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Biblical Keys To Pursuing Goals and Dreams

Updated on June 10, 2011

In 1 Samuel 30 we find David the son of Jesse along with his 400 men arriving back home to the city of ziklag only to find their houses burned with fire and their wives taken captive by the amalekites. They were emotionally distraught and wept until they had no more power to do so. Today there are people who may have lost homes due to the recession, or family relationships due to disagreements, death or even health due to sickness.

 Davids men blamed him and were ready to stone him to death. The goal of ever getting their families back seemed to be only a dream in the distant future, and because of that, anger was out of control. God's way of pursuing must include freedom from anger and unforgiveness if one is to effectively pursue and recover all. What does one do when there is no support from those who should be supportive while pursuing?

God's way of pursuing is with encouragement because to try to do so in a depressed state may only bring more disappointment. David encouraged himself in the Lord. One should make a habit of encouraging oneself during small and insignificant victories until the goal has been met. Even God encouraged himself in Genesis 1 by saying each day of the creation that his work was good even though he had not completed the creation of heaven and earth.

Practical Points:

  • Give yourself time to grieve because Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time to weep. Trying to pursue ones goals in a depressed state may hinder ones progress.
  • Take personal responsibility and learn from ones mistakes instead of blaming others.
  • When no one else is supportive be self supportive trusting the Lord.

David's goal in a nutshell

David's goal was to pursue after and safely bring his family home but he did not go immediately and act practically from his emotions. He had to first restore relationship with those (400 men) who wanted to stone him because he needed their support according to the plan of God.

The ephod that David asked for was for him to intercede for those who came against him. The ephod or priestly garment was only worn by the high priest who would approach God on behalf of another. David was not only soon to be king, but he was also prophet and preist. David asked God should he pursue and God responded for him to pursue for he would surely recover all.

Practical Points:

  • Always begin pursuing by acknowledging God in what's being pursued after (Proverbs 3)
  • Never pursue off of emotions only
  • Encourage oneself in the Lord instead of waiting on others support
  • Stay in right relationship with others
  • Trust God to give the victory

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