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Quest For The Afterlife - part 6

Updated on July 23, 2012
Wheat Field in Gettysburg - this is the area spoken about that my granddaughters didn't want to leave.
Wheat Field in Gettysburg - this is the area spoken about that my granddaughters didn't want to leave.
Close up of the marked area in the first photo
Close up of the marked area in the first photo

Clairvoyance and Spirit Guides

I walked out of the bookstore totally certain that my new treasure had been presented to me for a purpose. I had never before let my mind travel along this type of path so it was a new experience. I marveled at how right it had felt, and how natural to be mentally considering the possible answers to so many profound questions, only to have what appeared to be the correct answers dropped at my feet. It didn't feel eerie or scary, but simply just a natural occurrence.

It took me quite a while to read and digest all I read because there were so many references to information I was required to stop and learn about before I could go on to grasp the meanings being conveyed. The Templar Revelation was different from any other book I had read thus far. My tastes usually run toward compact, concise, and clear information in regards to whatever I'm attempting to understand. This book had many layers of information which was all interconnected in a web like maze. Though it is an attempt at establishing a theory relating to the origins of Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible in connection to the works and goals of the Templars, it is also a source of historical information about the evolution of the Christian church from the apostolic age on.

I won't try to attempt to relay all the new possibilities of thought which came to me through the reading of this book. It is far too much information for me to try to relay here, and also, information which one should read for himself in order to come away with his own views on it. Reading The Templar Revelation served as a springboard to my research of other related topics. It also presented me with a view of the early Christian church which helped to explain some of the gaps in consistency of doctrine of which I had so often rebelled against in the past. I find myself smiling as I write this because some of the information only served to underscore the correctness of my views.

After reading a great number of books relating to historical world events transpiring on the same time line as the Christian church was forming and developing, I came away with some fairly unorthodox views, considering what my religious background had been. I do not believe in the mystical, magical birth of Jesus. I believe he was a fully human man, conceived and born in the exact same manner as every other man and woman on earth. I believe he was a man who was far, far ahead of the times, understanding a great many of the universal mysteries which we are still attempting to explore even today. Some might say his gifts were God given, which would seem to support the widely held belief that he was God's chosen. My answer to this is that we are all God's chosen, therefore we are all born with the same skills. We are meant to use and train these skills to better our lives and our understanding of our lives as it relates to our purpose.

Roman Emperor Constantine
Roman Emperor Constantine | Source

My questions concerning the inconsistencies in biblical doctrine have been many. Understanding how Christianity formed and reformed helped to answer some of them. The Emperor Constantine has been given immense credit for his role in helping Christianity to prosper and grow because it was through his mandate that Christianity be recognized as a legal religion. He then proceeded to use state monies to help to build and rebuild churches for the purpose of providing worship. The truth about Constantine is that he was a politician. He chose a plan which would bring peace to his lands and the people in them. Religion was politics. There was immense power to be had through use of religious beliefs.

Early Christian membership was actually made up of Jews preaching a messiah who did not meet the expectations of the times. Because Jewish scripture foretold of a coming messiah, these early Christians hoped that their countrymen would eventually come to embrace their vision of the New Israel. Instead there came about a fierce opposition. Within a year of the crucifixion, persecution of Christians, at the hands of the Pharisees was becoming rampant. Then in 41 AD, Agrippa I, wishing to ingratiate himself with the Pharisees, took up their cause. The eleven remaining apostles fled.

The continued persecutions waxed and waned over the following 246 years until 313 Ad when the Edict of Milan was co-authored by the Emperors Licinius and Constantine. The order restored properties and legal rights to all Christians, recognizing Christianity as a legal religion. Roman persecution of Christians was at an end, however, the dissension between the Pharisees and the Christians continued.

There were many different sects of Christians with just as many differences in beliefs, not to mention the varied nuances that colored those beliefs. When Jesus died, he left behind his eleven apostles (Judas Iscariot killed himself for his role in the arrest of Jesus), in addition to Mary Magdalen (did I mention I believe her to have been his wife?). These people continued to spread their personal understandings of what he had taught them. Each of the apostles grew to have their own groups of followers, and so on.

As was common for the times, the religious principles and teachings were preserved in writing (gospels) so that all who came behind would have the opportunity to learn the same. Some of the gospels relate stories about the sometimes unpleasant interactions between apostles. Supposedly, Peter could be a very judgmental and jealous individual. After Jesus had died, Thomas laid claim to having some information given to him in secret during a private conversation with Jesus. Thomas wrote of these secrets in The Gospel of Thomas. Peter in his pettiness refused to believe that Jesus would convey information to Thomas while neglecting to give him the same. Obviously a case of self-inflated importance. The upshot of this was a bitter rivalry. It was in this manner that the original tenets of Christianity became splintered.

Tired of the continuing dissension between the opposing religious factions, Constantine called the 1st Council of Nicaea in 325 AD with the intention of creating a unified church. Invitations to 1800 bishops were sent out over the entire empire, only a little over 300 attended. The purpose for the conference was to set down terms of agreement for those areas of doctrine being fought over. It was due to this conference that many of the early writings and teachings became lost. Many of them became banned as heresy and an edict was sent out to burn all whose content did not uphold the Nicene Creed, among other decisions made.

It wasn't until 1945 that some of the lost works were made known once again to mankind. A cache of ancient texts was discovered in a cave outside of Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It is through this discovery that the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and the Gospels of Truth and Sophia became known in modern times. They all make for fascinating reading. One of the interesting aspects of many of the texts found in that cave is the similarity of content. I am particularly fond of the Gospel of Thomas, and I recommend it to all who have an interest in areas of the paranormal realms, as well as the topic of reincarnation.

My intention for relaying the watered down history of early Christianity is simply that I had never had occasion to learn or know the information until I was set on the path to discovery by what I'll call the universe. Some of these early texts held great appeal for me as they alluded to a kind of knowledge that is personal yet universal for all. They tend to be uplifting in that they preach of taking a personal journey for the purpose of awareness and understanding.

Often I would come across a passage which fit quite nicely with a pet belief of mine. My daughter Lindsay and I would discuss our ideas and individual takes on the messages being read. One day she asked me if I believed in reincarnation. I wasn't sure how to answer her because I wasn't sure what I believed. I didn't like the idea that we are born for no other reason than to glorify some Higher Power, and then die because our usefulness has expired. It didn't make sense because it wasn't logical to me.

When we look around at our earth and all things on it, we find an intricate web of connections where everything has its purpose. We have plants to supply food for sustenance, as well as air to breathe. We have water which is the root of our very life force. We have birds which carry pollen to fertilize plants that they may continue to grow and give life. There is a purpose for even the tiniest of insects. We've seen what happens when we create an imbalance in the ecological system. There are rippling affects that spread ever wider touching everything and everyone on the planet. Yet, for all our scientific knowledge in these areas, we've failed to find our purpose as human beings.

Even with this as a factor to be considered, I wasn't sure that reincarnation was the answer. I didn't have a clue what living a bunch of lives would do for us either. What difference does it make if we're clueless about our purpose once or 100 times? Would successive lives slowly reveal the purpose of our existence over time? Maybe. Then there was the question of ghosts. If we've got ghosts wandering around night and day because they no longer need their bodies, wouldn't that be an indicator that we don't come back? If we do come back, then why do we experience ghosts?

I was still going to Gettysburg and working with EVP. My research and reading was now encompassing a wider array of materials and ideas. Somedays it felt like my brain hurt from thinking too much. The search for answers had taken me to a place where I felt like I needed to integrate all that I was learning. There were connections that were begging to be made. I finally opted to try on the idea of reincarnation, see how it fit with the conglomeration of thoughts and ideas bouncing off the inside of my skull.

Nag Hammadi-Qena

As I already stated, the Gospel of Thomas appealed to me. There are passages alluding to reincarnation being a part of the life cycle. There is an even bigger message to us contained within the meager writing. We are our own creators. We create our reality, therefore we are capable of creating any reality we wish. It is our duty to ourselves to seek knowledge. The other Gospels had similar teachings. We build our lives and then allow our egos to create obstacles and barriers like walls, fussing to be let out of the prison we've built for ourselves. All we have to do is to be open to what is going on right in front of us.

There is a message in Thomas. If we look to the skies to find Heaven, we shall only find birds. If we look to the bottom of the sea to find Heaven, we shall only find the fishes. Heaven is here, all about us, existing side by side with us. My take on this is very easy. I believe that Jesus was a “seer” and able to see the other planes of existence. He was able to use all his natural abilities without giving in to fear of the unknown.

Another teaching I discovered teaches that we are not to see with our eyes but with our hearts and minds, if we are to see more clearly. Now, the average person would assume this little jewel of wisdom was referring to having compassion, but with logic and intellect employed. How about clairvoyance? What if clairvoyance is one of our most natural abilities and we have ignored it for so long, allowed it to lay fallow, that over time, we have forgotten it even exists? What if we have gotten so lazy about being responsible for our personal growth that we have handed over power to our appointed teachers (ministers, priests, etc) and allowed them to control our natural talents for creating?

I made up my mind that if clairvoyance was a natural ability, and all it took was to have an open mind and a willing heart, then I should be able to do it at will. Right? But I'm a fidgety type person when I'm purposefully trying to stay still and focused. So I started to practice meditation techniques. This was not an easy thing for me to master. I burn the candle at both ends by staying up too late when I have to work, and working too long when I have other things that need to be accomplished. In the beginning, the only thing I accomplished was getting a lot of much needed sleep. This was a good thing, though. I would get a little frustrated with myself because it seemed I would never be able to get anywhere if I kept going to sleep every time I got myself relaxed, but I always felt so much better when I woke up. Eventually, I was able to take a few moments for light meditation without going into a coma.

Once I was able to master the art of meditation, it seemed like a whole hallway full of doors were standing open before me. All I had to do was walk through them. There was so much to explore, so much to experience, I didn't know what to do first. I stuck with the formula I had adopted with the example of purchasing the book. I would let whatever the direction of my experiences be dictated by the universe.

I was at my daughter's house late one night and decided it would be best if I stayed rather than taking a risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. We made up a bed on the living room sofa and I settled in. I had just purchased a new voice operated recorder and was anxious to use it, so I turned it on and set it on the end table across the room. When the recorder is on, it will stop recording after a couple of seconds of silence. The recorder will kick back on the moment a sound is made, then it will continue until the sounds stop. It is a great tool to use when attempting to record EVP because you are saved the boring and unnecessary chore of listening to hours of silence in the hopes you will hear something.

How To Develop Clairvoyance

At 3:10 AM, I was awakened by the freezing cold air enveloping me. It was winter time so at first I thought there was something wrong with the heat. I got up to check the thermostat and was surprised that the temperature registered at 70 degrees. I figured the cold must have been caused by a draught. I laid back down and pulled my blankets tight. Just as I was getting ready to drift off to sleep again, I thought about the recorder sitting across the room.

I got up to check it out. Sure enough the counter had moved ahead 9 seconds. I hit the playback. “My name is Michael,” the voice said loud and clear enough to be made out quite easily. Lindsay's house was over 100 years old. The family of the man who built it had lived there until the late 1960's when it was sold to the woman who owned it before Lindsay. There were no Michael's in Susan's family, so I assumed Michael had something to do with the original owner. I went back to sleep and didn't get anymore recordings.

The next morning Lindsay's mother-in-law was paying a visit. We were all sitting at the kitchen table drinking our coffee when the conversation turned to Lindsay's father-in-law. Patty was irritated with her husband about some minor inconvenience. Lindsay piped up about him always being an ass. She had no sooner said it than a stack of cookie sheets went flying off the far counter and dropped to the floor with a loud bang and clatter.

Our jaws fell open as we sat staring at the cookie sheets on the floor. Pattie's eyes were as big as saucers. “That didn't fall. It was thrown!” All three of us had seen what happened. It had looked like invisible hands picked up the pans and then just let go of them so they dropped straight down to the floor.

“What's he mad at me for?” Lindsay asked in a half joking manner, referring to the unseen culprit. “All I said is Mike's an ass.”

Then it dawned on me. She had said a shortened name for Michael. My friend on the recorder really wanted my attention. I got the recorder and played it back for them. The pans rattled a bit. Yeah, he wanted me to know he was there.

Two days later, I was babysitting for Lindsay. I stayed up very late the night before and chose to take a nap with the kids. I was extremely tired and didn't want to wake up when my granddaughter said from a foggy distance, “record me”. I reached to pull the blankets over my head to block out the sound and heard a louder, more insistent demand for me to record. I jumped awake realizing it hadn't been my granddaughter making the request. A picture of a young boy about 14 - 17 years old had flashed into my mind. He was wearing clothing of the 1940's. I could see the slacks, the button down short sleeve shirt, right down to the buttons. I scrambled around trying to collect myself and ran down the stairs to get my recorder. By the time I pulled it from my purse and got everything set up, the moment had passed. I couldn't pick anything up.

While I didn't get anything on the recorder, I managed to have a new type of experience. I had a very clear image of the same young boy. He was getting behind the wheel of a car that looked like it may have been from the mid to late 30's. It was a convertible type and the roof was down. A girl about his age was in the passenger seat beside him. I couldn't see much of her face because she had a white head scarf wrapped over her hair, the ends of the scarf crossed on the side of her neck and hanging down over her shoulder. There was another couple in the back seat. I had the feeling they were on their way to an outing of some sort. The next vision I had was of the car, smashed into a tree. The girl was outside of the car, face down. I knew she was dead as were the two who had been in the back seat. The boy was nowhere to be seen.

Lindsay came home a couple of hours later and I told her about the experience. We decided to try something new. I turned on the recorder and asked Michael if he would answer some questions for us. When we played it back we were able to hear his answers to the questions. He said he was 15 when he died. It happened in 1947. He had been driving on a paved road. He was the Michael who had spoken into my recorder.

After that one encounter, I never heard from him again. I don't know where he came from. I don't know why he needed to tell me his story. I don't know where he's gone. I had suggested that he walk into the light when I neared the end of my Q and A session with him. I'm of the belief that he did just that.

Another incident that had happened right about this time was when I broke a bone in my foot. I dozed off sitting up with my foot propped on a coffee table. I tried to get up and didn't realize my leg was asleep. The second I put my weight onto my leg, it gave out causing me to twist my ankle and foot under me. I heard the definite loud crack of a breaking bone. I couldn't get up until the feeling in my leg came back and when it did...the pain in my foot was excruciating.

I hobbled back to the sofa worried that there was no way I could work the next day. I really couldn't afford to be off work for several weeks until the bone was on the mend. I laid down and propped my foot up. Not having any other option, I quietly and firmly gave the problem over to the universe. I pretty much told whoever was listening that I could not afford to be off work and I could not afford to risk more damage by working on a broken bone. They would have to take care of the problem. I went to sleep.

I was awakened by warm hands massaging my ankle and foot. I opened my eyes thinking it was my daughter. There bending over my foot was a woman dressed in riding clothes from about 1900. She had long dark brown hair and was very pretty. Perched on her head was a hat with a tall crown, sort of like the stovepipe hats worn in Civil War times but much shorter. She looked up at me and smiled and I knew her name to be Sarah. She was my spirit guide.

I stayed home from work the following day, keeping my foot wrapped and propped up. There was a small amount of discomfort but nothing like the pain from the evening before. I was surprised how little pain I felt, even though I could feel the small bone shifting and popping when I attempted to walk. The very next day, every trace of pain was gone and I was able to go to work.

The knowledge I gained from these experiences was the certainty that we absolutely create our own realities. There are beings all around us willing to communicate and make our lives all the more rich. On the question of clairvoyance.....well I believe it was answered. Yes, clairvoyance as well as other psychic abilities are skills which we are very capable of using. There is no special requirement other than being open to them and allowing them to happen. We can not force them to happen because there is a season for all things.

I now had clairvoyance and spirit guides to study and through which to continue on my quest.

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    • Terri Meredith profile imageAUTHOR

      Terri Meredith 

      7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I'm so glad this is of some use to you! I struggled a long time with "going public" about my experiences, until I realized I probably wasn't alone, and that others were probably just as scared as me. Nice to know there's company. Thank you for you comments.

    • amybradley77 profile image


      7 years ago

      So great!! I love when others talk about there spirit guides too, it affirms more of what I already know to be a reality. Thanks again so very much for sharing, your empath fan. A.B.


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