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Psychokinesis; The Unexplained Powers of Human Mind.

Updated on April 18, 2017

Our brain constitutes in itself many unexplained powers on which extensive research has been made. Scientists till date have not been able to find the source of these powers. The powers like ESP and telepathy have remained mysteries till now. Though the scientists have not found any solid evidence of such phenomena, they find themselves unable to disprove them, due to loads of reports that have been flooding in concerning these phenomena, for so many years now.

In this section I have included quite a chunk of such very interesting reports which will keep the readers glued to it. There are also some discussions which will help clear many queries from the minds of the readers.

Psychokinesis means displacement of objects without touching or without coming in direct contact with them in any way. A noteworthy point in this is that psychokinesis happens in presence of a specific person only. The history of this phenomenon is very old. I am giving a very interesting example. The incident happened in Normandy in 1846. It was a small village in Bouvigny. A girl named Angelique was doing some work when she suddenly noticed that a basket that was placed nearby abruptly displaced itself from its position. Then a chain of events commenced. The lamp that she had placed nearby flew in air and crashed to the floor. Her whole work was disturbed and the objects near her started moving. She tried to put all the things in their respective positions, but in vain.

Angelique was put under the care of a respected fellow countryman who noticed that she contained a strange electrical charge in her. Anything that came in contact with her would get disturbed from its place and would start moving. So much so that anyone who touched her used to get a severe shock enough to stun a person. Angelique also felt sick and started shivering in presence of the magnetic field, even if it was applied to her without her knowledge. Nobody, not even the contemporary scientists were able to explain this weird phenomenon. It was never identified.

The history of psychokinesis is flooded with many kinds of incidents. D.D. Home who was born in 1832, for example, showed strong signs of the ability of psychokinesis. He was able to displace heavy things without touching them. He could even make them float in air. So much so that he was himself able to levitate in air. He had many other abilities also, such as, the capability of stretching himself more than a foot. He was also able to put his face on burning coals without getting burnt. Home became a test subject many times as several scientists conducted research on him.

Sometimes poltergeist activities are also explained by the theory of psychokinesis. It is suggested that sometimes suppressed feelings and emotions inside a person, when concentrated, bursts out in the form of such events. One such incident is that of a girl named Esther who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. It all started in the year 1878 when she was in her late teens. Due to her presence in her house, weird events used to happen. There were fires in the house without any reason. Things used to fly in air. Once, even her body was found levitating in air. When she used to leave the house, all such activities ceased but as soon as she returned, the events started again.

There are many theories explaining such events. Scientists have suggested that this phenomenon is due to concentrated electrical charge that slowly creates itself in the body of a person and then comes out in bursts. This charge is so strong that if focused, it can be made to move even heavy furniture. According to another theory, this is a result of mind over matter. This theory suggests that internal powers of the brain can be focused by will to get such results. Eusopia Palladino, an Italian woman was able to raise a heavy table about three feet in air by merely touching it. She had done more than 15 of such demonstrations in the presence of many well known scientists and in enough light. Nobody was ever able to prove her a cheat.

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