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Quest For The Afterlife - part 8

Updated on July 22, 2012

Playing The Numbers

The lack of sleep brought on by my failure to control the images flashing through my mind, had taken me to the brink. I realized I needed to find someone or something to help me with gaining control. I began to wonder if I was slipping over the edge into a psychotic world rather than a psychic one. There was no other area of my life being affected by these images, just my ability to go to sleep. Of course, exhaustion can create problems of irritability and a lack of clarity in our ability to think. Extended periods of sleep deprivation will eventually have a devastating affect on every aspect of daily living.

I took myself off to the bookstore not knowing what I was looking for but sure the answer would be presented to me. I began by looking for books dealing with clairvoyance and others dealing with the use of imagery. I ambled along through the aisles, picking up a book, flipping it to read the back cover, and then putting it back. Nothing was resonating. I didn't feel any urge to purchase one over the other. Bored with looking at the same books over and over, I wandered into other areas of metaphysical studies.

I chose a few to help me along in arriving at a better understanding of Tarot. I chose a few which would give me some pointers about meditation and self-induced trance. I even revisited the subject of astral travel, choosing a small book claiming to have instructions on how to achieve it. None of the books I planned to purchase gave me that “Ah-Ha!” feeling. I was preparing to go when a bit of orange caught my attention. It stood out like a beacon on a shelf filled with dark spines and dreary colored tomes. I went over to it and pulled it down. Once again I had found a book which didn't belong with the others. As soon as I held it in my hands, I knew it was “the one”.

I laughed when I turned it over and read the title. The Idiot's Guide To Numerology. Well OK then. While I wouldn't exactly label myself an idiot, when it came to numbers I was out of my comfort zone. I had always hated math which is surprising because I'm all about what's logical. Numbers are logical. I think I disliked it so much when I was younger because it took a little bit of work. I was spoiled when it came to learning new things. I rarely had to do more than simply pay attention to the teacher and read the information. I don't recall ever putting forth too much effort into studying for an exam. Of course I would refresh my memory by scanning over previously covered materials, but I wasn't in the habit of spending hours cramming information into my brain. During my early education, I was a straight A student.

When I reached high school my interests had expanded to include competitive sports, cheerleading, hanging with my friends and boys. I didn't want to have to work any harder than usual to keep getting the good grades I was used to receiving. I was a teenager, easily distracted by a preoccupation with upcoming events on my social calendar. My distraction created serious problems with me not being able to pay close enough attention to subjects I didn't find stimulating. Math and Science became anathema to me. I avoided them at all costs, no longer caring if I didn't receive an “A”.

Oh, the follies of youth. I managed to learn just enough about the subjects to scrape by. Now, here I was contemplating the purchase of a book which would immerse me in the very two subjects I avoided. I was seriously considering putting the book back on the shelf. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend my time torturing myself with untold mathematical formulas and understanding the vibrations of energy. Then I thought about the meaning of the quest I had undertaken. It would serve no purpose for me to refuse to go where led, negating everything I was coming to believe and understand. I truly believed we humans set up our own obstacles to achieving awareness by being attached to our personal ideas of exactly where the the road should lead and by what direction.

I compared my quest to taking a sightseeing tour. When we go on these tours, we rely on those who know the sights we should see, so we don't question them about their itinerary. We settle down in our seats and allow them to drive the bus, trusting we'll be shown all the wonders of the tour. From this perspective, I knew the information contained inside the covers of the book was akin to a stop on a guided tour. I added it to my pile of intended purchases.

In my early twenties I had come across an article about the use of numerology for the purpose of divining one's chosen path in life. Supposedly this would help an individual in making decisions which affected her welfare and happiness while traveling that path. I was a little curious but not convinced that numbers would reveal life's great mysteries to me. Thinking back to that time I realize several things were at play, which caused the result of my not wanting to pursue it. First, the article wasn't written with the intention of drawing people into the mysteries of numerology. It was a fluff piece, a filler for the articles meant to sell the magazine. Second, I had absolutely no interest in doing anymore with numbers than balancing my checkbook. Third, and most important, I hadn't reached a point in my life's path where I was ready to be open to the possibilities. It simply wasn't my time and the knowledge would have been wasted on me.

Numerology is an ancient divination tool used as far back as 4,000 years and is based on a belief in reincarnation. As souls seeking to learn the lessons which will bring us the enlightenment necessary for elevation to the higher spiritual realms, we choose to reincarnate over many lifetimes, giving great care to the lives we choose and the circumstances surrounding them. Prior to each physical birth into the material world, we choose a life we feel will best allow us to learn the specific lessons needed and to follow the paths of our destinies. Through numerology, all humans can unravel the mysteries of their personalities, their purposes, and the reasons they may be moving in certain directions.

It is the study of the significance of names as they are related to numbers. It is the science of number vibrations, with each number having its own vibratory influence. As one of the metaphysical sciences, even though its origin is ancient, it is enormously useful in modern life as we search for our personal paths and finding direction in our purpose. From the moment we are born, until the very minute of our death, numbers are an integral part of our lives. It begins with our birth date being recorded on our birth certificate and ends with our time and date of death being entered on a death certificate. We are assigned specific numbers through our social security numbers and our driver's license, and depending on our job, we may be assigned an employee number. No matter who we are or where we're going or what we're doing, we will deal with numbers throughout each and every day of our lives.

2,600 years ago, the Greek mathematician and mystic, Pythagoras, contended that nature is a collection of numerical associations, that divine law is defined and true, and that all can be calculated through mathematics. He believed numbers were the source of form and energy in the world. His theory was founded on the idea that the numbers 1 through 9 are representational of the nine stages of the human cycle.

Pythagoras didn't limit his studies to numerology. He is also responsible for the first known exploration of musical harmony. He connected his interest in numbers and music into a concept he called “The Music of the Spheres.” According to his theory, everything vibrates to its own special harmony. Higher vibrations contain more spirit force, therefore, the higher the vibration, the more positive its nature. When the rate of vibration is lower, there's less force, and so is more negative in its action. When synchronized, the vibration of everything great and small becomes the music of the spheres.

Reading this information created much excitement for me. The principles of the ancient practice were based on scientific principles we are in the midst of discovering in modern times. It seems the ancients had a better handle on their world than we “civilized advanced thinkers” of today. I was amazed to learn numerology is associated with reincarnation. This little piece of information solidified my belief that reincarnation is a part of our soul's evolution.

I won't go into the mechanics of numerology or outline the specific energies associated with individual numbers. That is information you will need to track down for yourself. There is far more to the practice of numerology than I have time or space for here. I can tell you it has had the most profound impact on my life by far.

It was an immense relief for me to know I wasn't at the mercy of some Almighty's whim. I had a hand in the possibilities which presented themselves to me. I was the creator of my life and all it encompassed, even down to choosing my parents. Some might argue there is no point in knowing how to handle future events in the best manner because, based on numerology, there is no escape from them. There is no escape because they were already preplanned. Those people misunderstand the meaning of choosing our lives. We choose a life based on the possibilities that chosen life will present us with in regards to learning the lessons we have chosen to learn. In other words, we can not escape the lessons we've chosen, but we can affect the manner in which we will learn them. We are free to choose to fight the lessons, to react with negative energy, which in turn will bring still more hardship, or we can choose to use the higher vibrations of energy to learn gracefully and with acceptance.

Reincarnation and numerology hold the premise that we may have to correct the mistakes and misdeeds against others done during previous lives, through experiencing as the victim, the impact we may have had on another's development. It is through this exchange of experiences and lessons learned that we move ourselves toward enlightenment and finding our way through the hierarchies of the spiritual realms.

I used my new found knowledge to revisit the times in my life where unrest and disaster was rampant. Looking at my chart, it was easy to pinpoint where I had strayed or made the wrong decisions. I was able to see the energies influencing my own numerical code. Comparing my chart against those of the important people in my life gave me vast insight about the energies influencing their behaviors so that I could make a conscious decision to guard against responding with negative energy, thereby avoiding many unpleasant, hurtful scenes.

As already stated, I was happy to know I wasn't a hapless victim to my life and circumstances, but another, even more profound belief took root. Our lives are truly about us. No one else can live them for us. No one can experience our pain, our joys, our loves for us, and no one can learn our lessons for us. With this in mind, we then come to understand the nature of those around us. When they make mistakes which hurt us, or anger us, we can choose not to be angry or hurt. That's a tall order as we are all souls encased in a human body. However, it also brings an understanding that just as we are living our own lives and learning our own lessons, those around us are doing the same. Perhaps when someone in our life brings us tremendous pain, it is because we have previously decided to learn a lesson brought from suffering. Perhaps the person doing so was a co-creator in our life by agreeing to be a part of the life for just the purpose of helping us in our soul's journey toward enlightenment. For this we can throw off the chains of victimization and give thanks to our helper.

Most of us understand the principle behind the laws of motion that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We apply the understanding of this law in our everyday physical lives. The very same applies to the spiritual realms. There are no coincidences, no accidents which bring us to our lives as human beings. We are here by our own design for our own intentions. Once I embraced the laws governing numerology, many more doorways were entered.

The problem of slowing down the images flashing through my mind was now solved. I was dealing with spiritual beings (ghosts are spirits). It stood to reason that they would have a higher vibrationthan I. So the answer wasn't about slowing them down so much as it was about speeding me up. I needed to raise my own vibration level. To do so, I would need to focus on using only the higher vibrations of positive energy. Once I began to think in this manner, the nausea ended. I was able to stop the images on command and receive the information they were attempting to convey. In essence, I had brought my energy into balance with theirs.

Now it was time to discover the nature of reincarnation, why some reincarnated and why some obviously did not.

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