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Can an Alien Look like a Human?

Updated on August 1, 2013

Sixth in the FANTASY Series

6th in a Fantasy Series – “Myra, the Alien Queen and Mick, the Denver Cab Driver”

I was surrounded by my five agents on the noisy streets of Beirut. As the most senior agent helped me, we walked. The hubbub of the busy markets and the restaurants of the Beirut inner city seemed to increase in noise and presence.

I was still trying to shake off the drug cocktails with which I had been punctured. And the Succubus, I would defy any male to not be completely overwhelmed by her charms, even if he was not “helped” by drugs. After shaking off the feelings a lingering internal voice kept saying: “They now have a large dose of your semen and a complete sample of your DNA.”

My feeble saturated brain was benefitting from my own adrenalin. It was pumping like an oil gusher in the Middle East sands. I looked up and my 5 guards and I were making our way back to the fabulous restaurant and General Nakshah. Then the native crowd dressed in Islamic and Nativist Lebanese garb seemed to envelop us. Within seconds we were completely surrounded. Myra’s crew was the crowd. And there was Myra looking great in an Islamic Burkha. Nakshah’s guard all fell to their knees in completely unconscious states. They dropped like rocks.

I looked at her with a sudden surge of purpose. “Where next?”

She pulled off the part of the garment that got in the way of her military outfit. She was all business. “A place that we used to call Baalbek.” We all jumped in black Cadillac Escalade SUV’s and headed into the darkness. I sat down next to her in the lead vehicle.

“What are we going to do at Baalbek?” I was already looking at printed literature about it; and then I noted the weaponry. I looked at all of the hand guns being sported by her crew. “Can I have one of those sparkly kickass hand guns?”

“We are going to try to engage a conversation with Nakshah. Don’t want to have an “Alien battle around an ancient site” if we can help it. We studiously avoid making the news. You might have noticed. And no. If you want a conventional human weapon we can give you a Smith and Wesson, 45 caliber. We don’t have time to train you on the “sparkly” kickass gun. They have so much power one individual could clear the town of Beirut in a matter of minutes.

We drove on, as Myra provided background. Our ancient super civilization used to be housed in Baalbek near here; when we were in direct contact on a daily basis with you humans. The colossal ruins have been a mystery going back into prehistory,but the Greeks put temples up here, and so did the Romans, so the original site kept on getting validated as being “important”, but also obscured by each new level of civilization.

Moreover, this temple was built on a “tel” or ruin mound, indicating a place that had long been held sacred, though what had caused this area to be significant or “sacred” is unknown to all you humans.”

The Greeks called it “Heliopolis” and the Romans used it. It has been the Temple of Baal, and for the Romans, Jupiter. Emperors would travel over 1500 miles to talk with the Priests. This was one special place.”

Myra communicated with her ship which would be hovering over the old Temple complex with a magnificent cone-like light bathing the entire area. It would take us about a little less than 2 hours to get there.

“Nakshah wants to meet here?” Myra turned to me and smiled that glowing beam of charm. “Our parties have been meeting here since this area was covered with forests. He knows I am furious with him for torturing you -- and the Succubus, now that was a pure slap in my face, and also hideously inappropriate for a Diplomatic Liaison. He rules this place, he thinks, and so he has not had anyone to…”

“Kick him in the ass”. I muttered thoughtfully.

“Exactly. By the way I am not going to give you that Dirty Harry Gun. You are going to be unarmed. I know his explanation for the DNA was that he was giving you a comfortable experience, and thus he could gain a complete DNA profile from you. So, this was impolite and high handed, but he had a purpose. That’s why we are meeting under the Temple.”

“Ancient Temple Built by Aliens?”

She showed me the colorful booklet. “See those stones; they are perfectly fitted 1,500 ton stones forming a foundation not even a huge Roman temple could encompass. Modern human science and engineering today cannot explain them; let alone what their function was. It would seem some unknown culture could move these great stones, place them on top of others, in perfect fit and alignment, before the dawn of our most ancient cultures.”

I jumped in. “And no one knows what caused them to pass away without leaving a clue as to who they were and to what purpose such a stupefying platform was built!”

“And, of course, Mick the Cab Driver with the mysterious DNA thinks it might have something to do with ALIENS!” She grinned, and I smiled.

“The Succubus. You hated it right?”

“Hated it.”

My response was drowned by her further contact with the ship.

A Race of Giants? Grandson of Noah?

We drove up to this illuminated ancient Temple, as pretty as a Middle East ruin could be. Myra told me that thethree stone blocks are the largest building blocks ever used by any human beings anywhere in the world. Each one is 70 feet long, 14 feet high, 10 feet thick, and weigh around 800 tons. This is larger than the incredible columns created for the Temple of Jupiter, which are also 70 feet tall but measure a mere 7 feet -- and they weren't constructed from single pieces of stone.

She got impatient. “Keep reading the booklet.” I read it as we drove slowly up to the Temple. We’ve got about a two hour drive. Get a nap after you finish that. Myra chewed on a root as I read some more.”

“Some are so amazed at this feat of engineering that they have created fanciful tales of the Romans using magic or that the site was created centuries earlier by an unidentified people who had access to alien technology.”

Not being that interested in the Bible, I nevertheless took in some old lore. “According to local legend, this site was first transformed into a site of religious worship by Cain. After the Great Flood, it was rebuilt by a race of giants under the direction of Nimrod, son of Ham and grandson of Noah. The giants, of course, made it possible to cut and transport the massive stones in the trilithon.”

The slow rolling of the heavy SUV started to lull me to sleep. I was truly completely exhausted.

“Myra, are you trying to tell me that this place we are going to…you aliens have used quite a bit in the past?” A soft sleep inducing music came on. Myra was checking special instrumentation installed by her technical support. A mist was being sprayed.

“Yes, honey. Nakshah and I have met here many times before. There is a special entrance beneath the complex. And below that? We won’t talk about.”

After my nap and the cavalcade of mechanized support, we were now under the Temple complex, having descended on a ramp, the door of which slipped open quietly. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I awoke fully and saw Nakshah under the light of a well lit table. He had one attendant. Myra was stirring me. “Come on Mick, time for your real job interview.” Myra’s one attendant greeted the both of us. While I was still wiping the sleep from my eyes, I shook Nakshah’s hand again.

“While I am not used to apologizing…..ever. I must say that our forces having come to blows is quite unusual, especially in my proximity. Let me quickly say that obtaining your DNA was of utmost importance. It was my outlandish sense of irony along with my desire to get quick results that I did not give you warning about the Succubus. But when it’s all said and done, I am sure your found it an unequaled experience.”

“My wild human nature is fuming, yet still, I am in, I think, the strangest position a human has ever been in. So I will withhold my burning passion and unequaled sense of injustice.”

“It was near here that one of your relatives was told to sacrifice his offspring in a human sacrifice. That turned out to be quite complicated. But everyone kept their cool.”

Myra placed three glasses full of a tea. Let’s take a deep breath and let General Nakshah talk.”

We Are Just North of Megiddo and Jerusalem!

“Myra gave you an outline of the History of this place?”

“Yes.” I could tell that Myra’s Mist coming out of the walls of the Escalade, was calming. It took the anger right out of me.

Just a bit down the road, we have the place where Armageddon (Megiddo) is expected by some, and of course, Galilee, and Nazareth…you know…Biblical sites. They’re all right to the South of us.”

Armageddon, Prince Charles' Ears and a Secret Lineage

Myra jumped in. “General, since I have not disclosed certain things to Mick, let me interrupt at this point. Mick, the General was very interested in your acting as our Diplomat Liaison because of who you are. Not, like an American would think of their identity – American, Denverite, Coloradoan, Irish… You are because of who your parents are ----- of a secret line. A very small tribal identity.”

“Forgive me. If I am not aware of this secret line, how could I be of any special value?

“If we had Prince Charles here right now, what would you say?” The General was enjoying this line of conversation.

“I would say there’s a guy with big ears, who is frustrated because he aint going to be King!”

“Exactly. You would not ask about his intelligence, acumen, charm or knowledge.” Nakshah stood up and summoned a servant. “Open the door.”

She Strides in Again, Angel Wings Covering Her.

The Succubus strode in with an elegance and nerve shaking beauty. Her smell took me over again. Her wings gently covered her front in a modesty of body language. Her wings covered her front, loosely.

“This woman, humans call a Succubus, is actually a Princess of our People. We can be sure that you have impregnated her. In fact, we are sure, right now. In fact, we are planning on twins being born to her by you.” Nakshah smiled smugly.

“And, my DNA has something to do with this. It’s not because of my charm.”

“Nor your big ears.” Myra added, since now I realized these two were completely united. I was feeling betrayed AGAIN.

“OK, I’ll bite. I am learning that bold protestations only indicate that I am a silly helpless human.”

What's My Pay Grade? Who Am I Related to?

Myra smiled and Nakshah laughed with a bubbling kind of self satisfaction coming from his throat. “That statement right there is indicative of your secret tribal lineage.”

“Get to the story.”

“What’s My Pay Grade?”

Our world is coming to a potential climax. We on our side of the Inner World have a horse in this race. What people don’t have in mind when they think of Evil is how much it forms the conditions and states of their world.”

“That’s heavy.” I was really thinking. Nakshah continued. “Who do you think provided all of the conditions necessary for the arrest, beating and crucifixion of Yeshua?”

“Ask yourself this question. What if the Romans had been a pleasant ruling kingdom, more like the Greeks. What if they had given the Jews broad self governing powers? What if the Jews were not stirred up all the time by zealots and rebels? Jeshua would have been a wonderful prophet who would have lived and died, and was never “set up” as an enemy of the state, nor could have been?”

I jumped in. “An interesting theory.” Nakshah intervened. “No need to talk about that now.”

“However, the Christian world is going to be playing a big part in the next few years of Diplomacy, Trade, Economic Power and Military Action.”

“Right now, we are not far from the borders of Iran and the City of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel”.

“I was wondering if someone was going to bring that up.” I leaned back and rubbed my eyes.

I spread my arms and stood up silently. “No one has told me about my pay grade! And I want some financial help if I am going to be a father to alien children!

So who am I related to?”


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