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Psychic Signs in the Hands - Palmistry

Updated on October 14, 2013
Line of Intuition in Palmistry
Line of Intuition in Palmistry

Line of Intuition

The Line of Intuition originates somewhere from the Mount of Moon, down low, and slants at a left diagonal through your palm (when seen on the right hand). The line may be solid, or broken. It may or may not touch and/or cross your Line of Head and Line of Heart. It may also be found on the Mount of Moon alone. However, It must not be confounded with the Hepatica (Health Line), but is found as a distinct mark in itself.

The owners of this line are considered to be very intuitive, sensitive and may able to read other people and situations instantly. The depth of the line reveals the depth to which the person reaches his/her intuitive self. Line of Intuition is often very apparent on pshycics and psychic mediums. It is much more often seen on women’s hands than on men’s.

Mount of Moon on the palm
Mount of Moon on the palm

Mount of Moon in the Palm

A well-developed mount of Moon also represents a person who has great intuition or psychic abilities. In Palmistry, this mount lies at the base of your hand, on the side of your little finger, directly opposite your thumb. Mount of Moon (also known as Mount of Luna) also rules the creative subconscious and governs imagination and creativity. If this is the dominant mount on a man’s hand, then the person usually shows strong feminine qualities.

The Mystic Cross in Palmistry
The Mystic Cross in Palmistry

The Mystic Cross

What is so called 'Mystic Cross' is found between the heart and head line. After all, intuition is the bridge between the heart and the head. When this cross connects the heart and the head, then the person will be very intuitive in both business and romantic affairs. But if one of the legs of the mystic cross doesn't touch one of the branches then the person will be blinded in that area.

Psychic Shaped Hand

There also what is known as psychic shaped hand – a long slender, graceful hand, often covered with an array of worry lines as well as some sort of pronounced Girdle of Venus. When the joints of your fingers appear to stand out then they are called as “knotty’ – bulging at the sides where the joints are located. But if there is no bulging at the sides they are described as “smooth” – the energy will pass unhindered through those fingers. Smooth fingers show an intuitive approach to life.

Finger tips which taper towards your nails reveal a speedy passage of thuoght which is expressed as impulsiveness, idealism, and spontaneity, unhindered by methodical reason. This kind of finger tips allow a free flow of feelings and dreams from the psyche into the outer world, and are usually found on the natural psychic and on people who appreciate the unconventional.

Other indications include small thumbs, a drooping head line, and the heart line is between Saturn and Jupiter.


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