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Psychic Abilities List and Explained Powers

Updated on April 2, 2013

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities: few subjects are so fascinating. Who wouldn't like to have the ability to use our mind to achieve astonishing or supernatural results just like Psychics? But what are these abilities? Are they innate or can be learned? Are Psychic Powers only for the gifted ones or they are much more common than we think?

Psychic Mind?

Here you will find a list with some Psychic Abilities and the explanation of why they are much more natural than supernatural and why we all can develop some of them like a kind of Sixth Sense.

I think that everything can be possible, but it has to be demonstrated in real life. A skeptic scientific approach is needed to set a difference between real Psychic Abilities and fake scammers, The biggest part of these powers have nothing to do with the supernatural but are instead latent abilities each one of us has at different degrees. A kind of superior use of our five senses.

Having Psychic Abilities for me means being able to communicate with our Subconscious and thus being able to use his/our powers. This is something I'm sure of even if there are things that can't simply be explained yet just by Science.

Psychic Powers

Introduction to Psychic Abilities

Human beings are able to see just a fraction of light's vibration and are able to hear just a fraction of sound's frequencies. This together with touch constitutes most of what we consider the world, but it could also be that there are more than five senses, only that we haven't discovered yet. A lot of things taken for being carved in stone have been modified by time and science, and we don't know what will be considered science fifty years from now. It might be that some Psychic Abilities will be found to be perfectly normal.

Five Senses:

Even considering only the basic five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell if someone has enhanced senses can feel or see or hear or whatever in a different way than a common human being and so can be called Psychic having greater abilities. Compared to the average man a blind man can be seen as having supernatural abilities since his heightened senses, but there's nothing supernatural involved, what if a not-blind has the same sensibility?
There are human beings that at night are almost able to see like cats for the different conformation of their eyes, but they are not using some Psychic Abilities.

Compared to me for example a perfumes expert is able to perceive completely different things than me.
I don't know if we have more than five senses; my point is that for an average man like me someone with enhanced senses than mine can be considered having Psychic Abilities.

Is it real?

Common Psychic Abilities List

Clairvoyance: Perception of things outside human knowledge. A lot of animals, like dogs and cats seem to have a kind of precognition if someone just known makes them nervous. Usually time demonstrates that they are right. Is it for some Clairvoyance or it might be that as an example they smell something about that person that makes them nervous? Or maybe his way of moving, or looking at things. Think about this: when I smell broth what I sense is broth, when a dog smells it he senses water, salt, carrots, potatoes, meat, herbs and whatever else there is. Plus the smell of gas used to cook. Compared to me he's Psychic, but in reality he's not. What if a human being shares at least a little of his smell abilities? Like the perfumes expert above? This explains how dogs and cats are able to "feel" (smell) death approaching a particular person.

Dejà-vù: They happen to me sometimes. Dejà-vù is when I'm doing something and suddenly I'm reminded that I dreamt it before. It can be that since we sleep an average of eight hours every day we dream so many things that some of them happens in the future. If it belongs to Psychic abilities it's surely the most common one.

Faith/Supernatural Healing: I love this one. I always believed that the human being is able to heal himself most of the times and after having discovered Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis I've found out I was true. Medicine too had to admit this fact and a branch of it called Psychoneuroimmunology studies the relationship between mind and health. Wonderful thing. So this kind of extraordinary healing happens everyday but it has to do with being able to unlock our ability to heal ourselves.

Fakirism: I know, I know. We all know today that's a physical ability and that there are no Psychic Abilities involved, sometimes together with a little deception, but before knowing that let's say fifty years ago, weren't fakirs considered having supernatural abilities?

Out of body experience: This usually happens when someone is under surgery and even if under anesthesia after being waken up is able to remember everything that was said and everything that happened. Some people think that this means that the spirit has gone out of body and was awake and able to see and remember. I'm more on the side that under anesthesia some people enter a particular state that even if sleeping their conscious mind remains in a state similar to consciousness but heightened and so they are able to see and register everything around them. Even things that they would normally not be aware of.

Sixth Sense: There isn't a common definition of Sixth Sense. The most common is the ability to feel things before they happens, like knowing who's calling when the phone rings, or jumping aside just before being hit by a car, or things like that. I think that the Sixth Sense probably is the ability to use the other five senses together and in an enhanced way. That is using our whole brain. What we call Intuition is nothing more than having our brain working at full power receiving information from all our senses and processing them all in a split second. Since it's not something that we usually do when it happens it seems supernatural, while it is not.

Telepathy: This is an interesting ability. No one states it exists but both USA and Russia studied it at a level we don't know. Honestly I can't say if it's real or not. But it's common knowledge that mothers are able to perceive if there's something wrong with their children, even if they are far away. It could be that it lies in those yet unknown powers of our mind.

Psychic Abilities most of the times, if not always, belongs to the realm of natural things, as everything else we experience. Or, put in another way, if something exists or happens it belongs to our world, in a way or another. Usually we call supernatural what we can't explain but if it exists than there is an explanation. Which can be discovered in the future.

Can Psychic Abilities be developed?

I think Yes. What made me thinking this way is that, taking the example above of seeing in the dark, it's an ability that, though at different degrees, can be acquired. Soldiers do this all the times, especially those belonging to Special Forces. And if this can be true for sight it can be true for many other things.

Not all Psychic Powers are true

Can we develop Psychic Abilities?

Using Conscious Self Suggestions (also called Positive Affirmations) during Self-Hypnosis is a good (the best and simple) way to develop Psychic Abilities. As everything else in this world this requires some practice and dedication. Obviously it's an "ability" that can be developed differently by every human beings as we are not equal and each one of us has his own strengths and weakness, strong points and such. We can't be all great mathematicians or sculptors but we can always improve or discover our strong features.

I'd like to end this hub with a first hand story, you are free to believe it or not. Once while sleeping I dreamed my father. I told this dream to a friend of mine and he told me to play the day and month of my father's death on the lottery. I didn't. And believe me or not they were drawn. We can't explain everything and it's better to keep our mind open.

You can find other interesting informations on this hub from a friend of mine on The Science of Esp.

What do you think? Do Psychic Abilities really exists? Do you have one?


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Psychic-Abilities Comments

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  • profile image

    Ashanis 6 years ago

    Psychic powers do exist! Meet genuine readers!

  • Zabbella profile image

    Zabbella 6 years ago from NJ-USA

    Thank you for this interesting helps explain what I believed to be precognition..because I would get a feeling deep inside about some bad news minutes BEFORE it would happen.

    This is true that if we hone our "talents" and use more of our brain, things can be accomplished. I wrote a hub about a similar topic. please, visit. ~Z

  • profile image

    love psychic 6 years ago

    Psychic abilities are hard to explain. There are times that science can't even tell that a thing is beautiful because there is no scientific basis.

  • profile image

    Love psychic readings 6 years ago

    There is also a trending concept today. It's called mentalism.

    The idea about mentalism goes way back when man had chosen to live his life ion accordance to what he believes is possible--and that encompasses everything.

    So apparently, it's just an old concept being revived again.

  • profile image

    best psychic 6 years ago

    It would also quite help if a few articles about scientific researches are posted. It would verify the claims further. :)

  • profile image

    hosgungor 7 years ago

    wow fantastic !

  • M.s Fowler profile image

    M.s Fowler 7 years ago from United states

    Interesting hub!

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Lady Guinevere, it's a pleasure to see you here. :)

    You said it perfectly, where there is knowledge there is no fear, and I agree that if we would be all the same the world would be pretty boring; luckily we all have our distinct traits. Thanks for such a sound comment and obviously for the rating and the useful. Much appreciated. :)

  • Lady Guinevere profile image

    Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

    Great information. I have a few of those *traits*. I think everyone has these qualities. Some just have more of one then others and it is dispersed as it should be. If everyone had all of these then there wouldn't be anything interesting in the world. I will bookmark this because I want to read the links to this later. I also rated it up and useful. The more people know about themselves the less fear that can be spread about these such things.

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    And you are very kind with your words, I've appreciated a lot your comment. Glad you liked it and thanks for the rating. :)

  • Patti Ann profile image

    Patti Ann 8 years ago from Florida

    Another excellent hub! Rated it up! This is a subject that fascinates most people - you are very talented at explaining the concept. Thanks!

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    I agree with you Support Med.: time needed and strenght are different for each one of us, but we can always improve or hone what we have. Thanks for your kind comment.

  • Support Med. profile image

    Support Med. 8 years ago from Michigan

    Very interesting hub. Mind information usually gets my attention. Psychic powers are fascinationg. I believe we all have them and they can be strengthened with practice. Time frame: each person is different, but can be strengthened nonetheless. Good hub!

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks to you Maita, always so kind. Remember that it's you who told me about free pictures. :) I'll go reading your hub immediately. Thanks my friend.

  • prettydarkhorse profile image

    prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

    Hi hypno, I came to read this one again, How are you, visit my hub I complied to your request about the beach Boaraca in the Philippines, now I miss the Philippines, LOL< Congrats for having 100 fans, I posted a congratulation post in the forum, Thanks, Maita

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Honestly not yet, but I've had many with deja-vu and a couple of times I was really sure to have dreamed that situation before. Only that these memories fade with time. If you have had those experiences it could be a good idea to write a hub on them. I would read it with pleasure. Like using hypnosis for past lives it's difficult to prove them, but this doesn't mean that they are not real.

  • Calystazura profile image

    Calystazura 8 years ago from Florida

    I'm curious, have you had any experience with retrocognition (or postcognition)? It's not really provable in most cases, though I've had some experiences with it.

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Hi Maita, you're always so kind. I've just published another hub on Become Psychic, I hope you'll like it as well. And if it's not good or methodical or easy to read tell me. I passed this Sunday writing, but I'm always fine and happy when I finish a hub. Have a great Sunday. :)

  • prettydarkhorse profile image

    prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

    Hi hypno, Keeping our mind open is good hypno, and I always believe in the power of senses, we all have that too,

    great hub as usual, orderly, methodical and easy reading, How are you this Sunday, watching football, I guess I good psyche if Dalls or Vikings will win, it will start on three hours, just kidding, hehe, enjoy weekend and always smile, maita

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks DREAM ON, it's great we like each other writings, isn't it? I'd say that more than half of the pleasure I derive from writing comes from receiving comments. Thanks.

  • DREAM ON profile image

    DREAM ON 8 years ago

    I had t reread it again.Great hub.

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thank you Coolmon, I'm glad you liked it.

  • Coolmon2009 profile image

    Coolmon2009 8 years ago from Texas, USA

    Interesting hub thanks for sharing

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Nia, I'm happy you liked it.

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks for your comment habee, it means that quite naturally you are well connected with your subconscious, which is quite cool, maybe not so for your husband. :)

  • profile image

    Nia L 8 years ago

    Very nice hub.

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

    Fascinating hub! I've had some psychic powers since I was a kid. Sometimes I freak my husband out!

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Thanks marco, I agree with you, our mind rules our body. Telekinesis would be quite a cool ability, but I haven't found yet how it works in real life. But who knows. And I definitely agree that we can heal ourselves, within reason of course. Thanks again.

  • marcofratelli profile image

    marcofratelli 8 years ago from Australia

    I'm not a fakir LOL. Great hub! I've always been fascinated with the power of the human mind. I definitely believe in it with regard to healing, because if you've ever given up mentally, you're gone. Similarly, we hear that athletes that visualize their success tend to succeed or improve their performance.

    Telekenisis - the ability to move things with your mind. That would be cool!

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrew 8 years ago from Italy

    Being a medium is quite a controversial field. That's the reason why I haven't put them in the article. Honestly I don't know if it's possible to see and talk with dead people. If someone believes that we have an immortal soul than it's possible, even if I think that they probably have other things to do then talking through a medium. I think that if needed they probably talk directly to us. I guess they see things differently from the other side.

    Having said that a lot of mediums, even some famous ones, are quite good at receiving signals from clients. If you look at them during a performance usually they do not use statements but instead they start wide and then narrow their questions until they are able to tell whom they are talking to. Most of them are Psychic as I define them, able to use their senses in a different way. Houdini checked a lot of them and found them scammers exploiting on people in a weak period of their life. I've always thought that people with such sensitivity don't go to tv shows as much as exceptional martial teachers don't go in the ring. They are not interested in making a lot of money or being popular. But this is only my opinion. I'm skeptic but open minded.

    Thanks for your comment someonewhoknows.

  • someonewhoknows profile image

    someonewhoknows 8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

    There are some individuals tat can see and communicate with the deceased,or people living in another dimention of space without time.I know of one such person.


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