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Psychic love readings

Updated on August 8, 2016

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On the Matter of Love
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Regarding Love in Tarot Readings
Lover's Spat
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Lovers Poll

Matters of the heart


On the matter of love

Love is a many splendor of things indeed. Love is a fickle as sands in an hour glass.Love is kind, love is joy. Love can also be the root cause of our greatest anger when love goes astray. Love is fleeting indeed. When dealing with matters of the heart it can be sometimes a touchy subject for some. In my years of dealing with clients and in my own personal life it's best that when things do happen and if break up is unavoidable it's best to give yourself time to heal before seeking another relationship because often times without knowing or without meaning too we bring those wounds, those issues into the new relationship and the new person has no clue and to what they are dealing with. So to be fair to your future partner and especially to yourself give yourself time to heal because as Im sure we are all well aware of hurt and grief has no time table.

The Celtic Cross Spread


My popular 3 card love spread


Looking for love in all the wrong places

This is another commonly ask for reading is Will I ever meet anyone? or When will I meet my soul mater? Finding your true love, your should mate should and will take time and patience. More often than not love come unexpectedly when you are least looking for it. The best advice I can give on this matter is slow down, take your time and enjoy your life. Do the things you want to do that maybe you might not get to do if there was some one else. Because the truth of the matter is when there is another person you have to think about their wants and their needs its not just about you anymore. While the idea of being in love is wonderful idea it's best to take your time because believe you will know when the timming is right.

Regarding love in Tarot reading


Whenever I do readings for clients this is probably the most asked question. Will my ex come back to me or can I get him back. My repeat clients know that I do not sugar coat a reading, I do not tell you want you want to hear to make you feel good. I can not in good conscious live with that.Most of the time more often than not when I get asked this question it is almost always No or I see signs or get messeages from my spirit guides that aide me in my readings that she/ or he should move on.Now this is not to be confused with dealing with an agrument or fight as every relationship has them that is completely different from what Im talking about in this section this is involving when there's been a break, the two of walk out, walk away and it's clearly over. When a relationship is over is hurtful and it is deveasting but the best thing you can do is move on with your life because chances are that other person already has.I don't mean to sound uncaring because that is simply not true but when people come to me they want answer's and they want help and sometimes the answer's are hard to hear and hard to accept. But trust me I've been there many times time does heal sure you may never forget the memories and that person and maybe your not meant to but with time it gets a little easier to deal with. Because I mean think about what was it that caused the fight or caused the break up?Now with all this being said I dont mean it to sound that this is always the case it just seems to be this most of the time. There are some times where this is not true I have had those in readings and this would be where perhaps there was a misunderstanding or some sort of miscommunciation going on and where this is the possibility my spirit guides comes in loud and clear for specifics on what my client should do.I hope that has helped shed some light and until our paths meet always Blessed Be

Draw of the tarot 3 of swords


The Lovers


A lover's Spat

This one seems to be another biggie. You and your lover just had a major blow up and now you wont talk to each other. Often after a lover's quarrel more often than not the couple may go through a time of not talking to each other. This is because both parties are as equally guilty you both said things in the heat of the moment. This is when I get called on the most for a love reading the client is usually upset and distraught and almost always the first thing is they want to know will they talk to each other again are they going to make up? I can not answer these questions here because each couple, each client I read for has their own unique set of factors surrounding what caused them to fight and so each outcome will be different.

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