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Punjab burning: Sectarian violence ignited in Vienna

Updated on February 24, 2010

Dera Sachkhand followers clash with Sikhs

Punjab -- the land of the gurus -- is being subjected to violence. The primary reason behind the violence is sectarian conflict. The fire of this sectarian conflict in Punjab was ignited in a gurudwara [Sikh temple] in Vienna, Austria, when two different sects of Sikhs clashed with each other. The fire took not time to reach Punjab, India and has taken the form of an inferno, which needs to be doused soon to ensure peace in this state, region and country.

The Dear Sachkhand followers, a Sikh sect, clashed with Sikhs in a gurudwara in Vienna, which led to the death of the sect guru, leading to clashes between the two groups.

Being a Sikh, I totally reject any such idea that divides or rips apart society. If we start fighting among our own community, God save us and our country from the fire of hatred and discrimination. I wonder how such secatrian conflicts take birth. It is useless to fight for something and someone who, too, oppose the same. Sikhism, the religion Guru Nanak propounded, once gave a message of peace. It is hard to believe that today Sikhs are fighting among themselves, what to talk about with other castes and religions. Sikh gurus always propunded peace and equality and there was no place for discrimination in their dictionary. They practiced devotion to God and taught the same to their followers. Every person had the right to choose his/her religion, no matter what. But what we are being witness to today, especially episodes of violence against Dera Saccha Sauda and Dera Sachkhand and the like, only tarnish the image of this religion.

Also, as far as the issue of separate gurudwaras is concerned, I don't agree. I have never been witness to one such gurudwara that bans entry for anyone. Gurudwaras are a place where each and every person can visit, no matter to which religion, sect, caste, color, he belongs to. If there are any such gurudwaras, that is equally bad. I strongly reprobate the same.
In the name of Guru Nanak and all other nine gurus, I request the Sikh community to calm down and stop maligning the sacred name of this pure religion, which welcomes all and sundry.

dera sachkhand clashes

Sikhs clash
Sikhs clash
Sikhs clash with Dera Sach khand followers
Sikhs clash with Dera Sach khand followers


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    • Lexy profile image

      Lexy 8 years ago

      very interesting hub...i had no idea that had happened. Thank-you for sharing!

    • Hussains profile image

      Hussains 8 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I like your approach. You state your views distinctly. and are unbiased. Great writing!

    • bhalla_neet profile image

      Ravneet 8 years ago from Delhi

      Yes, Ratna, you are right. This is ignorance on the part of human beings which is the culprit behind such heinous acts.

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

      You are correct! Many people in our country and this world need to learn patience and discipline. God is universal thing and temple is the holy place where we need to strictly follow politeness. All these undesirable things will continue until our people come out the ignorance.