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Psychic Leeches

Updated on November 21, 2015
Alistair Letto (Public Domain) via Wikimedia commons
Alistair Letto (Public Domain) via Wikimedia commons

If you have heard of individuals who possess abilities to drain the energy of you, you might relate to the term Psychic Vampires. These people do exist and can affect your spiritual self in many ways unthinkable. I will refer to them as Psychic Leeches. I’m using this term because just like a leech the latch on to your energy to drain you. They may not be eager to let go if they do find an unsuspecting victim.

Now a psychic leech is someone who is naturally born with the ability to draw energy from other people for the purpose of using this energy for themselves. Although no matter how much energy they do obtain there’s always this unsatisfactory feeling that they need more. We all have an energy field around us called an aura among other inner energy levels and one is called prana or life essence. A psychic leech will use their abilities almost like a leech drains blood and they will suck out the life force or prana from you in little portions at a time. Their aura is comprised with a vacuum like force. They sometimes are not aware they have this natural ability and then there are some who do and use it for negative purposes that are not of the light. I will explain how to identify them and how to protect yourself.

Now when I had my first experience with a psychic leech I was working with someone. We sat pretty close in cubicles and I wasn’t sure. They had a fascination with darker things like skulls, black jewelry, and had this beautiful appearance. Many people of the opposite sex would always gravitate towards them and surround them. It was almost like they had a beautiful and supernatural abilities just like you see in the vampire movies. So as days progressed into weeks and weeks progressed into days I started feeling ill when around this person. I would develop headaches, I would feel lack of concentration, I often fell ill with a cold, I would leave work and feel so lethargic. Almost like that feeling you’ve ran a thousand miles and just have no energy. On days this person was not around me I noticed I felt better. I felt revitalized but as soon as I would sit by them again because of assigned seats at work, well let’s say the problems would always be there.

I used to wear one particular ring that had a symbol on it that they found very ugly. It’s a well -known symbol used in certain beliefs but I will not go into much details. One day they looked at me and said that ring is so basic. Basic? I could feel their hatred towards this holy symbol. Things just didn’t add up at all. One day I finally listened to my intuition and asked to be moved but made an excuse because it was cold, and it was actually cold. Upon granting my request. I noticed within days my whole physical health had improved. I felt like myself again. This is when I started researching and found out that these individuals do exist. In this person’s case they were an experienced psychic leech and practiced drawing energy.

Here are some common characteristics of Psychic leeches:

  • They are highly attractive – almost an essence that draws people to them.

  • Fascination for the darker things in life- blood, vampirism, and dark magic.

  • They are quite vain, shallow and narcissistic.

  • No compassion for others.

  • They love to point out your imperfections or pick on you to find an imperfection that they can use to their benefit.

  • They may be very pale, and usually hate sunlight. They are more nocturnal just like a vampire.

  • Are attracted to other powerful psychics, empaths, healers, and light workers.

  • Most are not religious in any way or form, they have their own beliefs.

  • Sense of self entitlement and fascination for fame or wealth.

  • They like working in crowds meaning the more people around the greater the feeding and energy available.

  • They always have to be right and never see the error in their ways.

  • Always creating drama, inciting anger, hateful, all the negative vibrations.

  • Secretive in nature – they like to know about others but never divulge details about their life.

  • Hypnotic eyes – Their eyes are quite hypnotic. They draw the person in.

  • They are psychic in nature. Hence the word Psychic leeches.

  • Telepathic – Many are telepathic.

  • Seek out vulnerable individuals. Usually their partners will be unsuspecting.

Please note that the list I mentioned above is only a few characteristics. In order to help yourself you must recognize the common symptoms of an attack. Here’s commons symptoms you are under attack.

  • Migraines – You might find you have many migraines only when around this person. They will stop when you are away from them.

  • Exhausted and lethargic – For no reason they will tap into your life essence and cause your energy levels to be drained. You will feel like you ran a marathon.

  • Lack of Concentration – You might find it hard to focus.

  • Muscle tension and spasms, you might feel aches all around your body.

  • Dizziness

  • Stressed and irritable.

Now here are some ways to protect your aura and energy from psychic leeches.

  • Use protective crystals like black tourmaline and clear quartz among others.

  • Always shield yourself with a white light around you like a bubble. Just envision it.

  • Limit any physical contact with these individuals.

  • Distance yourself as much as possible.

  • Take a bath in sea salt and meditate if you feel you are a victim.

  • Wear any amulets or protective jewelry. Some examples are the hamsa, cross, etc.

  • Call upon your angels for protection and prayer is powerful.

It’s important to realize this is something that is very real. For those who do not realize they have these abilities the effects are not as strong on others as when the psychic leech is more aware and targets others. In this world just like there is the light there are some who rather parade in the darkness. Be vigilant and always protect yourself. Blessings in love n light. x


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