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Purity Rings

Updated on February 1, 2011

Purity Rings Are Rising In Popularity

For teenagers today, casual sex and promiscuity saturate our mainstream culture. It is almost impossible to open up a magazine, surf the Web, watch TV or listen to the radio with out sex and loose morals being glorified. However, there is a counter movement to this in Churches and Christian youth groups across the nation.

More teenagers and young adults are choosing to keep their virginity until marriage. There is also a movement in born again young adults who were previously sexually active, deciding to abstain from sex until they are married.

This trend is due in part to such campaigns as True Love Waits, launched by the Southern Baptists in 1993 which challenged teens and college students to remain true until marriage.

A symbol that is worn by many teens and college students to help them remain abstinent and to express their Faith is wearing purity rings. These rings first became popular in the 1990\'s and have sense taken off.

Typically the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand is to remain there until marriage. It is also popular to wear the ring on a necklace.

These rings both symbolize the persons wish to remain abstinent, they also symbolize a Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. The rings are an overt symbol of Christian lifestyle and the difficult decisions that can come with it.

The rings are popular with both boys and girls. The young men often wear rings with Crosses on them and the young women\'s rings will have smaller crosses or words such as purity or true love waits.

Purity or promise rings are often given out in small ceremonies among youth groups. They are also given as a symbol of commitment between two people that have both agreed to wait to have sex until they marry each other. This is one of the most common kinds of promise rings, they are a promise between two people who are engaged.

The chastity promise ring is for two people who are not yet engaged, but wish to commit celibacy and monogamy to each other and wish to remain pure until marriage.

The spiritual promise ring is a promise ring in which the wearer makes a pledge to a higher power greater than themselves. These rings often display a Christian symbol like a cross, dove, angel or praying hands.

Another form of promise rings is worn by those who wish to abstain from substance abuse. These rings are worn for those who wish to remain sober and are worn as a reminder of their sobriety from alcohol and drug abuse, food addiction, gambling or sexual addictions.

Purity rings are becoming more popular with teens and young adults. For what ever reason they decide to wear their rings, it seems to be a good thing as long as they have pure intentions and the decision to wear the ring is an outward statement in their belief in themselves and a higher power which can help get them through any adversary.


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Enjoyed your hub. You've done a great job and I look forward to reading more by you. Thanks and voted up!

    • Windsweptplains profile image

      Hannah Price 7 years ago from The windsweptplains of Colorado

      I've worn a purity ring for the past year now, although I made a personal chastity pledge when I was very young. Thanks for sharing the reasons for why others wear them!

    • profile image

      Gift of Grace Books 7 years ago

      The Jonas Brothers and other celebrities have had a lot to do with making purity rings more popular. I believe that it is great when influential people like them provide a good example instead of just giving a negative images like most of the celebrities.