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Psychotronic Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Updated on July 31, 2012

Tricks that "They" Play

I am writing this to warn you about what appears to be a cult that uses psychotronic technology to play psychological tricks on people for the purpose of demoralization and ultimately, the brainwashing of the target/victim. The key techniques used are subliminal SYNTHETIC THOUGHT/FEELING IMPLANTATION accompanied by direct stimulation to the victim's erogenous zones to fool the victim into feeling as though they are aroused by a highly-inappropriate target. Targets include: children, loved ones and even things.

A lot of you are wondering where all these "gangstalkers" originated from. Well, they started out just like you and me. They were subjected to a variety of tricks to undermine their belief in themselves, culminating in a psychological crises aided by a combination of external body stimulation, externally-implanted thoughts and other gangstalkers used as props to intensify their: embarassment, horror, anger or just plain fear. This produced a synthetically-induced psychotic break in which the person allowed themselves to listen for these phony, externally-based thoughts/suggestions and body-stimulation so as to control their physical actions/thoughts. It is the deepest form of brainwashing ever invented, it is insidious and it is everywhere if you are a victim.

Let me explain how some of these tricks are played. One is to combine artificial sexual stimulation with subliminal thoughts that the victim is physically-attracted to a very inappropriate target. It can be: an elderly person, a sexually-undesirable person, a child, someone of the same sex or even a thing (an animal)..........whatever would disturb you the most. This form of harassment nearly led to suicide for me approximately 5 years ago before I knew what was going on. Now it has happened so frequently that I am entirely un-moved by this little "game". Furthermore, I have developed a variety of tricks to re-direct the subliminal suggestions in ways that do not produce disturbing mental pictures (as intended).

OK..........they use FAKE SEX and FAKE VIOLENCE. You can be made to experience what for all the world SEEMS like sexual arousal towards a "disturbing/inapproprriate" target. Although they frequently use members to do this, they can make you feel that you have these sexual deviant feelings towards loved ones as well. To induce "fake deviancy", they: 1. stimulate the erogenous zones of the victim when the "inappropriate target" is present. 2. Subliminally-suggest that you "want" the inappropriate target. This is extremely disturbing and one of the main ways they "crack" their victims. Next comes FAKE VIOLENCE. They can combine subliminally-transmitted pictures of you being violent towards any target of their choosing. This will include: women, children and the people you cherish most in your life.

You RE-DIRECT these false transmissions of sex/violence by creating charicatures to replace you and the target. Try to make the aggressor as far from you in appearance - same for the "inappropriate target". This externalizes the feelings of inappropriate sex/violence into a vignette which you VIEW as opposed to TAKE PART IN. This brings great relief and the stalkers will grow tired of using it as a ploy to un-hinge your consciousness.

Don't get upset if they slip a disturbing thought past your "shield". The thought ISN'T YOURS, so you do not have to take responsibility for it. In a world of COUNTERFEIT DISTURBING THOUGHTS, let's simply learn to doubt ALL BAD THOUGHTS. A good rule of thumb is: If it's bad, I didn't think it. Also, do not accept their "offers" of: money, fame, power or success for "being evil". It negates your protection from another organization, leaving you open to the most devastating psychotronic assaults!


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      5 years ago

      Hope you are ok.


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