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Psychic Hotlines - Tips For Using A Psychic Hotline

Updated on August 26, 2009

Psychic hotlines are telephone services that you can call to speak to a live psychic. You can ask for advice or insights on a variety of topics – many people who call a psychic hotline discuss matters such as relationships, health, money, work etc. Some people use psychic hotlines regularly, whereas others just call in occasionally, or on a one-off basis. With a hotline there is generally always someone available to talk to, which can be beneficial in an emergency.

Using A Psychic Hotline

Calling a psychic hotline is pretty simple. You select the service, call the number provided, and you'll be put through to the psychic. You'll usually be billed either by giving your credit card number upfront, or by the cost of the phone call. The ensuing conversation will in many ways be similar to that you'd have if seeing a psychic in person, but with the advantages of being able to call from the comfort of your home (or wherever you are), and the privacy of not having to speak face to face – for many people this factor helps them to relax, and be more honest and open with the psychic, which is important for getting a good reading.

Are Psychic Hotlines Genuine?

The integrity or otherwise of psychic hotlines is a controversial topic. There are those who deny the existence of any kind of psychic power whatsoever, who maintain that anyone claiming to be psychic is a fraud. Others, who are more open minded concerning the existence of psychic abilities, are sceptical of psychics who charge for their services; in their view, this kind of service should only be offered for free. Personally, I don't doubt that psychic abilities can be very real, and psychics need to pay the bills just like everyone else, so why not take advantage of their natural talents just as those in other fields do? However, the fact remains that there are many frauds out there who are only to happy to take financial advantage of the curious and the vulnerable – some 'psychic' hotlines even employ actors who use cold reading techniques to elicit information from callers, and then fabricate vague 'predictions' on the basis of the information that the caller has volunteered. If you are going to use a psychic hotline, it's vital to do plenty of research beforehand to avoid the scammers, and look for genuine reviews of each service that you consider from people who have actually used it.

Getting The Most From A Psychic Hotline

Before calling a psychic hotline, here are some tips to consider:

  • Read all the small print, and know exactly how much it will cost. Calls are typically charged per minute, and costs should be made clear up front. Read the small print, check to see if there's a minimum time required, and make sure you keep track of how long you're on the call for. Also check that the rates are the same for mobile / cell phones.
  • Some hotlines offer free psychic readings to new customers or as special offers – these can be a great for them to entice new customers, but as always, read the small print, and ensure that free really does mean free for the duration of the call.
  • Do your due diligence and find out what others have to say about the hotline and the psychic(s) in question before using it.
  • Be more wary of newly established psychic hotlines – if a company has been around for a long time, it's more likely to be genuine (though there are no guarantees of course).
  • Listen out for cold reading attempts and general phoniness – is the psychic trying to elicit information from you and then basing what they tell you on that? Are they making vague statements that can't be verified, or just telling you what they think you want to hear?
  • Make a list of questions or issues you want to discuss beforehand – it's easy for these things to slip your mind once you get into a conversation.
  • Don't put too much store by what the psychic says – even the most genuine and gifted psychic is still just one person whose guidance will be filtered through their own beliefs and perceptions. It can be very valuable to obtain insights from others, but you shouldn't rely totally on any one person – only you can make your choices. This is especially true if you hear something from the psychic that you dislike or that doesn't ring true for you. Psychics pick up on your current energy pattern, but you always have the power to change the way your life is going, so their predictions won't necessarily come to pass.
  • Don't call when overly upset, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs – you won't have the mental clarity you need, and risk talking for a lot longer than you'd planned.
  • Remember that a psychic is not a therapist – if you have ongoing or serious psychological issues, you might benefit more from seeing a mental health professional.
  • Gain some knowledge about psychic powers, the spirit world and similar topics. You may or may not have unlocked your own psychic ability yet (everyone has it, but most people haven't discovered it), but the interaction will go more smoothly if you have some understanding of what the psychic is doing and why.
  • Reputable psychic hotlines will enable (and encourage) you to make preliminary contact before actually speaking to the psychic about your query. This will enable you to get a feel for how professional the setup is, the psychic's level of experience and how comfortable you feel when dealing with them. Always trust your gut feeling on this matter – if a hotline or psychic feels 'off' to you, then look elsewhere.


All in all, many people have found psychic hotlines to be beneficial – just bear the tips above in mind, and you're more likely to avoid the hucksters and ensure that your experience is a pleasant one. Above all, don't take the experience too seriously – there are some reputable psychics out there, but until you find one that you know you can trust (or, even better, do what it takes to develop your own psychic powers and insights), realise that calling a psychic hotline is basically a bit of a gamble – by all means indulge your curiosity if you can afford to, but don't stake your future actions or your mental wellbeing on what you hear.


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