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Psychic, I Am

Updated on July 15, 2011

Psychics have always been a fascination of mine since way back when I was a kid. My favorite kind of movies are those dealing with the supernatural, science fiction and psychic abilities. Just the word psychic, lures people in whether they believe in such things or not. It's the intrigue and mystic power of the occult that simply fascinates them.

Let me give you an idea of what people type into search engines to find topics on this subject - and mind you, these are only a few of the hundreds of key words but some of which are the most popular.

psychic, psychics, seance, fortune tellers, fortune telling, mediums, free psychic readings, free tarot reading, astrology.

The word "astrology" is searched 3,350,000 times in global monthly searches. Next comes 1,500,000 global monthly searches for the word "psychic." These are both extremely popular topics and keep the search engines quite occupied.

There are psychic fairs taking place at least once a year in every American city. Thousands of people flock to these events in anticipation of knowing what their future holds and for many, it's an obsession that cannot be quenched. For those people, hearing what their future beholds is nothing but an addiction, a thirst to learn more about what is going to happen to them. What will certainly happen is a drain on their bank account and a windfall for many up and coming crystal ball readers.

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This is a huge business, one in which the governments have no control over. Tax money is never collected because all psychics are paid in cash and not one is ever going to give back to Uncle Sam.

Is every psychic a scam artist? I don't believe so, simply for the fact that I have been to many over the years and a few have been dead on, even though things may not happen as they say until several months or years later. But there have been a few where I have left my money and never regretted it. Readings are entertainment for our viewing and listening pleasure and maybe not so pleasurable for those unfortunate enough to receive bad new from the cards.

I went to a seance on one stormy and dreary Halloween night a few years ago. There were twelve of us sitting around this rectangular table in a dimly lit room with candles all around us. The lightning and thunder outside made this an even better experience and I was loving every minute of it. The psychic we went to see that night had invited a fellow psychic (medium) to accompany her through the ritual of conjuring up the dead. The beating of tiny drums and faint chants into the air made this a truly fascinating spectacle. For $20.00, I thought "Now this is Entertainment!" I was enjoying everything about it but at the same time, an uneasy sensation began to fall over me.

The first person around the table that these mediums focused on was a girl of perhaps 20-25 years old. Immediately, tears began streaming down her face and her emotions became almost uncontrollable. I thought -- "Oh, Come on, give me a break." This had to be a setup for the rest of us, a plant amongst the group to really kick this thing off and give us our moneys worth. A name was mentioned and that's all it took for this girl to flake out. Apparently, this name was in association to an uncle of hers killed not too long ago. They even told her that he was wearing a uniform and described it in detail. The girl broke down realizing that they were describing her uncle right down to the clothes he was wearing on the day of his death. He was a soldier and was killed on the battlefield. This dead soldier was now talking to her through these mediums. Real? Well -- it happened right in front of me. It was certainly value for the money I paid, that's one thing for sure.

Then they went on to others sitting around the table and one by one, tears began to flow. The girl across from me was told that there was a young man that had entered the circle (the mediums circle) and was telling her that he was sorry that he couldn't be there for her but that he was fine and there was no pain anymore. The young man they were describing was actually her former fiance who was killed in a motorcycle accident six months earlier. The girl across from me was sobbing but was consoled at the same time just knowing that her fiance was alive and well in another place and time.

Then it was our turn and I thought - "good luck trying to read us". One of the mediums focused on Judy and began talking about her mother telling her that she was now with her brother and doing just wonderful. The hip and foot that had given her so much pain over the years was now fine and she was with family. Judy began to cry. "Oh, Come On now -- is this for real?" Judy's mom had undergone hip surgery at 80 years old and after the operation suffered a heart attack and died within a few hours surrounded by all her children at her bedside. The reference that they began with really set the tone as Judy's uncle had died a week earlier and when the mediums mentioned that Judy's mother was now with her brother, it kind of took us both by surprise.

And finally, they came to me. What in the world could they possibly know about me? The psychic wanted to know what I had done with my watch, the one with the white face. My mother had now entered the circle and was asking the question. I didn't know what to say but I knew that I had changed watches about a year ago and the one I was now wearing had a beige face. Then, I was told that someone else was yelling to come into the circle and was making quite a scene about it. The psychic told me that this man was my best friend and he told me not to worry about the after life, and that he was enjoying it immensley. They went on to tell me that this person and I had made an agreement that if one died before the other, then it was up to the dead guy to come back from the other side, if there was another side, and relay to the survivor what it was like. "Holy Craperolla!" -- Andy?

My best friend, Andy, the neighbour across the street had a brain aneurysm on Christmas Day, 1995 and this story was true. In March, 1995, while sitting on my front porch on a warm Spring Day, we certainly did make a pact that whoever died first was to come back and tell the other one what it was like on the other side. Andy had fullfilled that promise and I was blown away.

There are true psychics out there. I know that now -- for sure, and that weird and rainy Halloween night will last in my memories forevever.

Every one of us is born psychic. That's what we're told to believe. When I arrived at the Seance that night, a few years ago, I was greeted by the two ladies with an air of astonishment. They asked me why I was there, as if I had no business in a place like that. They said that there were sparks and bright lights shooting from my head. That's the first thing they saw when I came up the stairs and into their parlour. I thought I was having a Michael Jackson episode with "Pepsi", the time when his hair caught on fire while filming a T.V. commercial. But No -- my hair was not on fire. These women told me that I was a "teacher", a very powerful psychic in my past life and that I did not have to go to anyone to have my tea leaves or tarot cards read. I knew what was going to happen, apparently. I laughed and shrugged it off and then took my seat around the table.

This was not the first time someone had pulled me aside to tell me about my past life. At a psychic fair, back about 15 years ago, I was taken aside by one of the crystall ball seers. She rushed out from the booth and grabbed me by the arm. I told her I had no money left for a reading. She said, "that's not the reason I came over to you". She went on to tell me that when I appeared in her sight, she knew right away that I was someone special. She told me that in my previous life, I had been a "teacher". I told her that I had never taught in a school before. But that wasn't what she was talking about. This lady told me that in my past life, I had been a very powerful teacher, a psychic teacher, and was deemed a master teacher because of the extreme powers that I possessed.

I went home from that fair thinking --Really weird lady! And then the two mediums at the seance? Just a coincidence?

I went out and bought a set of Tarot Cards years ago. A Ouija board was also part of the sale. I spent $1000 and had an artist turn one of my bedrooms into a psychic parlor. It was as if you were walking into a spectacular and different part of the universe from the floor up to the ceiling, including murals on both the walls and ceiling. This was long before I had gone to the seance.

My first clients arrived, three in total. I charged $30 a reading and after they left, wondered if I had been accurate enough for them to return. Others came and lots cried. I was seeing things in the cards that brought out the real emotions of these people. After a year, I shut down because I was sick of the tears and heartfelt sorrow from so many. I didn't like what I was doing any longer.

I did however, take readings through mail after that without having to face these people. A small piece of paper, with a name written on it, accompanied by a birthdate is all I needed to hold and to see what was going on in peoples lives. I enjoyed that and also the many letters returned, thanking me for the reading and how accurate It was. That made me feel good, that I was actually helping someone and knowing that what I was doing was appreciated by many. My readings are not long, in fact quite short compared to most readers, at times only a paragrah or two, but accurate. I had people from 500 miles away write to me just to tell me that they were amazed and that I had been so right on. Questions about health, finances, career, relationships, love -- I took them all and the tarot cards told me their story.

What you are about to see and hear below are true after life experiences. I now believe whole-heartedly after witnessing these testimonials that this is only the beginning and that there is so much more after we die. Psychic ability here on earth is only a hint of what's to come.

I'm not saying you have to believe me, but there has to be more to this life than just -- well, this life! But I do know one thing for sure, and that is -- Psychic, I am.

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    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Hold on Dear Jen,

      I disagree with that. You should be the one to be attracted to a particular deck, not your friend. That deck you are seeking should jump right into your hands. Her vibes are in that deck and not yours.

      Of course, that is only my opinion.

      You have a beautiful smile and any deck would have a hard time resisting your charm. How's that for Psychic ability?

    • JenPsych profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting! I also am fascinated by the paranormal. Although my psychic friend once told me Tarot cards work better for you if you receive them as a gift.


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