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Psychic Test Meditation Group: Telepathy?

Updated on April 19, 2012

Do I Believe In Telepathy?

Not really. I do have to admit that this was incredibly cool, and I will say that it was pretty solidly untampered with. I specifically refrained from mentioning anything about the image before the meditation, and specifically avoided saying anything about it until the end of the sharing afterwards. Though I did express approval and or emotion in response to some of the shares, they encompassed far too much imagery to narrow down what about it was pleasing or similar to what I had sent out.

It's rather odd that I even attempted this. I'm really not a big psychic/ESP guy at all. I don't believe in ghosts in any real sense, I don't believe in Big Mama Psychic or her cohorts. I do have some curiosities about tarot cards, but, I believe there is a large difference between divination through tools of divination and divination through thoughts. I guess, now that I say it, there isn't that much of a difference. I still don't like people thinking they're clairvoyant though. It just doesn't sit right with my ideas of humility and general equality. Being, essentially, a demi-god seems kind of unfair to the rest of us.

So, I don't believe in telepathy FOR THE MOST PART. I do have some questions about the idea of it and some curiosities about this thing in general. I've seen a couple things in my day that were a little too odd to be explained through science (in my opinion).

Testing, Testing, One Two Three... And Here's An Orange Christmas Tree!

To access the test recording, click on the link and then click on the "med circle" hyperlink. It will come up with a quicktime recording of about an hour that includes the test and a guided meditation. The main purpose of this hub is to show the test, but feel free to check out the whole recording if you have the time:

I was toying around with meditation a good bit when I was down in Florida. I led a meditation group every Wednesday for a stretch and for two or three weeks experimented with thinking about an image while the group sat in silence and seeing what images came up for them during the silence. For this test and the next one I did I tried doing Reiki to one of the participants while thinking about the message. For this one I only thought of it at the beginning of the silence, or at least mainly at the beginning. I wasn't straining to send it.

The clip is rather long and includes both that test and the guided meditation I did afterwards. The test is the first part (you can skip through the silence to the results).

The first week I attempted to send something, I thought of a blue ankh and only one person got anything like it out of five or six people, which was something "electric blue." I had been thinking of that specific type of blue, so it was somewhat promising, but only one person. This time, everyone got something at least somewhat similar to the thing I was trying to send. Lots of trees, lots of orange, one Hanukkah image. It was pretty crazy how it seemed to be somewhat successful with everyone.

The next week I tried to repeat the Reiki addition, hoping that it would increase the effectiveness of the sending, but I think that time no one got anything even remotely similar to the image.

I'm not by any means claiming that this is proof of telepathy or psychic abilities, however, I am claiming that it's pretty freaking cool.


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    • Lifebeatme profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Yea, it was a pretty cool night. The meditation after that was pretty cool too. I miss a few things about Florida. The groups are definitely one of the biggies.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I was there.. it really did work.. everyone had something orange in their head at the end!!


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