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Psychic Medium Delivers Message From Beloved Pet: Authentic Or Deception?

Updated on December 9, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

I've long been intrigued by psychic phenomena but also suspicious and fearful of it. The pull of the phenomena has a seduction to it I must admit but I'm also aware of Biblical warnings to stay away from it.

That being said, in May of 2014 I contacted a psychic medium for the first time in my life. I was interested in making contact with someone who passed away years ago who I loved very much.

I never actually met the medium as all our communication was via e mail. I had read a book and in a certain part of the book it listed the best mediums across the nation. So, I contacted the one in my area that seemed the best for me.

She was not able to relay a message from my loved one but was able to relay a message from Charlie. I was astounded as there is no way she could have known about him. Charlie was a pet I had for 14.5 years that I loved so much. He was a Dachshund dog and meant the world to me.

I will now quote much of the communication between myself and the medium and will protect her identify of course.

Me--by e mail:


I am curious to know about Kevin - a loved one who passed.

I am also afraid though to visit you as I am Catholic and the Bible warns about familiar spirits---a category you would fall into it--no offense. I am afraid it will not be my loved one that comes thru but a bad entity pretending to be my loved one. I also fear something bad could attach to me and I could take it home and it could hurt my life, family, etc. Just being honest.

So, I am conflicted. I have never been to a medium or psychic of any kind.

Psychic Medium:

Thank you for your note. I appreciate your honesty. I have worked as a psychic medium for over 12 years professionally and have never brought through anything or anyone who was not a resident of Heaven and in the highest levels of the afterlife. Most of my readings are done by phone so it is not mandatory that you come to see me at all.

To get a better idea of what a psychic medium really is and what we do you might read 1 Corinthians 14.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

PS…..While I have not tried to connect to Kevin, someone named Charlie sends his love.


Thank you very much!

Question---did you do a google search of my e mail address or any other computer related search and from there find a reference to Charlie?

If we did do something on my behalf could we meet in person where ever you work from---I'd prefer that over a phone meeting?

Thank you again for the information and feedback!

Psychic Medium:

Thank you for your note. I don’t do searches on people via the internet. It is best for me NOT to know too much about the people I might be working with because it can muddy up the information that comes through. So no, I didn’t do any searches. I don’t even remember the fact that the name Charlie came through. I hope it had meaning for you. I never know.


Charlie means alot to me. He was a Dachshund I had for 14.5 years. He was black/tan and short haired. It is incredible to me that this came thru to you!!! I loved him so much.

I cannot see you in the near future but I will save money and come and see you in the future.

Thanks so much and I meant no offense with any question or comment!

This is Charlie-we were inseparable for 14.5 years
This is Charlie-we were inseparable for 14.5 years

Psychic Medium:

Thank you for your note. No offense was taken. I am glad Charlie came through. I rarely remember what comes through me but I am glad he showed up and gave me his name. He loves you a lot too…..that I know……cause if I said he sends his love than that was all I got from him…..just lots and lots of love.

End of discussion--

I never did visit or have a full session with this medium or with any other. For one, it is rather expensive to have the full session. But more so, I guess my fears won out. The medium seemed so nice, sincere and honest but I'm not totally trusting of what is coming through. I believe that she believes it is all good and about love but I'm not sure I agree.

If I were a deceitful, seductive spirit, I too would use Charlie to hook me; to pull me in further. I loved Charlie so much and am weak in that regard and want to believe he was sending me his love. I hope he was. I hope someday he and I can be together again.

I wonder why my Brother never came through; after all, he is the one I initially contacted her about? Perhaps if I had paid and had had the full session maybe he would have? The medium provided me the message from Charlie for free and I feel a bit guilty I never did pay to have an official session with her.

Was it really my departed, beloved pet sending me his love via the psychic medium?

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    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 21 months ago from Oregon

      Thanks Larry! Sometimes it's hard to tell for sure what is going on. Hope you are well!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 21 months ago from Oklahoma

      Couldn't answer yes or no on your question. I prefer the answer of maybe.

      Great read!

    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 21 months ago from Oregon

      Thanks SpiritusShepherd! Your experiences match my beliefs and fears. I'm glad you are in a much better place now spiritually. Thank you again for your comments and valuable insights...which are based on real life experiences.

    • SpiritusShepherd profile image

      Kris 21 months ago

      My mother is into psychics and into the new religion of metaphysics. I joined her for awhile, but I found that it is better to leave such things alone. During the time I followed the metaphysics religion (a mix of New Age, Unitarianism and Neo-Paganism) I had terrible nightmares that kept me awake until the early hours of the morning. When I did sleep, I was trapped in the state, unable to tell if I was awake or still dreaming most of the time. I also had a spirit (if not spirits) haunting me. This all faded away when I stopped practicing metaphysics and returned to Christianity.

      I think you did the right thing by having no further contact with the psychic. It is true, demonic entities will pretend to be loved ones to fool us. There have been many reports of demons first appearing as a small child or old woman or some other friendly spirit, to trick people into allowing them to stay in the house. After the family allows them to stay, the entity begins to torment them, possibly leading up to possession.

      It is my opinion, based upon the Words of Scripture, personal experience and stories from others, it is best to leave psychics and other such things alone.

    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 21 months ago from Oregon

      Thanks Helga! Yes, I too find it a very interesting topic!

    • Helga Silva profile image

      Helga Silva 21 months ago from USA

      Wow! This is very interesting. I was always curious about mediums and how they are able to tap into private things they can't possibly know. Keep up good work.