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Purposeless Presence is True Death

Updated on August 7, 2011
Time is never fleeting, you've just forgotten about the present.
Time is never fleeting, you've just forgotten about the present.

Existence is brief. It is beautiful, but impermanent.

The past is not recorded but in the minds of each individual. As the individuals fade, the past is lost.

The future is undetermined, but we are determined to change the future. We desire to “know the future,” as though knowing the future wouldn’t occur in the present time.

Tomorrow is merely a structure in the human mind. It does not come with seconds, minutes or hours, but we grant them to it. We hope that tomorrow will be a good day. We hope we can improve ourselves.

Truthfully, we can, but we won’t be able to do so at any other time than the present. You may think that at some later time you will fix all of your “faults,” but it will only happen in the present. You will never make a decision outside of this present moment, so make the decision that you know is best.

We understand reality like we understand a human that we’ve never met. The complex interaction of everything…everything… is taken for granted. We see, we hear, we breathe, but we forget to think deeper than that, and life passes us by.

You don’t want to near the end of your life having forgone its contemplation. Nothing could be more of a waste. Soon, I hope, you will gain a deeper respect for life.

To feel self-pity, to experience want and desire for one’s own benefit, to look and speak about others as objects; these are the roots of a rotting tree. We quickly forget, or indeed never learn, that life really isn’t worth living without other human beings. As cliché as that sounds, inspect it again.

We must also adapt our beliefs about death. Our bodies will die, but what part of ‘us’ do we want to transgress into the afterlife? Do we want to be the same person after we die? Surely that won’t happen, for then we wouldn’t be dying.

We must consider a puzzling assertion: we don’t have any awareness of a self before this life, so why would we know one after this life? Troubling, but there’s more to it.

What if you near the end of your life filled with regret and the knowledge that you could have done so much more? Why would you deserve a second chance, an afterlife? Why would you believe you would appreciate another life any more? Non-existence is the only thing that lasts forever – you don’t want to last forever.

The next time you’re faced with making the “right” decision, remind yourself that you cannot make any decision at any other time than the present. You just can’t escape that fact. The more often you make the right decision, the better the present becomes.

Even in this complex, incomprehensible universe, there are concepts so simple that they are often unappreciated: there is no light without darkness, no love without hate, no drug without withdrawal, no perfection without imperfection, no impermanence without permanence. But there is one that surpasses them all, the one that cannot be ignored: there is no life without death. Death, it seems, is our only reminder that we are truly alive.

But, you are not merely a physical thing.

Yes, the brain is a physical object that operates through a physical existence, but most of us are more than that. And this is my point: not everyone deserves to be more than just a physical thing. We should never treat other people as objects, but one should never treat oneself as a mere physical object, either. When we lose appreciation for our own present existence, we die.

Will we know our Earthly selves in the afterlife? Probably not, but we might. In order to be able to, however, we must examine our current selves. Do you feel you are on this Earth for a reason, a purpose, or are you simply letting time go without thought, reflection and appreciation?

We’re all searching for reason. For those who aren’t, it’s because they have no reason to live, or continue living, for that matter, after they die. They want to “go somewhere else,” but they don’t appreciate where they are. They want to be with whatever god is, but without appreciating what god gave them.

We all encounter difficulties in life, but, if there is any reassurance, it is that we know for certain that they will not continue on forever. Suffering and pain can be endured, but purposelessness renders lifelessness. Your suffering will end, but you must remember to continue to live. Find your purpose; continue on.


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    • maplethorpej profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerad Maplethorpe 

      7 years ago from Minneapolis, Minn.

      Thanks JT.

      It's a bit sporadic and unstructured, akin to the long journey through life :)

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Maplethorpeh,

      This hub is very deep.


    • maplethorpej profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerad Maplethorpe 

      7 years ago from Minneapolis, Minn.

      Thanks Ruffridyer. It is an esoteric topic, but I'm glad you found it interesting!

    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      This hub is full of great ideas to contemplate. Very well expressed.


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