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Only a UFO can Provide a Good Dinner in Tierra Del Fuego

Updated on May 23, 2013

Fantasy SERIES - Number 4

(Queen Myra and Mick 4) - Myra and Mick at the Tip of Tierra del Fuego, Readying to Meet General Nakshah in Beirut

She took me to Tierra del Fuego – the very southernmost point of South America. I told her I wanted cool moist air and utter privacy. She came through.

I asked her to get real close to the waves. It was great. She took the craft down, opened up a special screen door and we breathed in the air at the very furious coming together of massive cold waves.

It was great. I tried to imagine an old fisherman muttering to himself about a super disk glowing in the night sky, and he, not able to tell anyone. I imagine him throwing a half empty bottle of wine in the air.

We lounged in indirect lighting, because everything kind of had a half glow. I looked at her beauty and knew that I was naturally, artificially, super naturally and scientifically taken. Totally taken. I took some breaths. Some deep breaths. All of the instruments were sealed off, turned off or obscured by space alien artwork. As I opened up our conversation, my eyes took in this dart-like bird passing by a moon. My eyes were taken with her, and that bird.

“OK. I imagine for every explanatory sentence you have for me, there are probably ten books I should have read in order to fully grasp. So this is really your show. I am only going to ask what seems to my puny mind to be significant.”

“Now dear. No false humility. Let us be patient. Go slowly, but cover the big ideas and the really important points. I know you don’t know anything….That helps, you know? You must be ready to forgive me as I restate, re-explain and start all over with you.” Myra felt uncomfortable. I could tell.

I was getting unsettled too. I touched my moustache nervously. “I was a Saint. Now start the story far enough back for my Ecstatic Heart.”

Myra has a “Mole” on her Crew.

The reason that they know about you is because of Espionage. I have a “Mole” in my crew. It is the most perplexing and confounding thing we have seen. This individual has learned how to defy all of our technology; you know “lie detectors”. But these machines drill down into your Deep Inner Intent. They are undefeatable during war. They are 99.99 percent effective.”

So, when you said, you grabbed me to “go under the radar”, you were wrong? And you only thought I saved the earth. And the death of my wife is the result of your error!”

I thought you had saved the earth because our gigantic victory under Denver was supposed to be a vast under earth incident/accident. My presence, because of the Spy, was known, and therefore our military victory turned into a Diplomatic nightmare. Because of the Spy, you were just an obvious “get away car”. This did nothing more than display a knowledge of guilt.”

“Oh damn.”

“And, your wife was taken because of a direct order, but her death was an accident, they claim.”

“But now they, in their mind, and b because they still have the mole, know much about you.” She was not finished.

“This will seem incredibly odd to you: We must tell you the truth about you, because the TD’s already know about you. And now they want to know more. Ironically, this has caused a marvelous diplomatic situation to develop. They want to meet you face to face because they think your very presence indicates a Change in Intergalactic Policy for us. Talk about Unintended Consequences!”

Mick’s Little Cab Driving Ass and the Purposefulness of the Human Quest

“And thus, my little Cab Driving Ass and my sense of lost purpose now are sitting in the Fulcrum of a Multi Galactic Emergency around the Purposefulness of the Human Quest on Earth. Get me some Teguila!!!! I don’t mean to seem insolent, but I get the gut feeling that I am not being told the truth about anything.” I turned away from her because of this unpleasantness.

Myra was taken by the Irony and the wildness of my expression. She twinkled. I shook my head in pitiful irony. Then we both started laughing. “Your little Cab Driving Ass…” She closed her eyes envisioning that. She put her hand on my shoulder. We laughed and laughed.

“I was lying to you about “harvesting you”. I am now going to tell you about you. And mind you, this is what the TD’s and General Nakshah know about you already. So when you meet with them, you will have to understand. Thousands of years have passed since we had this little kind of Diplomatic Liaison interface. We are definitely at a turning point, although only the First Cause knows the Future.”

“You were raised by a really kooky Kabbalist in the High Sierras.”

“Yeah – Grandpa Yehuda.”

“And what did he tell you about your parents?”

I halted. Was I about to hear about something that had plagued me all of my life? I got up and walked around, breathing in the salt laden air and shivering a bit.

The Only True Secret

She stood, embracing me for warmth and truthfulness. “Even the Spy does not know this. The only true secret is the secret that is not written down and won’t be told. And only one person knows. My Mother, before she died. She told me about this, along with a few other items, when I was crowned. So, this is important. Yet. I myself do not know why. Do you see why you are such a mystery?” I just nodded.

So – Your Little Cab Driving Ass may have a gigantic destiny.

I was not going to miss the obvious. “And who were they? And what happened to them?”

“Let’s go with what Grandpa Yehuda told you.”

“Excuse my impudent Irish Mouth, but if you call this Full Disclosure, I have an inelegant insult for my favorite Alien Queen.”

She moved closer to me. She knew I was emotionally unhinged.

“Look, I am here being an Earthling, or Terran, or whatever you call us. I know you are real because I have been riding around with your “wheels”. I also know I am totally, humanly, taken with you. I mean how many dudes get to bed down an Alien Queen? But beyond that what do I care about the green TDs for? I don’t care if I have great genes. Why should I go on this damned phony diplomatic assignment?” I did the “old quotes in the air” gesture to add to my sarcasm.

“You are an American aren’t you?” She rolled her eyes, as if she were processing volumes of information on me.

“Winston Churchill said: “The Americans will always do what is right, but not until they have tried everything else first.” And I like what I see in you, Mr. America, so let me put it straight to you. Americans really like straight talk, right?” She smiled with the glow of a professor.

“Yeah. As they say in Drama School. What’s my motivation?”

“I tried to appeal to your higher mind. Now I will shoot at your balls.” She showed her teeth.

I gulped.

She moved to a couch and took a very casual pose. Her eyebrows evened out with a seriousness creating a bit of a frown. Her almost black eyes focused on me. Of course, I was the only one in the room.

Conditions on Earth are Climactic!

“I know you feel you have been lied to from the beginning. And admittedly there are sins of omission. But we can’t dump data in a human head yet. So you will have to be patient. The truth follows: We are in a time in earth’s history, and in the history of our relationship with the TD’s that is to put it succinctly: CLIMACTIC.

Because of the Battle Below Denver, which we won, tensions are at the highest pitch in centuries. The last time things got this nervous was when the Atomic Age was born. Because of the Spy, you were noted as being my key Liaison. Things on the surface – your people are as dangerous, actually more dangerous than ever. Below the earth, the TD’s are beside themselves with rage. Above the earth – US, we are about as nervous as we have ever been. So, if you don’t agree to be our Liaison, the TD’s will look very negatively at that, and every one, and I mean everyone will be upset.”

“Stop. Why did you pick me? Let’s say there was not a Spy, and your use of me was accomplished. What would you have done with me otherwise.”

“Our trip to Nevada was a very long interview that you did not know you were undergoing. We knew your heritage in general, was a “Cousin”.

“I take it then that there are Cousins who are just citizens who don’t know their real identities. And then there are Cousins who know who they are, and are like emissaries, or representatives, or spies?”

She applauded silently, and her beautiful perfect body relaxed. I could tell I was a good student.

Cousins are couples who are delivered for a special purpose. They tend to marry within a “tribal line”, kind of like any small tribe which marries within itself.

“I am not a Couple.”

“I am not a couple.” Sarcasm made me feel more relaxed.

“That’s the mystery, kind of. Your parents had you, and then suddenly, they died in that auto accident. So you were an orphaned cousin. You should have been picked up and taken away on one of our “clipper ships”. The Rabbi took you in, and kept you. You were at the age that that solution seemed best, I guess.”

The ship began a vertical move. The screen shut and we were several miles up over the South Atlantic within minutes. By this very movement, I could tell it was time for me to become a part of the team.

Myra looked at me. One of the purposes of this planet is to have formerly young souls grow into independent and transforming souls. Look at this as a Mission for your kind. We don’t want to push you into this, but it would appear that Fate has a hand. I can employ a higher power if I turn it into Destiny, instead of Fate?”

“You remembered our conversation?”

I spoke mechanically, but with consciousness. “Designed Effort Synergistically Tuned to Inherently Natural Yearnings. One thing Yehuda always told me: The First Cause guides us through Providence. We take our steps and start plans on the basis of what good fortune seems to be guiding us. We say: “I think this is a sign that I should . . .when Providence seems to be hiding from us, we pray for strength in the absence of clear guidance. It does not matter what religion people have, this is the basic way we seek guidance.”

Myra was enchanted by Mick’s apparently perfect recollection. “And so, you are with us?”

Mick stood and marveled at the way the ship was moving, but there was no sense of movement. The ship was humming. Only humming. “It’s obvious. Providence is pushing me in a very high powered vehicle.”

Myra held me. We looked up at a sky of such clarity that the stars blazed. “Let’s see what I can do about my Destiny?”

“I think there probably is a great deal of Karma involved. We have some orientation time before you meet General Nakshah.”

Several of her subordinates entered our room. Screens returned to normal functioning. Walls moved to normal, and our elegant room converted into her Pilot’s Platform. She began using their “foreign tongue”, and a crowd of personnel began flooding in. She was obviously announcing my official participation. Loving broad smiles undulated toward me. Several of the females looked much like Myra. A helpful Lieutenant brought me a select uniform. He laid it on a table for me to consider.

Myra observed the joy and the noise, and the downright mirth. “You have made us all very happy.” Let Martin help you dress like a Djarling Diplomat.”

I played at saluting. Martin quickly grabbed my hands and showed me the official salute. I complied and smiled.

Earth is a Singular Place Full of Mystery

“The TD’s would say the same thing. Except they are super ancient. They are intrinsically opposed to human physical failure. If they actually succeeded in fully destroying humanity, they would probably destroy themselves, so it is a very very strange story. But earth is a singular place and full, and I mean FULL of mystery. Earthlings are constantly in awe, but know nothing else. If only they knew other places, their awe would increase in manifold ways.”

“Hey, watch me drunk some night, then you can re-examine your theories. What is in born, and strange for me myself is that I do not have Fear. I could tell you stories but I won’t.”

Myra continued, ignoring for the moment, my comments. “General Nakshah, he is a very important alien. He calls himself, “The God of this World”. He is green eyed, tall, handsome; shoulders yea wide; deep voice, hypnotizing stare and a smile that, though somewhat serpentine, is nevertheless captivating. He may tell you a hundred lies.”

I jumped in. Anticipation was making me irritable. “And you have only lied to me 20 times.”

I could tell that disturbed her. “You may not have any fear, but you could also be stupid. Don’t just insult him willy nilly, like you are doing to me.”

“I hope you have a good memory. You have to remember absolutely everything.” She sounded like a teacher.

“My Mother-in-law used to say I had a photographic memory. I told her I had an excellent memory for those things I was interested in.” I smiled hoping that that was helpful.

“Hopefully, you will be interested tonight”.

I felt I had a strong hand at the moment. “I am the one who is doing all the adapting. I am still without fear, and people think I am sweet, and I will listen hard.”

“OK. Yeah”. Her pleasant smile was just managing the tiniest bloom of existence.

I continued with a touch of confidence. “If General Nakshah is this powerful, then simple directness is my solution. If he thinks he owns the planet, then I will respect him. I have seen enough westerns to know that you don’t spit in a rancher’s eye when he owns the back 40, the front 40 and the whole damned 160, and he has a bunch of hot hands with rifles and pistols.”

“Smart.” She agreed.

“You Couldn’t Even Catch a Cold in his Protection.”

“We are going to Beirut. Any danger to me? Do I get a gun?”

She smoothed in a kind of make up on me. “If you want an analogy, the General in Beirut is more like the Godfather. He has so much security, that as you walk along the streets of Beirut to this wonderful restaurant, every other person you see will be protecting you. You couldn’t even catch a cold in his protection.”

“Nice.” I looked in the mirror and threw myself a kiss.

“You are a beauty. Have a great meal. Be completely relaxed. He would never hurt you on a night he is being so gracious.”

I pushed my brown hair around. “He could kill me tomorrow, but surely not tonight.”

Just then I looked out the panoramic window.

“Aha, the Eastern Mediterranean, over there is Beirut, bejeweled in the darkness.” I walked up and down the walkway taking in the expanse of the spreading sparkling horizon.

“Where ever he leaves you, don’t move. We will pick you up 10 minutes later.” She got business-like and pushed me towards a big sliding door.

She kissed me like a housewife. I put my forehead on her shoulder.

Then I became full of bravado. “OK, let’s roll. How close are we to Jerusalem?”

Myra looked to her upper left trying to hide a smile. “One city at a time, Cab Driver.”


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