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Putting the Mind At Peace

Updated on July 31, 2012

Moving Through The World

Always running some where
Always running some where
My Dream
My Dream

Going from a disturbed mind to a peaceful mind.

I was visiting a friend the other day and this person really found a way to push my buttons. This person and I have been friends for over twenty years so I did not really expect behavior that would upset me so greatly to come from this person. My mind was really spinning, I could not figure out if I had done something to upset them to make them respond to me in such a manner. All I knew was my blood was boiling and I had to walk away to cool off.

As I was walking I started to contemplate why I was so upset. I have had so many wonderful guides in my life and the first thing that they teach is to stop and find peace in you mind if you are upset. I stopped and I realized that I was giving the other person power over my mood. So that is lesson one, I had to take back control of my emotions before I could go forward.

One technique that really works is breathing. Deep breath in, hold it for a while then a slow controlled breath out. While breathing nice and slow, think pleasant peaceful thought and become absorbed in those thoughts. Remember becoming upset is actually ac choice. I know that may seem hard to believe but it is true. Choose to be calm, choose to be peaceful, choose to remove yourself from the hostile environment. Use your mental strength to regain peace.

Another part of the training that I have received from my teachers is that chanting does help. There are certain sound vibrations that produce a peaceful energy that can help to put you back in a calm and peaceful state of mind. "OM" is one chant that I learned when first started to chant years ago. I also learned "Omani Pedme Om" from a Tibetan monk, "Nmyo Horehge Kyo' from my Buddhist friends, and laslty the Maha Mantra " Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare" Maha=Great Man+mind tra= to deliver, so it is the great chant to deliver the mind.

I was so upset I start breathing and chanting the Maha Mantra to cool down. I like to chant slow and peacefully, this was so relaxing that I forgot that I was upset. I then texted my friend to wish them a good day and I moved on from the disturbing mind back to the peaceful mind. The same day I was able to write a few poems to glorify some of my friends. I changed the negative mentally destructive energy into positive creative energy. I won

I would like to thank my teacher for taking the time to show me these techniques. I am sharing them with my reader so if they are ever as disturbed as I was, they are able to use at least one of these techniques to help put their mind at ease.


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