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Psychic Readings are Not Meant to Foretell the Future!

Updated on January 22, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

A psychic reading is not meant to foretell the future. This is the first misconception of a psychic reading. If you have any knowledge about psychic readings and wise women/men, oracles and prophets, or if you have ever watched the Vikings, you understand that the best thing to do is not to tell the details of one future’s. If you have noticed, they always talked in metaphors and never shared the whole story.


First of all, you will change it.

Second of all, you will change it!

The wise of the old days did not foretell the future even if they saw it in details, because the events were meant to happen. However, you won’t be able to change much, even if you know about it. Let me explain it, and you will hopefully understand why I do readings based on energy and Soul path, rather than who are you meeting next week, or why did you not light that candle the other day. The future is not set in stone!

The lessons you must learn, the energy and experiences you must go through, you will, no matter what.

When you have a psychic reading and that psychic says you are going to take that one person back, believe it, even if it doesn’t happen in time. Why? You just learnt the person is coming back. Your ego just started to act up. You may not even believe that it is going to happen. So you unfriend him/her, or you say something nasty, to make the person pull back. Time passes by. You heal yourself, you make new friends, you find another passion, you may even have a new lover. One day this person does come back.
You have moved on and you don’t take him/her back.

Now, was the psychic wrong for saying you will take them back? No, because at that certain time when you had the reading, you were prepared and praying to have them back. The psychic also was not wrong to say he/she will come back. What happened is that with the information in hand, you made choices, and those choices postponed the date he/she would be back, and when the time came, you had already moved on. You changed your future.

UPDATE: The person did come back, about half a year later, but he did.

What you couldn’t change though, is the experience you had to have, the energy, be it negative or positive, draining or uplifting, you had to feel. The awakening you had to go through. The lessons you had to learn. These are those things, that no matter how you alter your foretold future, you can not change. It may be another person that breaks your heart, but you have to go through that. You may change jobs for better wages, but you are meant to be unemployed for some time, and no matter how many jobs you change, how many interviews you do, you won’t be able to manage your finances, because you are meant to go through that. It is not ideal. It is not the best to deal with. It sucks to know that you can’t keep your next relationship together no matter who you’re with. But this is the way it is.

I once had a psychic say to me I would marry the college boyfriend. I would start a relationship with him on my second year. He would be of a brown complexion and have blue eyes.

It did happen exactly like this, except for, I broke up with him 2 years later and never looked back. He was nice, intelligent, caring, I loved him and he loved me, he had a nice loving family, etc etc. He did not want to break up with me, he did not even think of it as possible to happen and he always talked about marriage, kids and life together. Why did I change my future? The truth is, of course I could marry him. But it happened that I wanted something more. I did not want to settle for somebody nice. I wanted passion, adventure. I wanted a person that had much more grind in him, when he was kind of a laid-back type and I had to push him to do things. I got tired. Of course I could marry him and have a nice peaceful life. I was not, am not, the type to settle down, for a life like that, for warm fuzzy feelings like those.

I went on to experience the tornado of a relationship, widely known today as the ‘twinflame relationship’, but this is a story for another time. All I want to share for now is that this is what finally awakened me, put me through the Dark Night of the Soul and made me Claim my Power back.

A psychic told me I would have him back, but I changed it too. I know someday he will make a move, but I did not and do not want him back. So I altered my future and by taking some steps, my coffee cup showed me a new lover, who I now have in my arms. Two rings in the coffee cup, again, but who knows if I will change it again?

Back to where we were now…

What I must tell you is that both psychic readings foretold that the next thing in store for me is a beautiful strong true love. The first reading said the twinflame would come back and the love would not fade ever again. The second reading said the new lover would offer me love and security and his aim is to marry me. See? The experience did not change, no matter who with, I have to have this experience. What changed is the details, well in this case, the “details” are people, but you get my point.

These are the reasons why I focus on energy psychic readings, readings that provide you with the information to heal yourself, to be able to understand your path and what you are going through, to be able to transform yourself, to do your shadow work, and come out on the other side even stronger than before. However, if it happens during the psychic reading, and usually it does, that I get a channeling, be it a vision or a message, I will certainly deliver.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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