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Psychic Awareness, Numerology & Deficient Methods – Superficiality Yields Misinformation

Updated on August 7, 2013

We recently heard a psychic on the radio say that you can determine if someone is your soul mate based on the Life Path number alone.

The Life Path number is derived by adding the numbers of the full birth date. The Life Path number is widely considered to be the most important personality aspect in western numerology. For example, the birthday March 7, 1957 = 3 (March is the 3rd month) + 7 + 1957 = 1967.

1967 reduces to 23 by fadic addition (adding all digits of a number together to result in one number) and 23 reduces to 5. The Life Path in this example is 5.

There are many forms of soul mates, and the psychic didn't specifically define what she means, but we'll assume she's referring to the "one and only" romantic partner that everyone wants.

Since 1992 we've studied, comprehensively, the work of many, many numerologists (most of those in print), and none of the most respected and most accurate in their work have ever made such a claim as "...determine your soul mate from (only) the Life Path number...," or "...see if your lover is your soul mate from the Life Path number (plus one or two other calculations)..."

In fact, we cringe and shake our heads when we hear things like that. Really, those sorts of claims bring the science of numerology and the entire New Age arena down a notch, and rightly so.

It's unfortunate, because people new to the science of numerology might too easily group such an incomplete and trivial approach (using only 1-4 aspects) with those of experts who use more complete and comprehensive methods using dozens and dozens of aspects (an aspect is one calculation, such as the Life Path number mentioned above) that yield much higher levels of accuracy.

Our personal studies and analyses tell us that the only way to produce consistently accurate results in delineation and prediction is to analyze the hundreds of numerology and astrology considerations of comprehensive charting systems (systems that we have formed through trial and error).

Multiple indicators serve as the basis for pattern recognition. Patterns either support or mitigate the energy of any one single aspect.

It's important to know that a person who is very psychic can "get" wonderfully valid insight even if they use an erroneous, subjective form of numerology, or even none at all.

Yet if someone else attempts to derive more than just some surface information using that person's unique system, they won't have success, unless they too are very psychic.

Any numerologist, aside from psychic insight alone, who uses just a few personality aspects instead of comprehensive charting systems (including cyclical timing methods) will only be able to give you some very, very basic insight, if that.

If a reader is marketing a unique system of analysis, it's possible to be successful because of powers of persuasion and compliance gaining (getting people to buy into what you want). But what really matters is if others can actually do accurate personality analysis and prediction using that same system exclusively.

By personality analysis, we're not talking about someone who says things like, "Tom Cruise has a 1 Life Path number, so he'll go after what he wants..." By prediction, we're not talking about someone who says something like, "...Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes will get along great because they both have a 1 Life Path number..."

Such a brief analysis can be used as a preview to a more comprehensive analysis, but by itself it's only a glimpse and borders on merely entertainment.

On the one hand, we like those types of numerologists because they help make the science of numerology more well known through their engaging media appearances. On the other hand, deeper analyses are necessary if one wants to get into probabilities and even certainties, and avoid vagueness, mere possibilities, and worse, misinformation.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • chelseacharleston profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting. I always suspected it was a bit more complicated than that.


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