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Psychics And Hauntings

Updated on August 11, 2010

Psychics And Hauntings

You can visit my blog at And my other one There I have lots of photos of abandoned and/or haunted places.

You may be wondering what psychics and hauntings have to do with each other. Well, plenty. The majority of paranormal investigators have a psychic on staff and if they don't they should. It is the psychic who tries to channel the energy of the house or other place being investigated to get to the root of the haunting and why it is occurring so their group can put the homeowner at rest. Hauntings can be frightening for people living in it every day especially if the entities aren't particularly friendly ones.
There are many theories concerning hauntings and paranormal activity. Some suggest ghosts/entities are leftover spirits(people who have died) but have not crossed over yet and therefore are stuck between this world and the next or rather heaven and Hell if you are a religious person.
Some subscribe to the theory of residual hauntings which are essentially not hauntings at all but a playback of a past event in which there can be no communication because there is no spirit just an event being played back over and over again. It is essentially an energy imprint. There are many that scoff at this hypothesis which is what it is. Some say it is impossible. That at the moment of a tragic event that the matter surrounding the event(nature, pavement, etc.) cannot absorb the energy or only very small portions of it.
Personally, I've always thought residual hauntings were a more correct theory. However, that was before reading the scientific nature of energy. Although, I've read about scientists trying to make a connection between underground water sources and hauntings which they believe can make an event especially a tragic one replay itself over and over again.
This to me sounds reasonable however as in all things I could be wrong. I'm not a scientist and know nothing about the scientific nature of energy. For that matter I don't know that much about hauntings.
There are two camps, one that believes residual hauntings exist and the other that believes they don't. If they don't then this leaves only one theory and that is that spirits really do exist and they are making themselves known.

If they don't this means that for some reason that is unknown to us there are spirits out there that are stuck between this world and the next. This of course doesn't jive with most christian groups. There are only two places a spirit can reside and that is heaven or Hell.
Personally, I hate to believe as probably most do that it is possible that a loved one is stuck between the two worlds and can't cross to heaven because no one wants to believe a loved one is going to Hell. Of course christians teach that if one is not saved Hell is imminent.

Well, what does all this have to do with psychic's? Psychics are the ones that are called when a haunted house becomes too much for the owners to bear. Often the psychic tries to contact the entities so they can cross over to the next plain. Does it work? I don't know and there is no scientific evidence to support it.
In some cases I've read of the psychic discovering even more entities than what the owners originally complained about which leaves me wondering if one tries to contact the dead(which christian groups vehemently oppose) does that bring more spirits forth? Possibly spirits that did not want to be here and this can make the spirits angry, bent on causing trouble much like in real life except you have no seeable opposition you can fight. It's impossible to fight the dead.

This still leaves the whole question: If residual hauntings are real then how can a psychic contact the spirit? If they aren't real then it is quite feasible that psychic's can make contact.
This leaves alot more unanswered questions though. When/If the dead is contacted how do we know there 't aren't other entities that come forth, maybe very unfriendly ones?
Some people are mean, awful people here on earth and no one would want these people to be able to come into this realm. Honestly, who would want the Jeffery Dahmers of this world to be able to cross back over into our earthly existence? Which leaves the next question. How exactly does and entity cross over into this realm in the first place? Does it mean the entity never left and is destined to live here on earth forever caught between life and death never quite having a home instead forced to live for eternity caught between the two worlds? This seems quite cruel. Or possibly this is Hell. Of course christians will disagree with me on every aspect of that theory but the truth is no one really knows.
Unless someone could die and stay gone for awhile and then come back we will never know what the other side holds. We'll never know if possibly maybe all of us are wrong and we are just operating on what our human mind can absorb.


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    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      very unique hub reading thanks


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