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You Get What You Give (so think POSITIVE!)

Updated on October 3, 2011

You Get What You Give: Think Positive!

    Me and my brother went to this bar to help facilitate social behavior for me.  The first thing you might be thinking are foreboding thoughts of just how awful this might be.  However, if you keep your mind positive and guided by a desire to help may find solace in others.  This sort of "Amplified Karmic ESP" takes the original features of social interaction and takes it to a completely different level. 

     My brother explained it to me like this: "Well, if you look at people like they might be weird or dangerous, they are going to look at you the same way."  He even went on to say that for him, this wasn't a matter of ESP...........just treat and think of others in a way that you might like to be.  For me and you, I've got a feeling that this IS a matter of ESP, because that is EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS.  As long as I could find reasons to be something for these people, the better I felt.

     Now, I believe in Psychic Interactions.  For me, this is how quickly everyone and everything responds  - just exactly as though my mind had thought something and generated a reaction on the part of everyone nearby.  I decided to become a "web of normalcy" for everyone.  If they COULD see into my head, I'd make everything a whole lot easier for them.  It is something that I wanted and it was something I could apparently do for them.  In this "internet mind space", they could do whatever they wanted to:  Raise their voices, argue gently, just do whatever people do with greater ease and comfort.  This actually seemed to work.......everyone was happy and I was happy to see it!  I assumed a relaxed position, and was relaxed. 

     You might be asking yourself:  "When should I take my medications?"  Well, take medications that instill social confidence before socially interacting so that you can GO THAT EXTRA MILE INSIDE YOURSELF.  It really DOES feel better to give than to receive:  you can actually feel COMFORTABLE in the presence of others.  My work history was as solid as my desire to be a good worker went.  Whenever things "got old" and I became internally-irritable, I never lasted long at a position.  Right now I've found it impossible to function at work.......but could it be due to my negative attitude?  Probably so.

      You know how it felt when you took on your first job:  You probably felt like doing everything you could to make everyone feel better around you.  It was like you shined the Light of Good Intention upon everyone else in the hope that they would see this and keep you there.  It got to where I couldn't shine that light anymore and that is where things ended for me.  You might think that you only have a certain amount of this element and then you run out.  I've thought of it this way and run to my medication to supply this thought-pattern.  This only works for a brief time period, then as the  drug do you UNLESS you change how you see things in addition to anything else you are doing. A good thing to think is that THROUGH GOD, WE HAVE AN ETERNAL CAPACITY TO GIVE "GOOD LIGHT".  Learn to flex those "Positivity Muscles" and you'll see that you can make a paradise for others in your mind and thusly find yourself inside it!

     Now, this is where you'll be thinking:  "He's nuts, how can he even THINK of being there for others when things suck so bad already?"  Well, that is the point:  just as soon as you are doing something for others in your mind, the sooner "The Weather"(psychic environment) improves.  It may be so far from what is expected from you that you'll notice a tremendous reduction in negative-vibes.  Then you'll have to ask yourself:  "Coincidence or not?"  Repeat this mental experiment:  BECOME THE MOJO, the good-luck charm, the "positivity lamp", the healer......the mental internet where others can "get away from it all" and I just bet that things will get better for you in all sorts of ways. 

      This sort of interacting is awesome........I honestly didn't want to go back to my "Home Alone" reality, even when it had become seemingly a relief for me.  The first step is often to get rid of whatever negative EXPECTATIONS you have for others and social situations.  This is another form of mental manipulation I refer to as "Experimental Anti-Paranoia".  It's VERY EASY to develop negative views towards this world from the circumstances we have found ourselves in.  It's at this point that you FORGET THEM. 

       Try not to think of it in ways that produce fear reactions within yourself.  It COULD BE:  implants, psychic phenomena, "alien technology", any nightmarish reality you can dream up.  The KEY is that whatever you THINK reality is is what REALITY COMES TO SEEM TO YOU.  I see a psychiatrist AND  a therapist and I still wind up doing a very simple exercise called: "Tell yourself whatever a trained psychiatrist would tell you and then BELIEVE IT.  So, in my case........I go see my therapist in my mind's eye and I tell her/him everything that seems to be the problem: Being targeted, attempts by "Aliens" to inhabit my "Soul Place",  "devils from my past" punishing me for how I've thought and for what I've done, even "being on another planet or Parallel Universe".

        OK, tell yourself WHATEVER YOU THINK YOUR THERAPIST WOULD TELL YOU.  You know the answers already:  "there are no aliens", "Devils", "Demons".........but we create these things inside our minds to EXPLAIN what we are feeling.  If we tend to be NEGATIVE-THINKERS......well then we LOOK FOR WHAT IS NEGATIVE.  If reality SEEMS TO TURN OUT IN WHATEVER WAY YOU'VE BUILT TO RELATE TO IT, THEN THIS PRECLUDES ANY NEGATIVE THINKING/ENERGY/EMOTION directed at our environment.  This is because these days, if you go searching for dark and mysterious answers to your questions THEN YOU WILL FIND THEM ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. 

       Here's an experiment for you NOT to try at home(because I've already done it thousands of times and had to drag myself back from the ensuing abyss):  think about aliens, devils and monsters to explain the present state of the world watch what happens to the World around you:  IT BECOMES EXACTLY WHATEVER YOU EXPECT IT TO BE.  Think:  Devils, Aliens, Witches and voila..........that will be exactly the way it SEEMS TO YOU!  "Wow:  You mean you can believe in Bad Stuff and have it SEEMINGLY COME TRUE?"  The answer is: "YES you can!  But in my experience, it ALWAYS SUCKS IN THE END AND YOU REALLY DON'T WANT IT!"  

     So you tell yourself that these things do not exist from the standpoint of an extremely educated person and you leave it at that.  THEN you start thinking about Good Things that might explain how things work.  Well, everything psychic can be thought of as occurring due to your facial-expressions, gestures and "feelings".  You can neither prove or disprove the notion of psychic activity.  How about Karma? (look at your thoughts and actions NOW, FORGET YOUR PAST!).  It works for many people to see things this way.  What about God?  Is that an irrational belief?  Nope:  It's perfectly acceptable to believe in God.  So find a GOOD WAY TO SEE THINGS. This could come in the form of:  Becoming a Christian or Buddhist.  There are many positive world-views to assimilate and they are all out there, waiting to become reality for you! 


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Interesting view of things. I would first need to know what religion you were indoctrinated into, before make any further comments. I will look forward to reading more of your hubs to gain more insight into your thought patterns.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Good vibration for you!:)