfully. Who are you and why do you think you are here on earth?

Look into your family history. Do you have anyone in your family that has been blessed with the gift of sight or healing. Nine times our ten, you do. Psychic abilities aren't just learned they have been passed down through many generations. Along the way it may have faded, but it is still there. You have spirits walking with you everyday. Spirits that want to be heard. These spirits want to guide you on your journey. Some people may call it intuition. Some people may call it luck.

Questions to start asking yourself:

(1) Have you ever predicted the future?

(2) Have you ever dreamed about someone or something that has come true?

(3) Have you passed a object and become anxious?

(4) Have you picked up something or walked my someone and saw a vision?

(5) Have you seen things out of the corner of eye pass you quickly that no one else have?

(6) Do you BELIEVE?


Light a candle with the color of you choice.

Blue: Peace and Calmness

Red: Stability

Purple: Intuition

Green: Harmony

Yellow: Fun

Orange: Enthusiasm

Take a moment to look at the lit candle, clear your mind. When it comes time for the candle to dwindle away with no light anymore look at a clear spot on the war and write down what you see in your minds eye. Focus and relax. There are so many different ways to meditate. You can also go into a quiet room and turn on some soft music, clear your mind of all thought and take deep and out. Inhale, counting down from five as you exhale.

Protect Yourself from Evil or negative spiritual energy:

There are several ways you can protect yourself from evil energies. First of all you should take care of your health. Second research crystals for protection. Third you should pray. Black tourmaline cleanse energy. Smokey quartz represents physical and psychic protection from negative energy and transforms that negative energy to positive energy. Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones in the world, it acts a protection shield for you.


You are you most powerful weapon. You have a mind, use it. Listen to the voices that you hear in your head. When I was in the car the other day. I was sitting at the traffic light and it was red. As soon as the light turned green I tried to press the gas, there was a voice in my head that said do not move. Do not step on the gas. I didn't move, I looked to the left and a car was running the red light. That could have been accident but I listened to my inner voice.

Heal yourself before you can heal others:

I have been trying so hard to heal. I am still learning, I think I will be learning for the rest of my life. I need to focus more on me. Dig deep down into my life and pull out all of the pain and recognize that I deserve better. Sometimes I look deep down into my crystal ball and I see others future past and pain. I want to see positive things. I want to heal. I have researched reiki as well ( a foreign way of healing others with the power of touch from many years ago). I want to be healer.


Meditation for psychic abilities.



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