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Psychic Predictions Are Always a Surprise

Updated on June 20, 2015

Blasé About Accurate Predictions

Every once in a while I have a client who is curious to know what it’s like to work as a psychic advisor. Many have gone so far as to suggest I write a book about it but I’m definitely not inclined to go that far! So many of us are so busy that we rarely have the time to actually write about the experience. The other problem is that it’s a really difficult process to describe. There are limited words in our English vocabulary to describe feelings (we have one word for love!) never mind the additional challenge of describing psychic feelings. There really aren’t many words in any language for that!

We may seem somewhat blasé about our accurate predictions such as when someone says, “WOW! You were right on about a date, life event, or happening you mentioned in your reading for me six years ago!” Humbly I admit it surprises me probably almost as much as it does them. It’s important to say that I never remember what I’ve said to people anyway. Typically it’s a stream of words that pour out of my mouth based upon a flow of feelings, images, inner clicks and flashes that come at me often in rapid succession. Sometimes a client asks a question and I just answer it bluntly, with nary a thought. It’s just a flash of knowing. I wonder to myself whether I know what I’m talking about more often than I’d care to admit.

I don’t know if other psychics feel the same way. Psychics tend to work in isolation and rarely does a psychic express how they truly feel when someone tells them they have gotten something right on the mark. It’s expected that we would find that normal. Although common in our so called psychic world, it still carries a zing of surprise. And let’s be honest, it’s not “normal”.

Predictions Can Take Years to Unfold

I do readings for approximately 3000 clients worldwide, some more often than others. There are clients who call me almost daily for at least a while. They are in crisis and have no idea where this is going to end. They worry if they are making good choices and decisions, oftentimes they are completely blocked in making any decisions at all. We’ve all been in that place where we are afraid that any move we make might lead to deep regret. So the un-deciders call me for help as they tippy-toe their way forward – if for nothing else than the assurance that they will be okay.

Some clients call me every few years. Something I’ve said has unfolded in exactly the way I had predicted and they are completely amazed. One reading I did for a woman years ago revealed she would be living in Hawaii in the future and having a baby. At the time she thought I was completely cracked but lo and behold she found herself doing exactly that!

In all cases I’m perpetually surprised and delighted to discover that what I had said did unfold as I had seen it would. These are the moments when I love my work. But there are terrible moments too.

Predicting Something Unpleasant, Painful or Disappointing

Occasionally I see something ahead for someone that is sure to lead to despair, heartbreak, and perhaps even death. No I don’t tell anyone when they are going to die. That’s just a ridiculous notion. When I see something ahead for someone that looks unpleasant, painful, disappointing – there are a number of options open to me. I may decide to tell them straight out the pain I see ahead to prepare them for its inevitability. I may engage in some problem-solving dialogue to see how they may mitigate for the challenges ahead. I may also simply point out that sometimes the universe just says no. But this aspect of my work is its most difficult. It’s never easy to be the messenger of bad news. Nobody likes a naysayer.

It’s Not for Everybody

Over a 20 year span, I’ve taught probably upwards of 500 people how to read the tarot and how to develop their psychic ability. A few I’ve had the privilege of counseling and guiding to professional psychic adviser. At this time I know of only two who remain in practice.

So although my work may seem easy to do, it’s obviously not for everybody. Just like any profession there are aspects that are wonderfully fulfilling and others that are scary and well…unpredictable! Overall however, it has proven to be the right profession for me. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


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